The twins’ naughty scheme to hide daddy’s shoes! [The Return of Superman / 2017.10.08]

Seojun and Seoeon, aren’t you drowsy? Yes. I found a great place. A kid’s cafe? Where will you find a kid’s cafe here? A lot of foreigners go there too. Your favorite Americans? Did I ever say that they were my favorite? – Where do you come from? / – I’m from America. – Will you try? / – I’m scared. No, no, no. Look at that. Look at that. Look at me. (Where have they arrived?) Read this, “Hush. We are currently napping.” Be quiet. (Hush. We are currently napping.) (Creaking) A tranquil courtyard of a traditional Korean home. It’s a place to experience a brief nap. This is a traditional nap experience, okay? – Hello. / – Welcome. – Hello. / – Hello. The first step will be to wash your feet. Water must be fetched from outside. Which of you will show deference to your father and wash his feet? Seoeon, will you go get water for me? What should I do? You have to get water from here and pour it in. All right. They team up together to go all out. It’s certainly praiseworthy. Is this enough? Yes, it’s enough. It’s done. It’s so heavy. It’s heavy. (I’ll give you a hand.) – Heave-ho. / – Heave-ho. I think we’re going to spill. We have to be careful. Let’s pour some out if it’s too heavy. (Pouring) One step, two step. (They walk cautiously.) Be careful. Daddy, we brought it. (There is hardly any water left.) Good job. (Still praiseworthy) But while washing my feet, tell me one reason why you love me. I love you because… I’m so thankful because you always play with us. (He’s thankful.) Thankful? Do you like me playing with you? You’re very handsome. (You’re very handsome.) (I’m handsome?) What else, Seojun? I don’t have anything. Apart from me being handsome, there’s nothing? Yes. (I’m going to have to try harder.) Hey, Seoeon and Seojun, what do you think this is? This is how old folks long time ago slept. That’s my wife. It’s what I hug to sleep. Moon Jeongwon. (Moon Jeongwon is correct.) – It’s an A. / – Is that an A? – You’re right. / – A, B… A, B, – C, D / – It’s more like a A now. – You know the letter A? / – Yes. When did you learn? A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P. I think you can all go to school now. You too, Daddy. I can’t. Now, you guys have to quiet down and sleep. (Now, it’s really time for a nap.) Laying down on the cool main floor induces their eyes to close automatically. (Red Seoeon) The Return of Superman, episode 200, “A Father is His Child’s Dream”. (A blissful nap ensues.) (Hwijae is still in dreamland.) Seojun wakes up first. Seoeon is still fast asleep. But Seojun isn’t the one to stay put. (Seoeon, I’m bored. Let’s play.) Seoeon has opened his eyes like fish. (Sniffing) Hey, Seoeon. Hurry up. Let’s play. Let’s go out now and play at the playground. Suddenly, something catches Seoeon’s eyes. (He spots his dad’s unguarded shoes.) What are you planning to do with his shoes? (Daddy is still sleeping.) Hey, Seojun. Come over here. Come over, quick. Let me tell you a secret plan. Should we hide Daddy’s shoes? (He gesticulates directions for a plan.) (Glancing) The twins are on the move. (Seoeon escapes first with the shoes in hand.) It’s flawless teamwork. (Seojun makes a run for it as well.) (Mission success) (A grandpa weaves something out of straw.) What are you making grandpa? A flower basket. – A flower basket? / – Yes. What’s a flower basket? A kind of bowl to place flowers in. A flower basket. It’s to place flowers inside. – You’re making a crab? / – Pardon? You’re making a crab? Meanwhile, Seojun looks… for a place to hide the shoes. (Why are there coins inside?) Hey, Seoeon. There’s money in here. There’s money down there. Did you throw money down there? No. (People toss change inside.) What are you doing? It says that if you make a wish… and throw coins down there, the wish will come true. (Wishes will be granted?) Isn’t it fascinating? (Seoeon makes a wish right away.) Did you make a wish? A good person. I want to be a good person. That’s the wish that I made. Then, how about Seojun’s wish? Please buy me a toy. Please let him get me the toy in black color. Please help daddy make money so he can buy me that. (An itch in his ear nudges him to rise.) We’re back. (The twins return after hiding the shoes.) Your shoes aren’t here. We hid your shoes somewhere. – Who did? / – We did. Give us a reward. You want a reward for hiding my shoes? Yes. You little rascals. – My feet hurt. / – Isn’t it nice and cool? Is that what you think, you little rascals. Daddy, it’s below this. – It’s not there. / – I fooled you. – You little… / – You got fooled. It’s on top of the roof. (Turning) Made you look. Where did they hide the shoes? I want to hide it right here. – Right behind this. / – Where? I’m going to hide it right here. Okay. (The place where Seojun hid the shoe…) Right here. (Is inside a ceramic pot.) Hey, Seoeon. I hid it over there. (Hwijae struggles to walk.) – Daddy. / – Yes? Come over here. (Seoeon reveals the spot behind Seojun’s back.) – Where is it? / – Over there. Don’t tell him where it is. It’s somewhere around here. – You told him, right? / – No. (Feeling nervous) (He recovers the shoe that Seojun hid.) (How could you, Seoeon?) You little rascals. Who hid this? – I did. / – Seojun did. Where’s the one you hid, Seoeon? Hey, come on! (Hwijae’s able to get both of his shoes.) Hey, come on! (Seojun takes his revenge immediately.) (Crying) It’s over here. (You started it first.) (Karma comes around.) That’s karma. (Crying) Okay, all right. Just hide it again. Will the twins be all right in the evening? What is this? It’s soap. What is this? We’ll turn it off now. Now, it’s not hot. (This is just right. My head is nice and warm.) I have to wash my hair. (Seojun shampoos with bar soap like a true man.) I’ll shampoo my hair. (Scrubbing) (Watching carefully) Raise your head. (How come?) Hey, you’ve got grime. Look up one more time. (There’s a thick line of grime.) It’s still there. (He attentively focuses on his neck.) Who’s going to wash my back? I can’t wash my back. I’ll do it for you. Please. I got your butt. Can I scrub your butt? – No. / – I got your butt. Don’t do that. (Sniffing) I’ll soap your butt and your back Scrub, scrub. (All the world’s happiness) Okay. Now get up. Are you ticklish? Yes. Hang in there. (Chuckling) I got you there. (Seojun washes him very thoroughly.) Let’s see how ticklish you are. Hey, I have to wash you. Open up! That side too. (He’s a professional washer.) Stand still. I have to scrub. Stand up. (He washes his hair again.) Did I clean myself well? Yes. Lift up your neck. This time, Seoeon looks after Seojun. Isn’t it refreshing? Yes. Do it one more time. The twins get along like they never argued. All done. (There’s still soapy residue.) Give me the cup, Seoeon. (He rinses his hair again thoroughly.) (I feel refreshed.) (Seoeon comes out after his bath.) I’m going to go out too after drying. (He dries his hair himself.) Seoeon, help me dry my hair. (There is nothing the twins can’t tackle together.) (Oh, no. The line is too short.) (My twins are all grown up now.) Is it dry? Yes. All done. Let’s apply lotion now that we’re done. Seoeon, help me with my back. (Sweet brotherhood) Time to change. Right away. Seojun, I’m proud. You helped each other. It was the best today. (Hwijae is moved by their cooperation.) You’ve grown up a lot. Right on.

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