The Try Guys Try Distracted Driving // Presented By Kia Forte

– Beautiful, – You have a beautiful jawline Keith. – Smile Keith, smile. – Okay, that’s a little much. – Keith watch out! (rock music) – Driving. While distracted. We partnered with Kia Forte
to test our concentration while behind the wheel. – We’re going to try to
drive a ridiculous course filled with distractions while
not being distracted somehow. (anvil bangs) – Seems like all of
technology and social media is driven towards making
us not pay attention to anything that’s
actually in front of us. – You got your apps going
to got your notifications you got your tabs open. Oh I got retweeted, that’s exciting. – But first we’re going to
talk to a neuropsychologist to find out just how distracted we are. – I am a clinical
neuropsychologist, that’s someone who really focuses on brain
structure and connectivity and how it influences your behavior. – What are the tests we’ll
be doing today to asses our attention? – One, you’re going to try
to sustain your attention and focus, another one,
you’re going to be switching between different kinds of thinking. – We have to do this for 20 minutes. – You sound so defeated already. – I hate this. – Ready, get set, go. – I think my worst focus,
is in like duration focus, like when I read a book I
normally get five pages in and realize I haven’t
read the last two pages. Oh god. – As a kid I was distracted
by things because I was such a creative, but I was relentlessly told not to be distracted. – I have to scratch my face but I won’t. If I have a quiet location
with no distractions, I’m very good at focusing. Nope, stop the test. Nope. – Ned! – Doesn’t count. – Certainly having OCD growing
up I was always concentrating on things that other people
weren’t concentrating on. My mind is different. You’re trying to beat me and
there’s no point in that. – Ned, you performed
at the 91st percentile. Eugene, you were at the 75th percentile. Keith, you were at the 63rd percentile. – 63, that’s me. – And then Zach, – I don’t like that the
numbers keep getting lower. (laughs) – You were at the 37th percentile. – This is every video
we’ve ever done ever. (sad music) – So we’re back from the brain doctor and she told us that Ned was
actually the most focused so Ned, you get to go first. – I’ve got the most to lose. – But before we do it
with all the distractions, we’re gonna run the course
dry, so we have a control. – This is science, ladies and gentlemen. – [All] Barely science. – Oh that was nice. – Oh wow. – Woo-Ey, okay that’s too
fast, that’s too fast. I consider myself a very good driver. When you’re driving with precious cargo you have to be very precise, very careful. Oh this is a tough turn. Oh my god. I gotta back up, I gotta back up. Yup, we’re good, we’re good. – Just look at all those cones,
they’re asking to be hit. Oop, that’s one. Oh this is so fun. – When it comes to driving,
I’ve always been very, very good at keeping my eyes on the road
and being a perfect citizen because as an Asian in media,
I can’t be a bad driver. – Straight up I think I’m the
best driver in the Try Guys, I’m gonna say it, there I
said it, now that stop sign is a distraction, I will not be fooled. Oh that was great. How fun was that? – [Keith] The course is
divided into four tiers, – [Ned] First it’s phone
based distractions, texting, calling, challenge will be to not look at your phone. – Oh am I second? – Yeah. – What’s the second one? Oh yeah, second, the rest
of the Try Guys are gonna get in the car with us
and try and distract us. – Level three, will be
a personal distraction which means all of us have
chosen different distractions for each other. – And the final tier,
random mystery explosive. – Oh no! No! – Craziness. (intense music) – [Keith] And we’re off. – [Cell Phone] New text from
Zach Cornfield, to hear it say listen. – Listen. – [Cell Phone] Zach said, love your bod. – Oh. – [Cell Phone] Here’s the
message, butts, butts, butts, Ned is sexy. To hear your message. – Keith I can’t talk right now. Send. – Alright, don’t get distracted,
ignore the text messages. Hey look at those handsome men. Always slow down when
you see handsome men. – This is amazing. It’s me with out pants. – No, No, No, not looking, not looking. – Nope, not gonna look,
I hate sign spinners. – Send text to Keith saying,
I’m not interested in your Jacksonville does not suck. Science does not suck, what
would the brain lady say? – What do you want Ned? – Hey Eugene, you’re so freaking late, can you please hurry up? – What? No wait, I’m at a sign. Did you check back seat? What? – They know that spelling
my name wrong is the, ugh. Oh that’s disgusting. ♫ Hey baby girl, watch me take this turn. ♫ Hey baby girl now I’ve got a learn how ♫ To drive this course
without losing my mind ♫ – Hey it’s my friends. (pulsing music) – Oh sick, there’s a camera. – [All] Nice, Hurrah. – All the way in. – Jacksonville does not suck. (laughter) – [All] Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. – [Keith] Gene! – [Zach] Hey. – So Zach always rolls into
meetings with three teas. I’ve got a few teas here. – We just thought we’d be thirsty. We thought we’d bring a tea or too. – You know why we texted you compliments? ‘Cause you’re, – [All] Beautiful. – Oh man this is, oh no – [All] Beautiful. – No please please. – Alright guys, I really need
to focus on driving right now so can you please. – Did you guys read
that article about how. – Ah, that’s a dancing lady. – Oh no, oh, oh no. (buzzer beeps) Oh Zach I’m so sorry I spilled tea on you. (sad music) – Wait your hair is. – Wait you want. – Guys don’t touch Eugene’s hair, you know he doesn’t like that. – Smile Keith. – Okay, that’s a little much. – Smile. – I just gotta move it. – Alright, (mumbles) – Eugene. (buzzer beeps) – [All] Whoa, whoa. – We have tea. Oh watch that tea. – Shut up. (buzzer beeps) Everybody shot up. – Ned! God, Ned, Ned. – You gotta stay focused. – Down there, yup, yup. Please. – You gotta go slower
we have a lot of tea. – It’s underneath. Tea. – [All] Ah! – Sexy car wash, get out of the car. – You don’t want us in the car? – Thanks for the ride Eugene. – Bye. – Holy shit. No! No. No. – [Ned] Can you hold on
to this one actually? – [Zach] No, no, I got it. – [Woman] This is a nice kitty. – Oh hi. – What? – This is a nice kitty. – What? – Oh god. (squeals) – It’s fried chicken? – So much fried chicken. – This is the best. – Oh boy, oh boy. Oh god that’s a big dog. (playful music) (screams) – You leave my wife out of this. – Can you bring one up here? I just. – No you can’t hold a
cat while you’re driving. (moans) – Now this sucks. This sucks. (buzzer beeps) – No. (buzzer beeps) – Oh no Keith. (air blows) – No Ariel. No Ariel, Ariel! (screams) (buzzer beeps) Ariel! Ariel. I went off course, a little bit. I saw my wife in a cage
and nothing else mattered. – Cute little face. – Oh hi kitty. – Oh Zach watch out. (balloon squeaks) (buzzer beeps) – I don’t really want this fried chicken. – No don’t waste chicken,
don’t waste fried chicken. – I don’t want this either I don’t want. – Eugene, you can’t waste
buckets of fried chicken. No, no. – I don’t want it. – No. No. – I don’t want the fried chicken. – No, no. Also that bucket was almost
entirely chicken breasts. That’s like the gold of the chicken. No, no! (buzzer beeps) (laughter) When the chicken was placed on the road, well that’s unsafe. And I got out of the car
to remove the obstruction in the road way. (pops) – Oh (beeps) Oh my god. No. I asses myself as having a
very high level of focus, I tested with a high level of focus, but when I went on the
course, and there was a clown in my back seat, everything
went out the window. Do you at least have a
name I can call you by? Great, okay, quiet clown. This is awesome. (triumphant music) – And the final stretch,
entering the mystery zone. Oh look at all these balls. – No, oh god ah! – Oh no, no, no. (cries) (pops) – Oh (beeps) (buzzer beeps) (buzzer beeps) – Oh my god. – Slippery when wet. Oh boy, (buzzer beeps) they are very handsome. – [Ariel] Oh yeah! (laughter) – It’s a bunch of sexy men. – You guys need a ride? (buzzer beeps) Get in. So what do you guys do for a living? – Why did they pick a carnival? No I don’t want this. – What is this? What is this, what is it? (buzzer beeps) Ah! – Oh my favorite boys. (buzzer beeps) – So traumatized. This can’t be happening. (buzzer beeps) – And here we go, finish line. (explosion) – Well Zach, for once, you’re the winner. – You did it. – You won a video. – Yay! – Don’t jump up and – Sh, sh, sh. – You won the challenge, – You won. – So I won, that’s exciting. I don’t think anyone saw that coming. I did, I always have faith in me. – I don’t know if I came in last place. (buzzer beeps) (sad music) Even though, scientifically,
I had the best attention span I was still distracted. – Even though I won, I don’t
think any of us really won. We all messed up a lot. – Driving isn’t about winning,
it’s about not losing. Not everyone has killer back seat clowns but really, if you think
about your cell phone it’s pretty much the same thing. – You never know, what
kind of distractions can come your way, but you can control, how you’ll react to them. (rock music) – No I’m not going to hug the clown. Why is everyone making me hug the clown? Okay. (cheers and applause) – Thanks clown. Alright, bye.


  • Try guys weaknesses:
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    Ned: Wife
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  • I love how Keith had only two distractions but as soon as fried chicken was brought into the equation that all went out the window 😂

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