The Voice winner brings Jennifer Hudson to tears | WINNER’S JOURNEY #14

The winner of The Voice 2017 is… … Mo! What’s your name?
Where are you from? My name is Mo, I’m 21 and
I’m from Warrington. Mo and Max,
welcome to The Voice. Now this is a quite unique situation,
because some people might be thinking… … that you’re a duo, but you’re
actually both auditioning individually. – Yeah.
And you’re best mates. When I first heard Mo properly…
this guy is really good. I kind of had a moment were we could
like be really jealous of each other… … or we get along really well. Thankfully it’s the last. Our friendship does matter a lot… … when times get difficult I can always
depend on Max to be there for me. It’s a nice feeling. I didn’t probably have the
most stereotypical upbringing. I grew up in caring, got fostered, lived in
quite quite a lot different places… … but I felt really blessed that
I had so many people in my life… … who wanted to care for me and
look after me. From what I know he’s been through
in his life, it’s quite remarkable… … he’s come out such
like a stand-up person… … an incredibly strong character. Growing up I enjoyed
listening to music. It was filled with like so much hope and
then so much happiness. Music kinda does feel like it is a parent… … the comfort of the mother and
the motivation from the father. I could tell you were very connected
to that song right? What is it about that song? For me music has always been
about expressing yourself… … and I feel that musicians today
have more of an impact on the general… …public than politicians cause
let’s be honest… … I’ve stopped believing in politicians at the moment.
I don’t believe in them. – Wauw. Well you haven’t stopped believing in music,
because you can sing! I gotta tell you that you are the reason
that I agreed to do this show. You understand the power of music and
I love that you are a reminder of… … just how powerful music is. I’m gonna go for Jennifer.
– Yes! To sing a song like this
you have to give… … you have to find your meaning… … like you lived.
So I can tell you know what it’s about… … but for you, you relate it
to something else. Like this moment… …it’s been a long time coming. The rehearsals have been going alright, um,
but I’m struggling because… … I’ve had a chest infection for the last week
so it’s kind of hold it… … what I can do a little bit. If I leave the stage with
no voice, than so be it. I came here thinking that Mo is
going to just paint the stage and… … graffiti all over it: Mo. But, Diamond good that you held
your own and you shined tonight. ‘Freedom’ by Beyonce… Mo got really excited…
He did his happy dance! Get my freedom dance, whatever that was,
come on sing that song. I do feel a little bit of pressure because it’s
Beyonce and this is a time now where… … I really need to step up my game in terms
of not just delivering a good vocal performance… … also delivering a
performance. It’s strange that we both got this far in it.
I feel like this competition as well… … sort of making you step it up even more.
– I think there is a little bit of pressure. With this next performance I need to
make sure the fear doesn’t creep in… I’m gonna push myself to the very limit
to make sure that I don’t go home tonight. Team Jhud productions,
we believe music is business. It ain’t just things, it’s
serious to us and… … that was all over your face.
She was dead serious. The face you made on that camera, I mean, I
swear to God I thought you… … they might call you to be in
the next Wolverine or something… You’re swag.
Where that swag come from boy? Is this the same person? I think the person who I’m off
stage like I’m very quiet. Music is an escape. It allows me to be a person
who I wish I was. Knocking On Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan I like the song.
– Can you relate to it? Yeah I think it’s very very relatable. Sing Mo. I do struggle to tell people how I’m feeling. Things that I keep in that I must scream,
but don’t know how to tell people. So, through music I can
show people how I’m feeling. When I saw on the VT you
said you didn’t think you could relate to it… … well you coulda fooled me
because you related to that song. – Thank you. Really you did a beautiful job.
I loved it. I’m just glad I don’t have
to compete against you. I coulda sworn I saw the gates of heaven
open while you were singing. That is who you are when
you sing like that, that is who you are. So be proud.
Fantastic. Unbelievable. I’m speechles right now. I really did think that
was gonna be the result. It does a lot of things that kind
of got to me a little bit. A stretched-out burden
throughout all the week… … I finally was able to just let it all out. So, this is the semi-finals!
Can I get amen? – Amen. I can’t see myself going further in this
competition without Mo… … and I feel like he’s the one to beat. I had a bit of it through like the wall today. It sounded good like
someone powerful, mate. This whole experience has been made
better the fact that… … I’ve had Max there. No matter what you’re singing
you’ve always… … got an emotional connection
with a song. I think the audience can
merely tell about me. Just keep doing what you do. I’m really excited to do the track. Jennifer’s brought a lot of faith for me
so I just want to make sure that… … I couldn’t walk through without faith. You came to win, give me five. Oh my God. You get a whole other look in your eyes,
when you sing… … you go to a whole other
place and you take us with you. You’re not on my team
but I think you’re sensational. I love your voice,
I love everything about you. – Thank you.
It’s amazing! You make the show better.
You make the show better. This week’s been crazy busy.
I had a lot of fun. Right now we’re joined by a man we love from Warrington, it’s the brilliant Mo! I’ve just done my first ever radio interview.
Absolutely loved it. How is Jennifer Hudson as a coach?
– You know what, Jennifer is amazing. I’m really happy that they get
the bored and raised part of me. I really do appreciate it. – That is why you should vote for Mo.
He should be the winner of The Voice. So I’m now off home to see Max and Sammy.
We have a lot to catch up. We’ve missed you.
– What are you doing back here! – Go and practice your songs! Max did have a lot to do with the
success I had in the competition. It’s amazing just the fact that both of us share this experience together. Just know that you’re good.
Just keep doing what you’re doing. Be sweet.
No pressure. I’ve always wanted to be
a recording artist. Winning would change my life and
help me make my dreams reality. You took me on your journey with you. You said you resonated with this song
and you told your story… … like I felt it.
– Did y’all feel it? You really get into the song.
Every song you sung you’ve gotten into it… … and you don’t,
you’re not copying anybody. You sound an individual.
You sound like you. I can now announce that
the winner of The Voice 2017 is… … Mo!


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