The Untold Truth Of Flip Or Flop

Since its debut in April 2013, Flip or Flop
has become one of HGTV’s most popular shows. The premise is simple: Tarek and Christina
El Moussa buy houses, renovate them, and sell them for a profit. But something almost always goes wrong, leading
to the gripping drama of whether they will successfully flip the house by the end of
the episode or not. Here’s the untold truth of Flip or Flop. They made crazy sacrifices When the housing market crashed in 2007, the
couple had to drastically change their way of life, downsizing from a house with a $6,000
monthly mortgage payment to a $700/month apartment — with a roommate! “Ever since the market crashed, it’s been
a rocky road.” It wasn’t easy, but as Tarek revealed in a
moving Mother’s Day Facebook post, it helped them form an unbreakable bond: “The beginning of our relationship was very
tough and she rode the wave with me, never complaining about our situation. She was always by my side. She was filled with love even though we were
struggling financially.” The show is a hit Back when they first started out, the couple
was pinching pennies to make ends meet. But now Tarek and Christina make $10,000 per
episode and boast an estimated net worth of $4 million. How? Well, the show is a massive ratings success,
topping the Thursday cable charts in August 2016 with a .75 rating and 2.864 million viewers. And that in turn has led to other opportunities
for Tarek and Christina, such as their book Flip Your Life, which will “offer practical
lessons from their own experiences.” Nice. The show saved Tarek’s life While watching a marathon of Flip or Flop,
a registered nurse named Ryan Reade noticed a lump on Tarek’s throat, prompting concern. “They got an email from one of their viewers.” “When I was watching Flip or Flop on TV
at home, I noticed that, um, at certain angles, at certain times, it just caught my eye that
Tarek had a lump on his throat.” It turns out that Tarek had been struggling
with throat issues and actually had Stage-2 thyroid cancer. Tarek is now in remission and doing well! Cheaper by the dozen Even though plenty of reality shows have a
loose relationship with, well, reality, the auctions on Flip or Flop are actually real! Tarek said, “Real estate auctions where we buy are real. I must have cashiers checks to buy cash (I
lost a 20k check once, that was a nightmare)!” Sometimes Tarek and Christina get outbid,
which you don’t see on the show. The episodes are only 30 minutes, so they
focus on which houses they actually do get. And they get a lot, because Tarek and Christina
are always in the process of flipping multiple houses. Tarek said in 2013 that they’d closed on 14
houses to date, and owned either 17 listed, under construction, or in escrow — and that
they were on track to do 50 that year. That’s a lot of flip-flopping! It was fate With the continued success of the show, Tarek
and Christina have also tacked on a spinoff, Flip or Flop: Selling Summer. This show focuses on backyard remodels, whether
it’s landscaping, new decks, or adding in a pool. If the couple keeps going the way they do,
they might take over HGTV! And it’s not like Tarek and Christina had
lifelong dreams of being hosts of a hit show or anything. Tarek made an audition tape with the help
of a friend and sent it in on a whim. “Hey what if I get us on TV? She looked at me and she said, ‘You’re
crazy, go to bed.’” “Hahaha.” “Sent an email, sent a video. I did all this stuff, I made her walk around
and record me, and long story short, we got a TV show.” Not long after, he had a contract for 13 episodes
of Flip or Flop. If you’re ever considering sending out an
audition tape for something, just do it. You could be the next HGTV star! Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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  • I freaking love this show I am amazed how they can take total trashy houses and turning them into gorgeous houses

  • waaaah I can't afford my $6000 mortgage…. holy shit, cry me a fucking river.

  • How could his wife not notice that huge limp on Tarek's throat????

  • I meant: "lump"

  • Even though I can't stand this show, I love the commitment that they have made to their marriage and family. Thank goodness that their viewer caught the lump on the side of his throat and he heeded her advice to get it checked out!

  • They seem like the dullest couple

  • Every house they do is black white and gray. I don't think they know how to do another color scheme

  • I hope you know that they split! She on the market!

  • They have split up

  • They both decided to split. With the intent of helping them work on their marriage. And the show will still continue.

  • she is hot.

  • His wife is really easy on the eyes!

  • "It helped them form an unbreakable bond."

    Or not.

  • It's funny how this was published only a few days before they announced they are divorcing 😂😂

  • I find them both somewhat annoying, yet thought they are the perfect match, occasionally watched the show! Surprised they are calling it quits That being said not sure that either of them can make it on their own, unless there is an interesting significant other 🙂

  • i loved them – but now that they are divorcing – watching them is just not the same

  • They are so cute and I really love their show I hope they get their house in order.

  • word on the street… he walked in on her with the handyman that looks like that bonnaduchi guy… he grabbed his gun but decided to run away… look it up

  • The untold story is she was messing around on the guy. The show is toast after this season.

  • I love the show AND I love these two! Christina is smoking hot! However, I am shocked and heartbroken to learn that they have been living in separate houses for the last 6 or 8 months??? and both have begun new relationships???? I was JUST thinking to myself before I found out that they are divorcing, that I can't imagine Christina with anyone else. This is the WORST!

  • Nikki swift?

  • That moment when they split up a few days after this video was released. 😂

  • she is so damn hot. I would not pull out!

  • She's just a pig, very typical female.

  • These guys live in the same County as me.. Very sad

  • sad they split great show really like the Gray white very rich look tasteful hope things work out for you God bless

  • So sad for them.

  • I heard they split because the newborn Braydon is not Tarek's.

  • Typical Californication

  • And now all that fame and fortune have destroyed and split their family. And another child will be separated from their father. Word is she's dating the contractor. Sad.

  • They seem like the nicest couple who just have to work through the issues of becoming a celebrity as well as reality television.

  • she got some Good weenie

  • Instead of calling it Flip or Flop they should now call it "Stupid Muslim Steals Assault Rifle and Flips the Fuck Out or Flop"

  • is they getting a divorce? i heard they gerting divorced

  • lol 10,000 per episode is so little for a tv show

  • I don't like flippers! I can't watch shows about flippers, but if I'm stuck in a room with someone who is watching, I root against the flippers. I bought two houses from what turned out to be flippers. Very unpleasant!

  • They're through it's over they flopped, divorcing an he has cancer there fucked

  • I feel bad for him, they had an incident at their home where he "flipped out" according to her, where he ran off into a canyon with a gum behind their house. making it sound random. Days later, it came out, that her new guy was there and witnessed the event-very convenient. Sounds like there's more to the story…

  • Why would anyone watch this crap? SHE IS FAKE! She never once used a tool in her life. They pretend she somehow benefits the show, does not. FAKE!

  • Look at the hypocrisy of women here is a sad story of a WOMAN cheating on her husband the man is so sad and devastated he considers harming himself. BUT does the man get much sympathy of course not because of SEXISM and MISANDRY.

  • Look at the hypocrisy of women here is a sad story of a WOMAN cheating on her husband the man is so sad and devastated he considers harming himself. BUT does the man get much sympathy of course not because of SEXISM and MISANDRY.

  • They split up? So I have a chance with her!

  • sad that she had an affair with another contractor. makes you wonder whos baby it is when she was pregnant.

  • Christina needs to stop wearing those bad hair extensions.
    They look so fake. She doesn't need them

  • cheaters two pieces of shit. I'm not saying they did but lots of these people sells their asses for success and it always comes back on knocking to what was promised.

  • How does someone ignore that size growth on your throat.

  • two absolute pieces of shit……

  • No, they won't be flipping houses, more like flipping spouses , anyway, Christina got caught with Gary last May. They will be selling their Yorba Linda house soon. It's over and they will not be taking over HGTV.

  • They don't even flip houses, they're just actors. The guys who are the contractors (Frank, etc) on the show are the actual owners of the houses. They just come in and act like they're doing the building and designing. Look at him, he does even know how to use a saw. Someone that supposedly builds all these houses but you can't use a saw, your fake.

  • the untold truth is that Tarek and Christina LIED through their pearly white teeth as to how much $$$ the renovations actually cost and how little or no profit they actually made. $3,000 for a complete gut renovation of a full bathroom? what planet? not this one…

  • And, of course, they're being SUED to kingdom come for it all… including their erstwhile contractor, Israel Battres, who is party to the FRAUD

  • I never liked this show, it was too fake and contrived. Planted rats, just for drama. No thanks.

  • My wife told me they are getting a divorce.

  • Funny, since 5-days after this was posted they broke up.


  • she is HOT. Gary Anderson, new guy, is Homely lucky him.

  • The man that gets to ball Christina is a lucky dude. I would give her 5 grand to have 24 hours with her. She is a goddess. Love to eat her hot hole! 👅👅👅👅👅👅👅😛😛🤑🤑

  • "she was always by my side"… yeah she DID

  • this couple always seemed so fake to me for some reason

  • What a shame!! Loved the show!!!! What happens in this life we answer for to Jesus!!! Wows are said and not held in peoples hearts!!! Life is to short to give up on love and now the children suffer. Their lives will never be the same!!! So sad the loss of your show Much luck in your future and make wiser decisions in 2017! Will miss seeing you on HGTV

  • You are still married even if you separate until you are divorced.

  • tedeseo suerte

  • who fucking cares… it's their business. isn't the first fucking divorce and won't be the last..  mine your fucking business..  Americans are a bunch of nosey fucks

  • An " Unbreakable bond " looks like maybe not.

  • I'm just going to say this. Whichever one is responsible for fucking this up is a total idiot. They destroyed something they worked hard to get, build. If the rumors are true that she is responsible though. I can't say I'm surprised one bit.

  • flip your wife?

  • i did there putting green on the side yard. i was wondering where was tarek didn't see him at all only Christina oh and Gary he made himself feel at home

  • The show is fake gabrage.. at best.. Tarique… yes.. Tuh-Reek… not "tarick", a man obviously ashamed of his Muslim name so he has to make up his own stupid pronunciation to 'white wash' it, is a talent-less and undeserving carlifornia real-estate wannabe. They can't design a damn thing, go into a store, pick out some dark cabinets with some cheap laminate flooring, and then hire migrant labor to have it installed… and this is "talent"? This is skill? Calling some people on the phone to come do all of your work for you is "work"? Give me a fucking break. The prices they quote for almost everything to do with the renovations (that they don't even bother to do), are not just misleading, they are LIES. Flat out, LIES… if you think you can completely re-do a kitchen with professional contractor labor for just a few thousand dollars, IN CALIFORNIA, or anywhere else, you're out of your goddamn mind. The show as fake as the false numbers they constantly pump out. And seriously, Mr. Frohawk Tariq driving around in his dubbed-out Escalade… the 90's called and says it wants it cliche vein metrosexual manchild back…. but what do you expect from someone who is ashamed to pronounce his Lebanese name.

  • wrinkled ball sucker

  • Ha ha

  • The only thing sad about this is that Christina was having an affair with Anderson the contractor.  Any married woman who is alone with another male like she was during the renovation of their pool should not kept her rear end in the house while he was there and she wouldn't have grown so close to him.  She wanted to and I have read where she is a flirt and he was divorced.  Not only that she is much younger than he is and he is ugly as sin on top of it.  He probably has enough money to make up for his lack of good looks where she is concerned since I read where she lovvvves the money.  It is a shame she didn't figure out she no longer loved Tarek before they had another child.  I have no use for her and I hope he finds happiness with a good person who will love him and grow old with him.

  • tarek keep your business and get rid of her after all she got rid of you,find another partner,shame on her putting those children through a divorce

  • too bad the dudes wife is sucking off contractors in the background

  • Another fake flipping show. Just what we need.

  • "The show is a hit" MY GOD THAT IS OBVIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • They deserved each other….now they will make Twice as many people unhappy….

  • I think she is Dracula…..both are dorks!!

  • Word has it Christina gave Tariq an STD……which caused the blow up.

  • Aren't they getting divorced??

  • Oh christina.. I want panocha.

  • Just another short lived fake show!!!!!

  • Love the show – Tarek you are better off without her. All she cares about is BEING SEEN & money. You deserve better. Her & Ant suit each other – this is not a compliment –

  • Tarek is better off without her!! He seems like a very nice man. As for her…shes too busy worried about her looks..shes fake!! She should have stood by him during his illness. Now shes dating idiots like herself.

  • She is a cheating pig

  • Not a fan of snobby people BUT at least I can tolerate this couple WAY BETTER THAN that irritating couple on that Flippin Vegas show.

  • Tarek, best you get a DNA test on that second kid. Was the kid conceived when you had cancer down there?

  • CAUTION!!!!
    Platitudes and other crap to fill the space between the commercials on the IDIOT BOX eh… Ö

  • he has problems with drugs and she liked the money i now this people living in yorba linda orange county the guy been arrested

  • Every house has the same Design…this my first watching the show and the last time. The same color and design. Grey, grey, grey and white cabinets, white cabinets, marble floors….in every house. There's no creativity. All yah do is argue. I hate your houses on the outside same look.

  • He's better off without that cheater

  • Season 3 episode 5 He says this place looks Ghetto when hot folks says that they are Racist. There was Mexicans living thier and it was out house in backyard.

  • Why act that way when you have a credit line worth millions Buying homes in So called Hood. This why farkan says we need two states. That leaves more rooms for the Rich.

  • Comments from pea- brained people here. How can you all make silly, unfounded comments? What do you know about their marital life? About their sacrifices to try to have a show on flipping houses? Do you know what it entails? Bagel-brained people litters this planet, too bad! God gave us brains, use it!!!

  • They need to take this photo down. She single handedly destroyed this family unit, for what. They had a good thing going. But apparently one man couldn't satisfy her.

  • Us flip flop viewers have had more than we can stand from christina the home breaker. She destroyed anstead family alone terek and her family. Question is what the hell for. What's gain did this for anybody. Flip flop show done, wheeler dealer show toast. Looks like family members will be hurting. Children of both families will pay dearly. Good job.

  • The problem is they no shit

  • Why do you keep showing this photo. It's time for terek be seen with a new young beautiful woman as his new co star for flip flop series. It's time to dump the baggage an start new.😁😁😁😁😂😂😂

  • Never really liked that show. Christina’s voice annoys me.

  • love the glow he has since he left her negativity……good for u buddy.

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