The Ruby Slippers – The Wizard of Oz (3/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD

♪ over the rainbow ♪ ♪ bluebirds ♪ ♪ fly ♪ ♪ birds fly ♪ ♪ over the rainbow ♪ ♪ why, then ♪ ♪ oh, why ♪ ♪ can’t I? ♪ [birds chirping] ♪ if happy little
bluebirds fly ♪ ♪ beyond the rainbow ♪ ♪ why ♪ ♪ oh, why ♪ ♪ can’t ♪ ♪ I? ♪ Mr. Gale. Howdy, miss gulch. I want to see you
and your wife right away About dorothy. Dorothy? Well,
what has dorothy done? What’s she done? I’m all but lame from
the bite on my leg. You mean she bit you? No. Her dog. Oh, she bit her dog, eh? No. That dog’s a menace
to the community. I’m taking him
to the sheriff And make sure
he’s destroyed. Destroyed? Toto? Oh, you can’t.
You mustn’t. Auntie em, uncle henry… You won’t let her,
will you? Of course we won’t.
Will we, em?


  • Sad Fact at 1:45: The Actress playing the wicked witch received heavy burns when the contraption didn't work properly and set her a blaze, she lived though but didn't go unharmed.

  • Damn, Glinda savage af

  • in the book Glinda is actually the witch of the south

  • Theadora

  • I like how glinda makes a scared 14 year old child an enemy of a very powerful witch.

  • 1:28 when your shoes are the envy of ery wickkkked witch ahshrhdrh

  • 1:43 I’ve noticed a trap door

  • "I release you…of those slippers"
    "You have no power here…"

  • Who came here right after a Wicked performance

  • "All I have left of her are those shoes. And that wretched little farm girl has them!"

  • memory of old movie the sound effect on cartoon and the other are the same

  • 2 women fighting over shoes.

  • All's I know if I were Dorothy after seeing that witch as soon as Glenda says There they are and there they'll stay I'd be like get these f—ing things off me!!!!

  • Greatest moment in Movie cinema History…

  • My favourite character in the movie 👠☠️🧙🏼‍♀️🚨🎥🎞⌛️⚰️🔮

  • In 1939 wow

  • 2018 anyone?

  • Jarland was really too old here… she's supposed to be much younger in the book.. too physically mature here…i cant view her as a child

  • Vesa

  • I remember always wanting ruby red slippers as a kid

  • Voldemort would be prrrooouudd!!

  • My girlfriend come to gudardn Sarena baby girl I love you too baby girl heor

  • Why does the wicked witch seem to forget her dead sister as soon as she remembers the slippers?

  • Why do all the munchkin people duck down on the ground when the Wicked witch of west appears?

  • These guys are dead 🙁

  • I find it odd how glinda is literally happy and smiling as the wicked witch threatens a terrified dorothy.. and then she just taunts the wicked witch knowing she is the worse than her sister

  • I can’t help but think of the horrible injury Margaret Hamilton suffered from the fire every time I see this scene. The scene was great but the fact she got hurt so badly ruins it for me now.

  • That Glinda is a real instigator. Does she want poor Dorothy to get in trouble?

  • I remember being a kid and loving those shoes. my mom bought me some red shoes that looked like them and wore them all around the house acting like I was wearing the real ruby slippers 😊💫👠💫

  • Margaret Hamilton as the witch used to freak me out as a kid 😂😂😂

  • Little did Dorothy know, The wicked witch and Glinda were best friends and the wicked witch was in love with the scarecrow.

  • Margaret Hamilton was robbed of an Oscar nomination

  • 1:40 is how i laugh lmao

  • I love how the wicked witch is aggressively shooting compliments at Dorthy

  • kinda like the glass slippers😑

  • I can’t really take their dialogues seriously and I believe no one can

  • 0:31 A crying Simba brought me here for this quote. Except that he said that he didn't mean for his father's death to happen.

  • 1:37 Me when I chase my pooch.

  • I'll get these 525 people, and their little dogs too. They'd better stay out of this.

  • If this movie wasn't made I would like to get the role of the wicked witch of the west.

  • Know what's sad? Fans can go too far; the actress playing the wicked witch was ruined after this movie. Don't people know it's make believe?!

  • It would be nice to see Glinda and Dumbledore fight off side to side against Voldemort and the Wicked Witch of the West. I don't know why I'm comparing Oz to Harry Potter, but I see so many parallels.

  • Yeah,like Sailor Mars shoes.

  • Omg it was so funny when the ruby slippers disappeared xD

  • The wicked witch has every right to be mad. like how you gonna steal her dead sisters shoes and not expect her to be mad lmao

  • ,any 1 know why the witch is green? Cuz she got scaled bluish Green skin so when she goes out in a red dress and takes her mask off at hollow ween "kids".shes really a beautifyl blue eyed nlonde but her stick is real, shes mean cuz her daddy use to beat her with it

  • I 🖤 Elphaba

  • Glinda started all the drama!

  • I love the mistake on the subtitles. Showing the Miss Gulch goes to take Toto scene script…lol

  • the subtitles are from the wrong part in the movie

  • Why on this movie they make the witch scary as hell then now she’s funny looking?😶


  • Goes from talking about her sister's death to taking her Gucci shoes.

  • I had a pair of ruby slippers when I was little. I hit a girl in the head with them when I was in preschool🤣❤️

  • Ruby Slippers More The The Red Slippers

  • November 6 is my dad's birthday 🙂

  • Glinda snapped.

  • Wait.. then who’s the witch of the south?

  • So…the wizard of Oz killed Dorothy kilgallen and took back the Ruby slippers…
    So…the wizard of Oz killed Kennedy and media's hide the truth…

  • Dorothy kills… Then takes the shoes from the dead….

    Glennda protects the killer she created….

    Dorothy goes home and in 1963…the wizard of Oz seeks revenge…and kills JFK…

  • Television is a gateway drug to lies and illusions and Psychopaths…

    Children prolonged exposure to lies and illusions and mild hypnosis of repeating….

    I study children from day one to death…
    I study the lies and illusions and the effects on adults…

    I study how children are raised on lies and illusions.
    I study media's hypnosis and repeating…

  • Are those wear Rami Malek got his shoes?

  • Why she remember me gruntilda of banjo kazooie

  • im a friend of the niece whose uncle plays in this movie <3 his name is jerry maren, he was the middle lollipop guild munchkin ^_^

  • When your on your period.

  • ICONIC 😩😩😩😍😍😍

  • I have that movie at school

  • I want see the witch of the East 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Glinda: are you a good witch or a bad witch?

    Also Glinda: only bad witches are ugly.

  • 1:15

  • “And what was her sister? A princess, the wicked witch of the east bro!!”

  • Margaret Hamilton was the best witch!

  • Because in english

  • Sad thing this was all a dream

  • Ew

  • 0:46

  • The good witch is smiling the whole time.. lol

  • Que saudade esse filme marcou minha infância a gosto dele até hoje

  • Glinda is playing with Dorothy’s life here and she has the gall to keep that smug grin!
    Meanwhile, the ‘villain’ here just wants her dead sister’s stuff

  • Lol activate the subtitles :v

  • I wasnt even alive there ;-;

  • Anyone scared of the witch like godduuym when I was a kid I was hecka scared

  • Woah

  • Dorthy didn’t go to jail for munder ms gulch .

  • Glinda, why you nasty woman. You stole the shoes and put on Dorothy. You are a liar and thelf. Also a traitor.

  • Dorothy didn't kill her sister, Morrible did.She created the tornado. Dorothy just got catch up in it. Nither did she stole shoes, Glinda did and put on Dorothy. Yea the blame is put on Dorothy.

  • You guys saying she did not care about her sister is wrong if you see wicked she wanted those to remember her dead sister

  • Her socks have changed color. That's interesting.

  • The witch reminds me of my old jobcentre coach, she wanted my ruby slippers in the form of consent to allow her access to my private email account, I told her politely to shove her universal job match up her sloppy old chuff. Her reaction was very similar.

  • BLUE socks!? WTF happened to her white socks. Hmmmm Well done Mandella affect.

  • I have this movie

  • lmaooo turn on captions

  • Lol
    The subtitles

  • You guys go to google look up the wizard of oz and press the red shoes its sooo cool

  • Major flaw here memorable scene

  • Whats the witch doing

  • 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👎👎👎

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Are You Good Witch or Bad Witch ?

  • 🥰🤣poof be gone be fore some drops a house on you! 👌

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