The Ruby Red Slippers Have Been Found! Visit Grand Rapids

Hey guys, Megan with visit Grand Rapids! Today our Facebook live is at the Judy Garland Museum and I don’t know if you’ve seen the news this morning, I don’t know how you couldn’t see the news this morning! We are here at the Judy Garland museum and behind me are ruby red slippers! Not the real ruby red slippers but there’s going to be a press release today the news is they found the ruby red slippers and the FBI is going to be giving us kind of all the insider information but today with me I have the Judy Garland Museum Board of Directors we have John Meyer in the middle here he is showing us off Judy Garland ruby red slippers. Hey Juan thanks for watching! Say, guys kinda give me what is all the hype of the ruby red slippers. Kinda give me a little bit of history about what’s going on here>>Take off Ray>> Go ahead John>>>>You know two exciting things, thousands of exciting things happen in Grand Rapids Minnesota but two of the biggest things were number one, when the ruby red slippers got stolen almost thirteen years ago to the day and of course and then they were found basically today really a little bit before but you’ll hear more about that because we’re holding a news conference at 1 o’clock then you’ll have all the dates. Really thirteen years ago this day is going to happen in the future when the Ruby red slippers come back to Grand Rapids Minnesota! We’re excited about it!>>Okay so John this is where there was a display here>>Right>>And the rooms were in and behind you is where the carriage is, what is the significance of the carriage?>>The significance of the carriage is that this carriage was in the movie The Wizard of Oz, it was also in over a hundred different movies in Hollywood because it was the only baroque civil carriage in the United States that’s still alive! It was owned by Abraham Lincoln in 1863 and it’s the most valuable artifact in the museum and that is specified by the Smithsonian and the barrett-jackson car auction who have offered the museum ten million dollars for the carriage. It is the most it most expensive 4-wheel carriage in the world period and of course as you know Judy Garland sang over the rainbow which was the number one song of the 20th century, no song was so more than over the rainbow, also The Wizard of Oz Museum and The Wizard of Oz movie was the number one museum or movie for any group of people in the world! More people have seen the Wizard of Oz movie than any other movie ever made. So this is really history for Grand Rapids Minnesota we’re here with Megan and Friends to salute how happy we are to be Grandrapidians, and to kind of celebrate Judy’s birth here and that my grandmother and mother used to babysit Judy Garland and that’s kind of why we were it started and that’s been going on since 1922 so our buddies here on the board, we’re so excited to have a chance to get the slippers back so you’ll want to come to the museum visit Grand Rapids! Remember this is a heck of a town, visit it, use the met vendors here, help Megan, she’s a great lady! We’re lucky to have her here in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.>>Well it’s so fun to be able to market this area right? So you have to stop at the Judy Garland museum but at one o’clock they’re going to be doing a release it’ll be at the FBI’s Head Quarters in Brooklyn>>Brooklyn Center>>Brooklyn Center in Minnesota but we just want>>It will be live streamed by WCCO>>WCCO yes watch WCCO>> you can live stream that at one o’clock that’ll be fun! See you get first-hand what’s going on, we just found out this morning>>yes we all found out this morning! Our phones were blowing up!>>And so we don’t know anything more than anybody else at this point so we’ll be glued to the TV too.>>We’re really sending out a big thanks to the chief of police, the police, the divers that go for the ruby slippers all the things that added up to the final, the final win which says Grand Rapids wins and get the ruby slippers back>> My understanding is it was the Grand Rapids Police Department it’s persistency with the FBI but their persistency is what really paid off so our our gratitude to them is is just imagining the day>>So you guys give me an idea, so John I think you were an instrumental part of bringing the ruby slippers to Grand Rapids>>Yes 14 years ago we were celebrating a big ,a big time for Judy, it was a big anniversary party we had here so we’ve got, we decided we wanted to bring the ruby slippers from California, a pair that was owned by a gentleman by the name of Michael Shaw. We made a deal for him than we rented them, and brought them here to Minnesota and the rest is history, we had him here and about a week before they were due to be returned we decided to take them back by plane and at any rate we in that week the ruby slippers were stolen so everybody has their own ideas about what happened we’ll hear a bunch of those ideas as time goes on and maybe we’ll never get to the truth, who knows but I know one thing we’re going to get the ruby slippers back! That’s the most exciting thing so we’ll have contests I’m sure and Grand Rapids figuring out what happened and when the police share all the information which they have tried to keep the silent as they can because you can imagine pair of ruby slippers that are now worth guessing about six million dollars, that’s quite a piece of of memorabilia to have here in the Grand Rapids so obviously when we get them back we’ll have them insured for more money than the million we had them insured for which incidentally the insurance company paid off the million so somebody, somebody did this and somebody eventually in the end will pay the price but the price was well worth it for Grand Rapids so we’re a life is one giant promotion and Megan knows that and we want you all to to be excited about living in Grand Rapids it’s a heck of a place and I’ve lived here all my life and I would never never consider any place else!>>Wonderful, well thank you so much gentlemen make sure to tune in to for live streaming of the 1:00 p.m. press release we’re all going to be watching and please consider Grand Rapids of this fall, the fall time is a beautiful time to come to Grand Rapids, we have gorgeous hardwood for us! We have lots of outdoor recreation and of course we have the Judy Garland museum! Thanks guys for tuning in, take care!

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