The Seer Prophecy the Devil Doesn’t Want You to Hear! | An Invitation for Seeing Prophets

Jennifer LeClaire here senior leader at
the awakening house a prayer founder of the Ignite prophetic Network this is the
prophecy about seers that the devil does not want you to hear I came on Facebook
live on Sunday before church before our prayer cloth miracle service to share
with you a download I received from the Lord before I went to Europe now here’s
a lesson in and of itself before I get to this word just because the Lord shows
you something just because you hear the voice the Lord does not mean that you
need to rush out with guns blazing pop pop pop popping off with your prophetic
mouth praise God the Lord told me to sit on it so I sat on it now I guess it’s
been almost a month and really processed it where they got went deep with it in
my own heart really began to understand what the Lord was saying so that I could
do more than release the word so that I could unpack it now you’ve seen probably
in in the last few days this word on my website it’s going viral it was on
charisma mag com of which I used to be the editor no longer and it was on my
website but I want to do more than just read the word I want to unpack the word
in a way that I could not fully do in writing it would just take too much
space but many of you can listen you can you can watch you can you know sort of
catch the spirit of this because I’m gonna pray for you also and that’s the
power of video I can say a prayer in an article but dear God if I can release
the anointing over you maybe you can catch something rather than just learn
it alone some things are taught other things are
caught I believe in both in other words there are impartation and so I want to
get into this I’ve got a mentoring and prayer and intercession call tonight in
less than two hours if you’re on there I’ll see you there if you’re not school
of the Spirit dot TV is how you can sign up to be on those calls with me but I
want to dive into this now who you’re coming on board with what
Lord is saying if you’re if you’re not a seer you can still see in the spirit
because you are created in God’s image and Jesus Christ is the ultimate sin the
Bible says that Jesus only did what he saw the father do so therefore I believe
he was seeing in the spirit he was seeing beyond the veil seeing looking
gazing at the will of the Lord the miracles I believe that Jesus did he saw
them first and his faith arose how many of you know we walk by faith and not by
sight but if we can see a thing in the spirit it will raise our faith levels
think about Elijah’s servant he was scared to death because the army of the
enemy the Syrian army was running toward them and the prophets in those days were
sorely treated and so this servant was scared to death and Elijah said Lord
opened his eyes that he might see and when he saw the horses and the chariots
of fire he understood anew that there were more
on Elijah’s side than on the Syrian army side in other words there was a heavenly
host there and when the servants saw he was no longer afraid and so when we see
a thing it is helpful to build our faith we walk by faith and not by sight but
God can and does at times choose to open our eyes to the things of the Spirit and
I tell you what it’s supercharges our faith I can’t imagine Paul on the road
to Damascus Saul at the time when he had this encounter with the Lord and he was
knocked off his horse he saw the Lord no one else around him saw the Lord but he
saw the Lord you know that charts his faith I mean their God most of us never
see the Lord but those who have that encounter charges your faith or if it
doesn’t it should to press in deeper in Jesus name I want to read this to you
I’m gonna unpack it as we go okay I just taught on the school of the Sears on
Sunday night if you’re not part of that school of the Spirit dot TV if you’re
not part of it you can still be part of it
but I really went deep into Daniel 7 and teaching some principles that I don’t
have time to go in here but I at least want to share some with you in the time
that we have what I heard the Lord say are you ready
let your eyes be open let your ears be open
let your spirit be open in Jesus name here’s what I heard the Lord say I am
mantling my seers in this season and then he gives three distinguishing
characteristics of those who are he’s going to mental okay now listen you can
have a mantle you can get a new mantle just like you have a coat you get a new
coat just like you have a car you get a new car you can have a mantle God can
give you a new mantle God can change up the mantle that’s you where God can
increase the anointing on your life God can move you into different graces
either on a temporary or a permanent basis so your anointing grows it can
shift it can change so can your mantle a mantle is like a mandate an assignment
and anointing a grace a calling it it’s all wrapped up in that mantle but they
shift so the Lord says I am mantling seers in this season that he says seers
who have turned to see the voice speaking to them now in the Bible many
times when the prophets have that seer gift they’ll say I turned to see the
voice that was speaking to me Amen I turned to see the voice now you don’t
see a voice you hear a voice but that indicates that there was a seer realm or
a seer on Genesee or function on those who use this vernacular many times you
can tell how your gift is bit by the the way that you describe what you’re
perceiving you know might say well I feel that means you’re you’re probably a
feeler I discern let me have a strong discerning if not always but generally
speaking this is these are these are these are events that they’re that are
that are that are articulated in our own book chapter I see what you say or I
hear what you mean and so you know you sort of go by that it’s not foolproof
but that can be helpful in some cases seers who have turned to see the voice
speaking to them now Moses for example he turned to see the
burning bush and when he did a voice came from the bush and so it says you
take off your shoes this is hallowed ground and so we don’t know where the
voice came from but it was when he turned to see the bush he heard the
voice and it was the voice of the Lord he didn’t see the boys he heard the boys
but he saw the burning bush he couldn’t have passed by it and
seers and seeing people I think one of the mistakes we make is we don’t stay
sensitive to the things of the Spirit to notice natural manifestations through
which God begins to try to speak to us and so this burning bush Moses stopped
he was sensitive he could have gone on he could have ran in fear but he
determined in his heart to look at the bush and he heard the voice of God seers
who have turned to see the voice of God speaking in that are number two that the
second kind of the second characteristic or the second qualification for Searcy’s
mantling is to record the dreams and visions i have revealed to them
I am mantling seers in the season seers who have turned to see the voice
speaking to them to record the dreams and visions I have revealed to them and
to steward the mysteries I’ve unlocked to them so recording what you see in
here is vital God wants you to write it down why because we forget what we’ve
seen the mind but the very minor details which are not minor at all if you read
the visions of Daniel the visions of Zechariah the visions of Ezekiel the
visions of John the Revelator my lord how detailed they are and sometimes as
seers and seeing people or you know we we don’t we don’t record those minor
details which are not minor at all they are major there are something to them
there’s nothing wasted in the kingdom God does not sure you need a little
detail without a purpose behind it you can see study the vision in the Bible
just steward the mysteries I’ve unlocked them stewarding praying it through
sharing it with those who may have more insight than youth meditating upon it he
says he’s mantling these seers are the ones that meet these one or one two or
three of these criteria with an anointing to enter into a new dimension
of my grace my revelation and my glory he says I am inviting my seers now
here’s the thing there are false seers that I will be hopefully later this week
unpacking some revelation on false seers so stay tuned for that make sure you
subscribe to this feed subscribe to this channel make sure you’re getting the
alerts that you don’t miss anything is I’m
going deep on some stuff in this season Lord has caused me to really a with a
with a voice once again of sort of setting the the the course alright in
other words there’s some correction coming and I very very much known for
being a plumb line in the prophetic and in this past season I’ve been more in
the realm of edification but I’m dropping a plumb line right now
in the seer realm there’s encouragement there of course but there’s going to be
some some course correction is what I’m trying to say and this is all based on
part of my mantle of my calling Ezekiel three Ezekiel 33 we don’t have time to
get into that but listen he’s mantling these seers with a new dimension of my
grace my revelation and my glory I’m inviting my seers not the fault seers
not the warlocks not the witches like those that recently attacked me know his
seers he I’m inviting my seers listen to forget about the persecution of the past
and embrace the next level of my calling for them see there are levels in your
calling there are levels in your calling but as long as you look back at the
persecution as long as you carry a persecution complex as long as you are
not willing to step out and move in your gift because of the fear of man oh oh
because of the fear of persecution because of the wounding of persecution
that it can leave if you’re not willing to share what the Lord tells you to
share with whom he tells you to share it then you are stifling your gift and you
don’t want to do that some of you need to repent change the way you think and
just decide whatever price I have to pay to walk in my gifting I’m going to do it
embrace the new level my calling when I was in Europe a major profit over there
prophesied but I’m just now entering my high calling now I’m not gonna tell you
how old I am but I’m much older than I look hopefully I’ve been I’ve been in
ministry a long a long time some simply say well you came I don’t know where no
I was in a cave I was serving another man’s vision I was going through
persecution I was walking through a wilderness place and I emerged some
years ago with with a with a mission and a mandate to raise up prophetic people
and now seers a particularly school of the Spirit dot TV ignite if
you’ve not been familiar with those check those out
and she said you’ve in turn out into your high calling and I can tell the
shift some of you are just now entering your primary calling your first season
your first stage if you’re calling others are in the middle sort of in
between the excitement of the new and and installed or waiting for that
excitement of the high calling it and that part can be mundane that part is
where you feel like you’re not growing at the clip you were when you first
entered and you’re not as authoritative as you will be when you into your next
that’s another periscope that’s another Facebook live and that’s another YouTube
the Lord says I am opening the eyes of believers who have been crying out for
their hearts to be enlightened if that’s you embrace it if you’ve been asking the
Lord open the eyes of my heart open the eyes of my understanding god help me see
in the spirit I want to see things for your glory if you’ve been crying out for
that you can expect please expect the answer Lord says I will pour out visions
dreams spiritual encounters and utterances that I has not seen nor ear
heard that’s a good word he says I am calling you to rise up and look again
and again and again and let me stop there if you read Daniel 7 please go
read it read your Bible if you read Daniel 7 you’ll see that Daniel kept on
looking and he kept on looking and he kept on looking and he kept on looking
and he kept on looking and he kept on looking and he kept on looking and still
he kept on looking that’s where we stopped short as seers and seeing people
we don’t keep looking we see a flash we see an impression we see a glimmer we
see a light we see something and we don’t keep looking we’re so enthralled
by the first fruits that the the small manifestation that we don’t press all
the way in or we’re scared by what the enemy is showing us or what the Lord is
showing us about the enemy and we shut off our gift and that has happened to so
many seers they’ve shut down their gift I pray that today you will reimburse
this because there’s a new mantle for those the Lord is calling in this hour
the Lord says I will show he says look again and again and again to be watchful
in the spirit because I will show you things to come
in the days ahead he says I will show you new dimensions of my glory I will
show you the enemy’s operations I will show you even the intense and motives of
the heart my lord my lord now here’s the thing we’re not to judge someone’s heart
okay I don’t even judge someone’s salvation
the Lord knows amen amen some people in church they think they’re
saved guess what they ain’t getting in some people who are not in church who
don’t think they’re you know the holiest of the holy there they’re gonna make it
just through faith alone and so we cannot judge hearts but the Lord can
show us the thoughts and the intents of the heart the word can discern those
things and when you know the word when you hear someone speaking out the
abundance of their heart you know if it doesn’t line up with the word you know
if it’s not glorifying God and so the Lord can show you either through what
they say or the Lord can just show you their spirit you know some people are
speaking with with someone last night and reached tell me this this person is
not clean in the spirit and they could see that and so that’s why people are
scared of seers because seers can see Amen now the Lord will hide some things
from some people Elijah when the wind that when when when the woman they had
this little prophets quarters for Elijah she had an older husband and no child
and the Hajji said she doesn’t have a son and her husband is old and so she
got pregnant had a baby the son got injured in the field and died and she
went looking for Elijah and he asked her is it okay and she said it is but but
but he didn’t know he didn’t know he didn’t know the son had died and he said
in Scripture Elijah said in second Kings that the boy is dead and and the Lord
has hid this thing from me and so the Lord is the one who reveals the seer
can’t just choose to see your dirt the seer can’t just choose to see your
calling if the Lord is the one who opens the eyes he is the revealer amen
anything else is witchcraft Jesus is the door we enter the spirit realm through
Jesus and the Holy Spirit Jesus gives the gifts the Holy Spirit empowers the
gifts in other words Jesus called some to be apostles some prophets some pastor
some evangelists some teachers the equipping of the Saints for the work of
the ministry officials for Jesus gives the gift of the seer but the Holy Spirit
empowers it amen and so if the Holy Spirit and Jesus are not willing for you
to see and you’re going through some other door you’re in witchcraft
amen amen I’m glad three of you agreed with me praise God the Lord says you can
go as deep and as far as you choose to go now let me qualify that you can’t
choose to see whatever you want but you can choose to go with him as he shows
you here is where he or he qualifies us in the next sentence I am inviting you
listen I am inviting you to study my word please seers prophetic people
please please study the word you will not excel beyond your knowledge of the
word the Holy Spirit is the author and inspiration of Scripture he works
through the word would you please get in the word he says I’m inviting you to
study my heart and this is something I’ve really taken heed of this week you
know I study so many things sometimes we just need to study God amen the beauty
of our Savior the emotions have got the character but you know theology is the
study of God we do so much demonology sometimes I think we need to bend over
you know on this side of the fence you know bend this way and study theology to
God we need to know our God those who know their God will do exploits says I’m
inviting you to study my word I’m inviting you to study my heart your
dedication to the study of your gift will unlock more and more and the mantle
will cause you to operate in higher realms the Lord says don’t neglect the
study my word now this is a warning he says stay rooted and grounded in my holy
scriptures for this is your safeguard against deception in an hour I will pour
out a new wave of my anointing on a new wave of anointing on my seers so this
tells me that with this wave of anointing and with this rise of the
seers listen the Lord put a new mantle on me last November when I was at the a
CPE to raise up seers and seeing people and and it’s just it unleashed warfare
against me there may be warfare against you I want to pray in just a moment but
with this new wave of an and I believe the seers are the most
underappreciated the most misunderstood and perhaps the most persecuted gift in
the body of Christ with this recognition the Lord is shining a light on seers in
the seasons matter of fact I have a whole nother word for seers that I’m
still praying through that I’ll release maybe in the next 2-3 weeks depending on
what the Lord lets me do but there’s just such a deeper realm the Lord wants
to take us into and and we have to understand that with that the enemy will
come in and try the counterfeit with that the enemy will come in and tempt us
to get outside the banks of the river outside the the banks of the river which
through which flows the Word of God into witchcraft and we might not even know it
is so easy it’s happening witchcraft divination a familiar spirit please
please please stay rooted and grounded in the word Lord says do not move beyond
the boundaries of my word but do not reject spiritual experiences without
deep study see everything we we see most of it anything that comes from God the
principle could be found in the word now we know that the Bible says if see if
all the miracles and all the things Jesus did were recorded there would not
be enough books in the world to contain them not enough room for all these books
and so we have to understand that we when we understand the ways of God and
the Word of God the principles of the kingdom we can rightly discern also by
the Spirit of God what is from God and what is not and we must do that because
there will be a wave of deception false seers will rise which is why I want to
give the word let later this week about that Lord says I am he says he says do
not move beyond the boundaries of my word but do not reject spiritual
experiences without deep study because I am going to do some things in this hour
that go beyond milk that means that the shallow part of the word I am offering
my seers the meat of the word deeper revelations many around you will not
understand but that you will embrace by faith see seers are sorely misunderstood
because you’re dealing with mysteries of the kingdoms or apostles but seers look
you know you get one of these combined to get the apostles here in Boyle boy
you are really in for a persecution but you know what we can handle it we’ve
seen believers you can handle it the glory the Lord rest upon you when
persecution tries to overwhelm you so don’t let the persecution overwhelm you
let the glory of God overwhelming I want to share with you something I’m gonna
pray listen listen I have trinkets people every time I do one of these
teaches they say I need training school of the seers is that school of the
Spirit dot TV you can find school with spiritual warfare their school the
prophetic the writing and publishing an intensive the the marine demons webinar
all these things are there for you in Jesus name a hop you org deliverance
minister training healing ministry training I’ve got all kind of mechanisms
and segmented purposely through our different ministries that we have get
involved with what helps you if you are a member of the ignite network I have
really super exciting news for you first of all you know you get a 15% discount
all the school two-spirit TV stuff but the really exciting news is that I’m
launching a seer division with an ignite it doesn’t require anything more from
you other than trust and this is relegated for ignite network members
because I’m building a family a community a company with trust and so I
can’t just you know endorse anybody and everybody but I can help to raise up
with in ignite ignite now org this company of Sears and so and that is what
I’m laboring contending for I’m looking for the the final stages of the
blueprint the company of Sears within ignite I almost start to think about
just start something new and I’m like why all Sears are profits and ignite is
a network for profits and pathetic people so we will see now a company of
Sears arise and begin to have dialog and begin to share what the Lord is showing
and begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together we will do this in Jesus
name if you want to be part of that join ignite tier two or higher ignite tier
one will not get you into this company that is an only an informational email
list I want to make that clear because so many people hear me they go sign up
for tier one that won’t get you anything other than a newsletter telling you
where I’m minister next amen which is good if that’s what
you want but it’ll get you announcements on ignite like where my ignite meetings
are any men so go for it sign up get involved intercessors awakening blaze
calm listen if you want to sow into this word you can do that at Jennifer LeClaire.
org slash give some of you maybe wanted to become a partner maybe you don’t want
to join a network but you want to sow into this kind of teaching Jennifer slash give stay tuned for my morning prayer calls find me
online Jennifer I want to pray for you
father I thank you for your anointing I thank you for your grace I brake the
powers of witchcraft that try to overtake the seers the temptation to
look beyond that which God has called you to I break it in Jesus name or I say
open the eyes of your see are so wide open the eyes of believers who want to
see wider and wider still I ask your Lord to anoint us mantel us grace us
give us perseverance help us to press past the persecution and into your heart
in the name of Jesus I thank you for the new wave of anointing I thank you for
the emphasis on seers in this season I thank you for the company of the seers
that’s rising from the Ignite Network I thank you Lord that we will stand and
withstand in the evil day against the attack against our sight in Jesus name I
bless all of you in the name of the law there’s a very young sea right there
you’ve not been validated and you’ve kind of you’ve kind of you were really
bold about your gift but now you’ve been ripped very reserved and you need to
find a balance because your boldness but maybe it made me it may have been a
little premature and it caused some people to wonder who couldn’t understand
and that cost it’s persecution that you pulled back but lord of the season wants
to teach you balance in your gifting in Jesus name Amen
listen I’ll be back later I want to do another life probably not gonna have the
chance to but tomorrow and every morning 6 a.m. right here catch the replay or
join us live in Jesus name Jennifer I’m here in South Florida
signing off bless you


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  • The spirit of Truth please speak thru me now so that What i say be truth from the holy spirit of the Creator in Christ name i ask this amen.

    I feel a real responsibility here to inform you and your followers of a few things, one is that sunday is not the Sabbath day for worship that day is Saturday, Sunday worship was instituted by pagan infiltration and their worship of rah the Egyptian god of the sun why the day itself is even named after the false god.

    And your emblem of fire in your logo with its reflection if reflected reveals in the flames 3 6's, i am not implying you are satanic in anyway, just a reminder thru the Creator that your thoughts and emotions can be manipulated by demons and wicked spirits you must not trust them, trust only your discernment and even than test every spirit.

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  • Good word. Thank you. False seerers use blue serpents that are the forerunner demons for the principality Rah. Then they take the information gathered to Rah's false seerer/seerers of choice. Even some "false ministers" are euniching/concubining others through this same serpentine spirit and presenting revelation as their own. These usery spirits prey on young seerers and intercessors.

    Had an experience in 1997 up to 1999. The woman being used by the principality Rah/Orion was swimming in the ocean one day like a serpent. I rubbed my eyes two times to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Yes she was swimming like a serpent (this was before there was very much info re marine kingdom demons) Within an hour she spoke to me with a man's voice. As I sought Creator as to what male spirit spoke to me through her the revelation came over a series of events and I began testing the spirit to confirm. The name Rah and Orion kept coming up and then Creator by divine appointment got a pamphlet into my hand by John Eckhardt and "boom" there it was; the name Rah/Orion. Then another pamphlet re leviathan was sent to me by a friend and it was written by a minister in Kentucky that was a spirit filled baptist ministry. A lot of knowledge was increasing re the Jezebel spirit in the mid 90's but this Orion spirit which is haSatans First Lieutenant was not known about and it is a very strategic warring spirit. The woman these two spirits were operating in had made her way into the leadership and was already using high level Jesuit tactics and mind control. As a young believer at that time that demon almost destroyed my life through the one that was hosting it.

    I got somewhat of a reprieve from its onslaught after moving to another part of the country but it manifested again a couple of times through ministry situations after that. Then enters Facebook etc, now Orion and Rah are on steroids.

    That's another story for a book that will hopefully come to fruition.

    In need of prayer at this time due to the gang stalking that has been warring and harassing since 2011. Shalom.

    Forgetting past persecutions. A good word!

    Maintaining the knowledge of hasatans tactics and appropriating Revelation 14:12 is the key to overcoming.

    "Here is the patience of the qodeshiym: here are they that guard eth the commandments of Yahuah and eth the faith of Yahusha" Rev 14:12

  • Amen???????????????Jesus??? i ended up at a behavioral hospital after fastening and got deliver and could hear the spirit realm the doctors gave me pills & wanted to disable me but i threw away the pills and believed that nothing was wrong with me and it was a spiritual attack thank you ???Jesus??? for saving me and healing me now im in love with him the word and loved the prophetic????????????

  • Good night I keep seeing repeated numbers 11,111,11:11 my boyfriend died I keep seeing his birthdate an the day he was buried please if you no the meaning of this please help me I see these numbers all day long they same I'm a twinflame but I'm not sure they say twinflame are demonic an on the other hand they say twinflame are from GOD please reply

  • Amen that's so awesome blesses lady of God

  • Thank you for this word. I pray that he will continue to show me things and that I will only speak on them when he tells me too because people don't know have to take me. Amen

  • Oh my, God has been sending me places all day, after receiving Heavenly Messages from Holocaust Survivors that wanted
    to speak with their families.10/25/2018.
    Lead me to this video. God has gifted me. I am so blessed Amen. Blessings in Love & Light.

  • Amen great Teaching TFS valuable information thanks.

  • Amen! I’m one who’s believing and waiting for the seer mantle to be placed on my life. I woke up from a “cat nap” hearing this video. God bless you sister ??

  • amen

  • let. me. see. what. is. planned. against. me

  • I am one who had shut down. Had some growing in God to do. So glad i came across you tonight. I will be checking out more of your work. God Bless!

  • What city is her ministry in I wish we did this in my city it's hard to find a good church

  • I love your passion. May God grace and love over take you. I speak peace love unto you. Thank you for faithfulness

  • Please teach me how to be balance as seer. Teach more on balance

  • "I can't do it all in writing because it would take to much space." This is how I feel. My life on pages? There is just so much. The devil started to TRY to kill me before I was even born. He has been TRYING to kill me my whole life. I'm 38 I remember the Lord when I was 33 after He took me on the adventure of meeting Him! I need more disiplship! Where can I go? I will Go where to Lord says. Pray for me please.

  • Please Pray for me, the devil is after me, I need to get settle, and I also need good Internet connection to be able to register to your Seers Teaching. I can try to afford the registration Feed. I really need to know who I am.

  • I need prayer for guidance in the ministry GOD has put in me

  • Yes mam
    I know…
    Thank you…

  • If somebody thinks is a seer or prophet, then they should be rooted and
    grounded in the truth. if such seer or prophet has beliefs or doctrines
    that are not based on the truth then that seer is a false seer or
    prophet just like false prophets of Baal. Christianity worships Jesus
    but the Scriptures teaches we only worship his Father not Jesus. Even
    the Messiah worshiped his father and commanded us to worship his father
    only. Whoever disobeys this command is not walking in the light but
    darkness and if that person thinks is a seer then that seer is a false
    seer. John @

  • Hi from South Africa

  • Amen Amen Amen

  • Woe to them who call themselves prophets and seers, but are inwardly ravening wolves, beset on making merchandise of the people. "For YHWH has covered you in the spirit of slumber, and has shut up your eyes; the Prophets, and your chief Seers HE hath covered." …"They honor me with their lips, but their heart is far from me…" Isaiah 29:10-13 For those who have ears to hear, ask of the Father and Yeshua (Jesus) who art in heaven, for the truth regarding this "seer".

  • AMEN.

  • ❤️ excellent

  • We are to worship GOD, Sat, Sun, everyday, even on Sabbath, whichever day that may be!!!! We're commanded to remember Christ Jesus birth and resurrection, everyday,. So you see, worshipping, loving wholeheartedly, obeying, and following OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, is what matters, not a correct b-day, will we ever get the correct date?? So then again l say, let's serve our GOD and fight the devil!!!!!!

  • You don’t hv to see to hv faith. Faith comes by hearing… this lecture sounds suspect

  • The second one really, REALLY convicted me because sometimes I get lazy about writing down all of my dreams/visions, especially the ones I don't think are that important. I pray I become more diligent in writing down my dreams

  • Dear Jennifer, Daughter of Sarah and Seed of Abraham, thanks for helping me stir up my gift. You have no idea how much the LORD has used to help me start up the ministries JESUS put in me years back, and have been wondering in my 50s what to do. I long to meet you my sister Jennifer. I am from Nairobi, Kenya. Please, I need to see you and learn under your ministry for days.

  • Thank you Lord!.. I receive that word of balance to the boldness of my gifting as a Seer.. This is for me and indeed confirmation!!

  • Amen

  • I seen myself in Washington

  • Yes Lord I receive it !!!

  • Yes in Jesus' Name, I know the Lord has been preparing me and I pray for balance with his anointing to be validated, so that I may fulfill the calling that has been placed upon me. Amen, Thank you Father

  • I saw Jennifer Lucifer omg the irony lol

  • Amen… ??

  • Blessings to you Apostle LeClaire ?. I watched the message that the Lord gave you on christian witches. Very insightful. I understood it clearly. Theirs those that want to be a part of my life that I have discerned "that are". I know you have great online tools for further growth/ to learn more… I am the more hands on classes type person? I have been out of the picture on here due to a phone carrier change. I also have been having issues aquiring better connectivity sometimes. My sister offered to put me on her phone plan (a family plan). I needed a phone, so I went for it (Boost Mobile). Yep, thank God I at least have a phone now! I have a desire to relocate one day very much (hopefully soon) to start anew with my life in Jesus name! Could you help me pray wog? Thank you Apostle LeClaire ???.

  • I really enjoyed your message on seers very much.

  • I feel as though something is blocked. I don't dream and my creativity feels blocked. I have been a seasoned warrior filled with the spirit of God..saved amd washed by the blood of Yeshua. Ive been spoken over the gift of the Word of knowledge. Will you please pray my vision would be opened. Please and I thank you!!!!!!
    Thank you for your firey teaching..!

  • Miss Jennifer, would you recommend a good biblical study? I want to “re-start”. I need the boundaries of His Word!

  • I'm in my first season of my calling

  • I don't think the prophets of old charged money to their followers becoming prophets. What say you are anyone? However the young learning prophet served their masters.

  • I most of the time have bad news to tell and people hate me for that! They don’t want to believe. The Lord show me by dreams , conflicts between nations, air craft accidents, when something is hiding in a national way, like children been encarcerated or abused, sicknesses and or death for certain family members, demonic oppression for some church members, before it happens, earthquakes, shootings, etc. The day trump won the presidency in the morning the Lord already reveal to me that he will be the next president He even gave me a number, 269. Days before that was a very weird week, I see 666 everywhere even in my gas recipe, pump numbers, plates, it was crazy seen all this signs and please don’t bring to me the crap about political parties because I’m not democratic or republican, God alone is the one who set governments. Also he show me the big red/dark star that is coming pulling all this meteors towards earth,Sometimes I woke up very scared, sometimes concerned, but must of the time people said That I’m crazy, that that is from the devil, that there’s no more prophecy, the canon is closed and things like that. So that may me feel like maybe is true, maybe I should block all this things and get alone with the message of salvation only. I really don’t know what to do anymore. What if is really the devil tricking you?. By the way al this things had passed except the big star and the fire from heaven but it will happen. God bless you all, do not be deceived. A prophet is not special, is not better than other people’s gifts , we all are members of the body of Christ just with a different function. Don’t let this fill you with pride “because after the pride ,comes the fall”

  • It all nothing Esau read Obadiah garden told you to sit on nothing you ain't no profit cuz profit is don't prophets and prophetess don't come out anywhere but where Jesus came from. I'm a prophetess

  • Psalm 91 .

  • Psalm 91 .

  • I appreciate your willingness to share with us, Jennifer. Here’s where I see many Seers take the bait of the enemy. They begin to seek wealth through the exposure of their gift. I’ve seen this up close and personal in family who have built empires from the gifts God has given them. Please be careful not to monetize everything. It will begin to discredit your gifts. Is it Gods intent that we use our gifts for profit? I dint think so. We have allowed carnality to affect our seer gift. Be careful who you align with. Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple. Don’t let yourself go there. We do not need to exploit our gifts for profit. It’s troubling. It’s the reason so many doubt the gift of discerning of spirits. Once we cross over and take that bait, the enemy floods in. I’m praying for all of us who walk in this gift. It brings persecution and attacks. Sometimes the stacks are long. Stay strong and keep to His Word as Jennifer says. Blessings and love to you all.

  • Awesome word!! I believe it & I received it!!

  • Enjoying your knowledge and your artistic talents. Both color and sculpture. I see you express messages in your work. Back to the message you are gifting me with I thank God for tuning me in the Spirit of Christ Jesus.

  • I love what the Lord is doing in her and the Ministry in her life. This is another on point word. This is what the Lord also showed me. The revelation, grace, and glory. The levels of the anointings and glory and the calling and believe it or not, the mantels have levels for different assignments. He also been showing me the seers anointing is being revived in the lives of His Prophets He chose to be seers. I must admit, I been seeing from a young age. I prayed and asked the Lord to shut it down because I wasn't spiritually strong enough or mature enough. He did, but in a different way. I continue to see, but it was in dreams and when I pray or interceed. But sense the anointing and mantel on my life have shifted and seem to increased, the visions have started back up again. But this time I'm not shutting it down and asking the Lord to open my eye's and sensitize my spirit to Him, and help me understand this gifting. The Safe guard is the word, that is so true. Facts! Thank you Jennifer L. For being obedient unto the Lord.

  • You’re right we don’t remember all dreams but I did have a vision sitting in my vehicle when Jesus says I’m holding your right hand and he sits at the right hand of the father in my vehicle he sat in the front seat with me holding my hand and when I looked up behind me this angel was 10 feet tall like he was right through the roof of my vehicle. I’ve had a dream same place same people vehicle you name it I remember it I have not forgotten it. Another one is when someone died a spirit came into my home I got up off my couch walked to the kitchen and I said Jesus whose that spirit in my living room? Later I learned it was my friends dad who had passed away he had walked into my living room and he went to extend his hand to my hand to shake it but because I wasn’t sure who he was I just got up and moved out of the way.

  • Amen!

  • HELP ME Lord!!

  • I am a seer ..
    Also a magician …
    I am being heavily attacked ..
    Obviously Satan hates me ..
    ??? I thank you so much ..
    I will never give up and I will ALWAYS be grateful for our Lord's love

  • Saint Paul HEARD THE LORD.
    HE SAW a light.He Heard a voice.

  • Im a Catholic and I appreciate listening to your words as sofar ive been open to u having a gift despite ur NOT catholic- so you must not think a Catholic is not saved or going to be.That is my word for you.God be with u in Christ.

  • It's only God that I found this almost a year later and it is quite relevant

  • AMEN

  • If you wanna find real seers? You should try finding the former military remote viewers. Be sure to look for former child remote viewers. They still had them in the late 70's and probably later than that. In Africa they are known as moon children. Those are the only true seers I think I've met in real life. Their team would say up front that they "can see". There are some people that were trained. They tend to be less accurate. You wanna find the ones that were born with the anointing. I would know.

    I also think it is important for everyone to know that a seer is more than a prophet. We are revelators. Also known as Messengers. Revelators reveal the hidden meanings behind prophecy and hidden or sealed things. I am a Crossroads Messenger. I am always there when someone is about to make a decision they cannot come back from, but that is not all that I can do. I'm not going to take your course. I just wanted to give you my thoughts. I don't think I need any training lol.

    Let me tell ya something though. You aren't really looking for seers per say. You're looking for one specific seer. You may or may not know that. Don't worry. You don't really have to look. We usually get sent. FYI.

    I am what I am and I'm not here alone. I hope you find what you need the most.

  • Ezekiel chapter 3 and 33 is what the Holy Ghost gave me November 2014. Today is Thursday, June 20, 2019. I have been called to be a "Watchman" Open the eye of my heart LORD, I want to see you.

  • Ive been seeing the evil spirits without bodies, nyphr'm for weeks now.. bound a false profit into jail.. im kinda hoping it would just pass… like the aure stuff id seen years ago… today i was ministered by the holy spirit, unharding my heart, the beggining of all this i didnt believe at all.. Now i cant seem to get out of the Lord trust. I think he blessed and unlocked it, by a hebrew word i didnt even know i was speaking… so yeah, i have no powers, its just Him Showing me Dark entities and passing in and out of the world, yet only at night?? The more i poke around learn, I gain vast wisdom, and fast, conditioning my vessel, the more spiritual and daring attacks happen. Looking out the window today, the idols of occult out in the neigbors lawn were windswept- yet did not move, the tree above it bent in wind- lightning stuck 4 feet away from me on the porch. I listen to the Holy spirit and tho its kinda unconventual in method- spoke the evils away… In His Holy Name Jesus cast the small storm away.. it took a minute and not a drop of rain fell..yet thunder rolled. So the great delusion could be happening, if there are others blessed/watching this kinda thing. If anyone can give me any passages in the holy bible..hit me up

  • You tarried 1 month?
    Never share prophecies for 24 hours; do not eat the meat while the blood is still in it.
    1 month?
    Try waiting 36 years! lol…
    EZEKIEL 38:17 & 18

  • Forget the REVELATION God gives you? Impossible, if the fear of the Lord was the beginning of your wishdumb! (Wisdom)
    God loves 'Laughter,'

  • Praise the lord, what a blessing to hear this message, I've been struggling with my anointing. temptation, past habits, depression, I feel rejuvenated through the words on this video. Pray for me, I'm Angela Branch

  • I am a seer a crystal nobal warroirs blue ray vision is tuned in … Im ready and I am loyal as bear.. The lizards are to fall I am coming and their are billions of us…WE ARE READY TO BRAKE THE MATRIX

  • the spirit of a prophet is subjected to other prophets!
    Most of these ARE false!

  • check out motivatingu2win!
    the Holy spirit lead me here!

  • I’m extremely grateful for the ministry to the Body you are, Jennifer.
    I just blasted through 5 of these mini sessions and Praising Yeshua right now. Prayers of my heart in this season are being answered by The Father in your wisdom. May The precious Name of Our Lord Christ continue to be Glorified. Peace and blessings to you ???

  • Amen I Receive

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