The Waplin Boys’ – The Magic Shoes REMASTERED

Yes! Shot, Let’s Go!!“I Don’t Really Care If You Cry”“I Really Should’ve Have Lied” “Should’ve Saw The Way You Looked She At My Eyes” “She Said Baby I Am—” Mission Failed“–Not Afraid To, Die.” “Push Me To The Edge—-“Shot! Let”s Go!kinda Miss Y’all Me (while editing) : He ’bout To Cry!The Stix : MMmm Ahh, Let’s Goooo!EXPOSED YOU, OHHHHH!!!!!What A Day…. R.I.P. Headphone Users, LOWER DOWN VOLUME!!! I WARNED YOU!! Ah! That Thing Is SO Annoying!Me (while editing) : Is His Dad Working With Tools? Sounds Like It. YES! Let’s GO! LET’S GO! Ooo!WAT R DOSE!!!We Cool x2 Yeah yeah You Wanna Be A Team!? Yeah LET’S BE A TEAM!!!Oooo! Can I Get ‘cha Number?! Sure! Both : Nice Job Man, Nice Job Bro! Yeah Nice Job, Let’s Go! Where are my shoes? Where did my shoes go? This is crazy, my shoes just dissapeared! Man this is– My shoes!Yeah, let’s go! Let’s go! I need to find those shoes! Gimme My Shoes! 1v1 Ok.Let’s go! Good game man. Yeah, we cool right? He’s Going, and then he does the jelly. Then just runs off, so weirdly Then he runs down, run down x2 Do the flick of the riskThen he tells us, the shoutouts!

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