These $720 Self-Lacing Shoes Will Blow Your Mind

– Hey you guys, Jonathan here, and I am really really excited for what is inside this box. The Nike hyperadapt 1.0 blends tech with shoes. Got a little of that
Back to the Future action going on with something you could actually wear and I gotta say, this may be one of the biggest boxes I’ve ever opened. So, undoubtedly, I would assume we got some box-ception going on. Within this brown box is
probably a cooler box. So wrap pop! Oooh. Ever had just like a box pop like Dr. Fuji impactful impaction. Back to its flap one. Flap two. Man, this is the real deal – [Man] Aaaaugh! – I have never seen a shoebox this big. That is a fact. And I’m willing to bet, popping this open is gonna be mighty sweet. Holy crap! – You are creepy as sh – So here is the box. We’re gonna slide it open. Is it a pop or a slide? – Whoo. Dang that’s clean. Something good is on the
other side of this box. And we’re about to experience it. Holy moly! So these are actually the white on white, which are clean! Oh, that smells like fresh shoes. The good news with these, though is unlike with Nike
Mags where you could not purchase them, you only could obtain them through a raffle, these you
can actually pick up and buy. The bad news is they’re extremely limited and they’re also a
little on the pricey side clocking in at just over 700 bucks. Now with that, I am very fortunate and thankful to get to
check these out early but with the holidays
and everything going on I thought it would be a cooler idea to give my pair away to you guys. I wouldn’t smash that light button if you were excited for that. Taking a look at everything else that’s inside the box,
it is pretty simple. We have the second shoe,
this being the right. This being the left. Smells like you just
walked into Foot Locker. – Okay, I’m going to the
mall and going upstairs probably on the second floor. Yeah! – The other immediate
thing that stands out to me with these is how light they are because it’s not something you may normally expect from picking these up. You might think because
they’re self-lacing shoes there’s a lot of heavy tech inside, but they’re actually really light. The other really interesting thing that stands out is the laces. They got this really
soft mesh thing going on but they disappear into the shoe, so you are not gonna see no bunny ears. Also, that light is freaking awesome. So with this that’s actually gonna be your battery indicator. What I really like about these though is the button placement because at first glance, you would have no idea they’re there. There are two diamonds that kinda blend into the design but
those actually control how you tighten them
and how you loosen them. So up top right here on this diamond (whining) it’s gonna tighten things
up and the one below that (whining) loosens everything. Obviously, the effect is gonna be more drastic on your shoes so with that I think it is time to try them on. Now, normally if I said I was gonna hop up on this table
and try these shoes on, that might sound like a strange and potentially bad idea, but if you flash back to last year, totally normal. Ho, man these are comfortable. (whining) damn, these are way cooler
than the $20 LED shoes. Now because there is
tech inside these shoes, you will need to charge them, but Nike includes a pretty slick USB charging solution that
attaches magnetically. For a full charge it should take around two hours, but the good news is that charge will easily last you two week and probably more. On top of that, that sweet LED light that we were looking at earlier will also let you know
how your battery is doing, so right now that it’s in blue, things are nice and healthy, but if the battery were to drop it would then change to yellow and finally, red. Like I mentioned, these
are extremely comfortable, which you would hope for for the price, but I think the more important thing is they feel like normal shoes and nothing is getting in the way. Like the hyperadapt name implies, the idea with this is to be able to change things and to adapt on the fly. So maybe you’re running
and you wanted your shoes just a little bit tighter for
that extra bit of support. Instead of untying your shoes and relacing them, you can now do that with a press of a button. (grunts) Ahhh. So, I totally understand that these are not your everyday pair of shoes. The average person is not gonna go drop 700 bucks, but I’m almost looking at these as a glimpse into the future. The immediate thing that went into my mind is how awesome these
would be at the airport. The worst pair of shoes you could bring to the airport are a pair
of old school chucks. Holy crap, those take forever to take off. But on the serious side, you almost have to look at these as a 1.0, the completely new product, which they are to an extent, the hyperadapt 1.0’s. Getting nerdy for a second, things like solid stage arrived a couple years ago cost just as much as these shoes and then some. Fast forward to a couple years later. Prices have dropped hundreds
and hundreds of dollars. We can pick them up on the cheap. So, hopefully in a couple of years, these become more of the norm and less of a rarity and I know
the initial reaction might be I don’t need self-lacing shoes. Those are for lazy people. But like I talked about before, for a second let’s just try and enjoy and appreciate cool technology. These may not be the norm now, and you may not need
them, but on the flip side of that, maybe someone has arthritis in their hands, and tying
their shoes is an obstacle. In a couple of years when these come down, and they’re the normal prices, that’s gonna help alleviate that. Now, aside from that, hopefully, you guys enjoyed the video. Like I said, I’m giving my pair away and the bonus is, I am not
making you wait for that. I’m actually teaming up with Marques, AKA MKBHD, where he is
also giving away his pair. Ties to keg, we are turning
these into tech packages where you get the shoes,
our favorite backpack, a smart phone of choice and a monster external battery bank. For a chance to enter, all you gotta do is be subscribed here on TLD, so make sure to do that if you haven’t yet, and for the second chance at the second pair of hyperadapts and those phones, head over to Marques’ channel and video which is linked here. I have enjoyed my really
short time with the adapt. They are awesome, but I
thought it would be cool to give ’em away to you guys. Thank you for the support. I love you and I will
catch you guys later.


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