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(upbeat funk music) – My name is Dominic Ciambrone also know as The Shoe Surgeon. I’ve been making custom sneakers and shoes since I was a kid. I would consider myself
an artist, the designer, and a maker. We had the opportunity to work with Twix on launching a new flavor. Cookies & Creme. As you see, it’s just blue and white and that’s to represent the wrapping. The gold kick is actually reflective. The black on the back is reflective so it shines when you take a photo. And, my favorite part about these is I really wanted to do something that created an experience for people that got them. You know, something just like the wrapping of the candy bar you can unwrap it. So, over here if you look,
we started unwrapping it. And this is, shows the texture of like the cookies and creme. It has the patent leather so you can actually rip it as you go and open it up like a candy bar. And we used Corduroy because
it just tears the best. I felt like it was very important to go above and beyond and
get these details in there. – So we found this amazing insight that obviously cookies
and cream is very popular in cookies and baking. But, actually also in sneaker culture. Which was like a huge aha
for us as popular color way. We thought it would be a really
nice intersection for us. The more that we, kind
of, dove deep into that and we realized obviously
the new sneakers always come with a right sneaker and a left sneaker. And if you know anything
about the Twix brand, we have a right Twix and a left Twix. So, we felt like that we
could really come to life in an authentic way by bringing the collaboration
together in this kind of space of this sneaker culture. So, we quite honestly really
relied on the expertise of Dom and his team,
The Shoe Surgeon’s team to talk us through what’s
authentic in space. – I think sneaker culture
and partnerships like this mutually benefit from each other just by getting the best of both worlds. These collaborations are special. I remember being 15 and getting my first pare of sought after shoes and it just like the
feeling it makes you feel. You feel special, you feel
good, you feel important. People that do respect the
craft and they just want something unique and special to them. And that’s kinda why I
started doing what I’m doing just to make things and to have a concept and to jus’ keep running with it. So, I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to create something so unique. (upbeat music)


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  • Twin sneaks.

  • Those are some fugly ass shoes, I guess ghetto dwellers need to spend their drug dealing money on something.

  • I don't GET "Sneaker Culture," so maybe I am not seeing it right. But are they just trolling or would anyone WANT shoes you unwrap?

  • Next thing, edible sneakers

  • Dom deserves great things!

  • yep looks ilike garbage unwrapped

  • Great concept. Congrats!!

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