The Untold Truth Of Clueless

When Clueless debuted in theaters in 1995,
the filmmakers and cast were probably, well, clueless about just how much of a classic
the teen dramedy would instantly become. The quirky coming-of-age tale of an upper
crust debutante and her pals was a trendsetter in fashion, lingo, and attitudes alike. And it holds up as a fun piece of ’90s iconography
that reminds audiences of a simpler, albeit snappier, time. “I thought it reeked.” “I believe that was your designer imposter
perfume.” But no matter how many times you’ve seen Clueless
in the two decades since it dropped, there are some things that even Cher Horowitz’s
most faithful fans might not know. Here’s a look at the untold truth of Clueless. Literary inspirations Writer-director Amy Heckerling has long maintained
that Clueless is a modern retelling of Jane Austen’s novel Emma. Fascinated with the social mores depicted
in the novel, Heckerling pulled Austen’s cast of characters and basic plotlines and dropped
them into the contemporary setting of Beverly Hills High School, circa 1995. Cher’s well-intentioned but misguided attempts
at matchmaking closely parallel Emma’s journey into young adulthood. Clueless reminds us that learning to navigate
the world of gossip, social hierarchy, courtship are timeless rights of passage. What people might not know is that her inspiration
didn’t come from just one source. Heckerling also drew from the comic novel
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes by Anita Loos when it came to shaping the characters in Clueless. As she told Jen Chaney, author of As If!:
The Oral History of Clueless, “I remember reading Emma and Gentlemen Prefer
Blondes. Those characters: what I gravitated to was
how positive they could be.” Small screen start While the movie eventually did have a television
spin-off, Clueless was originally conceived as a TV show. In the early ’90s, Amy Heckerling — who
was best known for directing the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High — began development
on another project that also centered around Southern California teens. Originally called No Worries, the concept
soon moved from television to feature film and was eventually renamed Clueless. Could you imagine Clueless as anything other
than the one hour, forty-five minute-long movie perfection that it was? “Ugh, AS IF!” Moniker mistake Eagle-eyed Clueless fans have noticed a pretty
major flaw in the movie when it comes to the matter of Cher’s name. While she answers to Cher Horowitz in class,
her report card reads Cher Hamilton, and her father receives a letter addressed to Melvin
Hamilton instead of Mel Horowitz. So what’s with the name change? There’s speculation that the goof is a shout
out to Heckerling’s directorial film debut, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The classic teen comedy stars Jennifer Jason
Leigh as Stacy. Her last name? Hamilton. The ick factor Studio bigwigs were reportedly worried that
the budding step-brother/step-sister romance in Clueless would be a tad too icky for audiences
to stomach. “I had an overwhelming sense of ickiness.” But Heckerling insisted how the lead characters
should connect. The step-sib love story actually made perfect
sense to Heckerling — because it happened in real life for her grandparents, who met
when they were teenagers. “And suddenly. Oh my God. I love Josh!” Costuming win You can’t talk about Clueless without talking
about the fashion. The well-planned-out costumes were the brainchild
of costume designer Mona May, who counts Clueless as her first feature film. May pulled together looks for each character
based on their personalities. For Cher, each outfit was specifically chosen
to highlight her character’s growth throughout the movie. Meanwhile Dionne rocked sassier designs like
leopard prints and bold colors, which reflected her ascension into sexuality and womanhood. So, there was a lot of thought that went into
making the Cherwear so darn cute and fashionable. “Thank you very much.” But not everyone was a fan of the fashion
focus of the film. In fact, Alicia Silverstone herself confessed
that she thought being fitted for so many outfits was annoying and pointless. Silverstone told xoJane that she “had to endure
something like 67 outfit changes” as she transforms from self-absorbed teen to a slightly more
self-aware young adult. It really was all about the fashion, even
down to the backdrop. According to production design, the scenery
was purposely kept drab and muted to ensure the clothes popped. Designer redux A lot of designers earned some shoutouts through
Clueless … “Oh no. You don’t understand. This is an Alaiah!” “An a-what-uh?” “It’s like a totally important designer.” And at least one designer took advantage of
being name-dropped by the flick. The little white mini Cher wears on her first
date with Christian was, she explained, a dress by Calvin Klein that prompted a classic
father-daughter debate over what constitutes wearing actual clothing — as opposed to
parading around in your underwear. As a result of the movie mention and its continued
popularity even years later, the fashion house ultimately reissued the dress in 2010. Cast sliding doors Hard as it is to imagine anyone else playing
Cher, tons of soon-to-be famous stars also auditioned for the part. In fact, future vampire slayer, Sarah Michelle
Gellar almost landed the role, while Reese Witherspoon, Keri Russell and Tiffani Thiessen
and were all in contention to play the fashion-obsessed Beverly Hills teen. Ultimately, it was Alicia Silverstone’s appearance
in the Aerosmith video for “Cryin'” that won over the film’s writer-director. Heckerling would later explained, “That was the first video she was in. And I just fell in love with her.” The part of Cher wasn’t the only one that
was competitive for castmates. Travis Birkenstock, the lovable stoner who
skates away with Tai’s heart was almost played by Seth Green before it was ultimately given
to Breckin Meyer. Luckily, the two were close pals and didn’t
let the competition interfere with their friendship afterward. Meanwhile Dionne’s white floral crocheted
beanie was almost filled by former Fugees member, Lauryn Hill, and none other than legendary
comedian Dave Chappelle was considered for the part of Murray — before Donald Faison
nabbed the job. Chapelle impressed Heckerling, but was a bit
too jaded to pull off naive high school goofball. She told The Hollywood Reporter, “He was just
amazing — he was such a mensch [but] I needed somebody who was really innocent, a goofy
kid.” Rolling with the homies Even two decades after its initial release,
it seems like we still can’t get enough of Clueless — there’s even a musical that’s
been in the works since 2012. According to Heckerling, Clueless the Musical
will use classic songs from the ’90s to tell the story and reaffirm, once again, its forever
status as a staple of its generation. We can probably already predict one song that’ll
make the playlist … “Rolling with the homies.” “Rolling with the homies!” Thanks for watching! Click The List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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  • I remember reading a magazine article about clueless some time ago. Alicia was eighteen when she was cast as cher and Travis was a friend and classmate. when they were looking for someone to play Travis she mentioned him. I remember that this movie made pastel nail Polish really popular. especially pastel blue. hard candy was very popular at the time and clueless helped it be more popular. Alicia wore the pastel blue on a episode of the tonight show was asked the color and where she got it.

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    Hints: I'm a 2000s kid who also grew up in the 2010s… (yes that is possible)

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  • R.I.P Brittany Murphy

  • As a Jane Austen fanatic, I was not only shocked but thrilled that this masterpiece of a film was based on my favorite Austen novel. Cher being Emma, Josh being Mr. Knightley, Christian being Mr. Churchill,(though he’s straight in the book) Elton being Mr. Elton, Tai being Ms. Smith and Travis being Mr. Martin. It was absolutely perfect. Adding Dion and Murray to the mix felt effortlessly 90s. I applaud the films writers for the undoubtable similarities between the two creations. It’s definitely my favorite film adjacent to my favorite book.

  • I love the fashion and it has a nice story line, majority of the cast were hot asf especially cher and her best friend Dion i think? but I don’t see the big deal… it was really simple nothing much to it.

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    Says who calvin klien ….

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