The ULTIMATE Luxury Christmas Gift Guide 2019 *UNDER $500/£500*

hey guys it’s Cassie welcome to my channel if
you’re new welcome back if you’re a seasoned subscriber today today is the
ultimate luxury Christmas gift guide everything is under five hundred dollars
/ five hundred pounds there is something for everyone
guys if you are new here my name is Cassie I’m a self-diagnosed luxury addict
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member of our luxury addicted family when is it that we’re going to rehab and
never guys are you ready let’s go this is a gift guide for whatever holiday you
are celebrating happy holidays to everyone tis the mother-effing season
I’m actually gonna do this in order of price range everything will
be linked below a lot of these things a unisex and you need to watch to the end
ok because there are some real surprises some real like oh hold on didn’t think
of that oh but that’s an amazing gift yeah I know that’s why I included it
okay so the first thing I think is an amazing gift it’s a pair of the Gucci
tights okay listen this is these are brand new I got mine this week I’ve kept
them on the cardboard that you can see kind of how they look on the legs I mean
what an incredible just little way to jujj up a look tights are boring tight
to just like oh you know why not just have some Gucci tights and a perfect
Christmas gift the next item is also something that
I’ve spoken about and that is the Tiffany China paper cups you know I love
these okay for just a little just a little spot of the bouj in the home
why not why not just flex you know just having a coffee having a tea having a
glass of water or juice whatever it is you like to consume just in your tiffany
blue this is china it is dishwasher safe okay so you don’t need to baby her you
just are living your best tiffany life you know these are great they come in a
set of two this is an amazing just like crowd pleaser gift okay I mean what a vibe what a moment item number three here we have the I heart baroque bath
slippers and I think that these are super cute just to get exactly just to jujj up around the home why not you can just foray around your home
feeling like you are P Diddy and I think that again these are a fun little thing
unisex it’s Christmas let’s treat ourselves let’s feel fabulous look boujee
item number four is maybe for the kind of hypebeast in the family that is
the off-white industrial belt these come in a range of colors these are super
long okay so you can double them up and do whatever you want with them this is
just such a stylish and like trendy item I mean it has become such a classic in
fashion now the off-white industrial belt it’s not going anywhere
this is that piece that you can cinch around your waist or whatever on
Christmas Day or whoever you’ve gifted it can just flex on the rest of the
family you know because that’s really what the holidays are about flexing on
the rest of the fam item number five this one is a little bit more practical
this is the Acne logos jaquard wool scarf what a purchase what an absolutely
fantastic purchase massive warm available in a whole range
of colors I got a very boring but very easy to match gray situation oh but
my gosh they have an amazing like coral which to be honest I mean if I didn’t
get this and I would have gotten the coral the coral is delicious unisex vibe
everybody is going to love these ok so the next one is a little bit rogue if
you have someone in the family that has a pair of airpods designer airpod
cases are a thing ladies and gentlemen and Gucci just came out with some I
actually love these and it has been added to the Christmas list because why
not you know I’m flexing my airpods need to
flex why not you know dior also have a little pouch for these as well in the
classic blue oblique print and honestly what a vibe you know so for the music
lover possibly for someone who loves their airpods won’t stop talking about
their airpods this is the gift for them practicality on 10 ok this also comes in
an amazing blue colbalt it also comes in the classic kind of black graphite
monogram print it’s actually part of the men
collection Wow you’ve got a pocket at the back which clearly I have it’s been
in use and you’ve got a zip in the middle where you can put coins and roll
up cash and whatever you want and then you’ve got four card spaces at the front
and I I triple up this one’s got three cards in there and then whatever you
know love this I cannot speak highly enough about this the next one is a logo
t-shirt okay and I stumbled across this again this one has been added to my
Christmas list versa right you know what too many people have been telling
me that my pronunciation of versace is wrong so fine Versace
this amazing Versace t-shirt and it has the gold Medusa in foil on the front
with the Gianni Versace a signature across the front comes in white comes in
black great logo tee very classic logo tee a little bit off the beaten track of
something like a Gucci logo t-shirt kind of vibe really really like this one
I think designer cosmetic cases are an amazing Christmas gift so I have the
Louis Vuitton cosmetic case this is the large size this one comes just a little
bit over the budget okay but please do keep in mind there is a smaller size
which is definitely within the budget and I love this okay I mean she is
packed to the brim she is she’s really she’s full the vachetta hasn’t even
started doing anything and I’ve had it for a year you know she is just in
pristine condition love this Gucci do some really really amazing ones they
have two different sizes there’s a smaller one and a big one and it’s a bit
more of like a more softer kind of vibe they’re kind of more rectangular vibe as
opposed to this one which is like a Halfmoon kind of thing so depending on
what your vibe is have a look at Gucci as well because I really really like
those those cosmetic cases that they’re putting out the next three items are all
earrings dior trim tribal tribal tribal airs tribal earrings okay these
are the ones that I have these are the gold on the button silver on the top
these are like my go-to everyday earrings they come in such an amazing
range of different styles and something with danglies and a pearl one and a bit
but there’s there’s a pair of tribal earrings for everyone at dior truly the
next item is by the brand soru I believe that is the
correct pronunciation and these are just these amazing gold hoops and there’s
just all kinds of fun stuff happening on there okay so they attach through there
through the ear hole with this little little stud at the top there you know me
I love a good statement earring I think that they are just so easy to just top
off a very simple look and take it to the next level next item are these that
I’m wearing these are these Sean leane hook earrings I’ve had these for years
they’re amazing they come in three different sizes they’re such an easy
earring that you can you can wear it to work or whatever you know like you can
put your hair up and it’s a little bit more exciting thing happening here you
know like they’re subtle but just like a little bit of an edge I don’t know I
really like these they’re super easy to wear very comfortable on the ears not
heavy they also do them in yellow gold and a silver version as well the next
one you know had to throw a mini bag in there I saw this kind of chain card
holder from Gucci and she is truly adorable okay you can fit all your cards
in there you could fit in just just a just a smidge of cash okay but the cards
are comfortably in there she has this cute tiny little chain and I love her
and I think that she’s amazing and I think that if you have someone who loves
the mini bag trend who is out here to flex a little bit of a trendy person
then I don’t know about you I think they know that they need this too the next
item is for someone who this person might be studying this person might be a
very stationery person I stumbled across this Louis Vuitton pencil case what a flex the Flex
is so hard it’s incredible okay I just think this is super cute I
think that it is perfect for those kind of people if you’re a stationery person
that you will so appreciate this kind of gift you know what because honestly the
struggle to find like a cute pencil case it is really quite real the last item is
again from Tiffany and this is the small rectangular jewelry case if we’re going to
talk about jewelry for gonna talk about icons blah blah blah Tiffany it’s up there
okay we all love a little turquoise box okay you get what I mean so
why not a for somebody that loves their jewelry this is perfect or for somebody
that travels a lot with their jewelry again perfect it’s amazing on the
dresser but you know what she’s nice and compact and she’s gonna fit cute into
that little little roll on case you know guys let me know your thoughts on the
gifts that I’ve suggested let me ask there’s anything else that you’re
thinking of buying any one this year in the comments I would love to know I’m
going to link to another video here in case you’re quite enjoying listening to
me and you want to continue guys have an amazing morning afternoon or evening
wherever you are at and I will see you in my next video bye guys


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