The Real Reason Why Cats Purr

Cats: the Egyptians worshipped them, the Internet
loves them, and almost no one understands them. Why do they purr? “(cat purring)” What’s all the meowing about? “Meow!” Let’s explore the feline brain and get to
the bottom of it. Wild at heart No one’s sure when cats first moved into our
homes and our hearts, but it’s probably between 5,000 and 10,000 years ago. By comparison, dogs have been domesticated
for around 40,000 years, and over those years we’ve selectively bred hundreds of types to
fill certain roles, from hunting and herding to nestling into purses. Cats, on the other paw? Experts say the 40 or so breeds of housecat
are semi-domesticated or self-domesticated at best, meaning they’re choosing to tolerate
being tamed. Slightly. In exchange for creature comforts … but
would totally still stalk and kill a sparrow if given the chance. Genetically, the domestic housecat still has
most of its DNA in common with its wild cousins, and unlike many dog breeds, cats could survive
quite well if they were released into the wild. Cat code Cats have developed a super-top-secret language
that they use only to communicate with humans: meowing. “Meow.” “Meow.” Yep: that’s just for us! Cats that live together don’t usually meow
to each other, and studies of feral cat colonies have found that cats in feline-only company
are actually pretty quiet. It’s people they won’t shut up around … Researchers in 2013 showed that cat owners,
after listening to a recording of a dozen different cats meowing, were able to understand
the context of only one meow: the one coming from their own cat. In other words, your cat learns to make specific
meows in order to get what it wants out of you — it’s not some universal cat language. Op-PAW-sites attract Animal psychologists wanted to see which paw
certain cats favored, so they gave 42 cats a small jar with a bit of tuna in it. The only way they could get it out was to
reach in and, well, fish it out which would reveal their dominant paw. Surprisingly, the results were split almost
perfectly based on the sex of the cat. There were 21 males and 21 females in the
test, and after dozens of trials, 20 of the males were left-pawed, with one ambidextrous
over-achiever, while twenty of the females were right-pawed, with one favoring the left. The experts say this probably has something
to do with hormone levels, and it’s only true when performing particularly challenging feats. “Meow.” Two-way street Everybody knows somebody who’s allergic to
cats, so they miss out on the joys of living with a plastic pee and poop-filled box in
their house at all times. But it’s estimated that about 1 in every 200
cats suffers from a cat version of asthma, which looks and sounds like this: “(difficulty breathing)” The biggest cause? People. The monsters. That’s right: plenty of cats are allergic
to people, with human dandruff cited as a major cause. The asthma can also be triggered by other
irritants that humans bring into their homes, such as cigarette smoke. Some cats can have such a powerful allergic
reaction to humans and their habits they could suffer collapsed lungs or even broken ribs. Asthmatic cats can usually have their conditions
managed, but vets consider it incurable. Walking heat maps Here’s a less-depressing feline fact: Some
cats are heat-sensitive, and can change the color of their fur based on their environment. How cool is that? There are eight different sets of genes in
each cat that governs what color they’re going to be. Siamese cats and their cousins have a gene
modifier called a Siamese allele. That modifier blocks color from getting to
the cat’s fur, which should, in theory, make them albinos. But it doesn’t, because it’s only activated
by heat. Once the temperature gets up to around 100
degrees, the color stops. That’s why the cooler parts of a Siamese cat’s
body, such as the nose, ears, and paws, are usually dark, while the rest of their fur
stays light. It doesn’t just happen once — Siamese cats
can change color any time when the temperature of their environment changes. So this means their paws actually lighten
if covered for long enough with a bandage, or if you made them wear socks or mittens… “Finally, there’s an elegant, comfortable
mitten for cats!” “Meow.” “I couldn’t hear anything!” Why cats purr While it’s true that cats purr when they’re
happy, that’s not what the purring means — or the only time cats do it. Experts say that the most accurate translation
of a purr is something like “Don’t go anywhere, please.” They’re asking to be cared for, not telling
you how happy your care is making them. But cats also purr when they’re injured or
scared, and researchers think that it has something to do with the healing power of
the purr. Cats purr at a frequency of 26 hertz, the
same frequency that’s been found to promote healing in bone and other body tissues. Sounds crazy, right? But it’s the same idea behind exercise for
rehabilitation in humans: bones respond to pressure by making themselves stronger. It also might be why healthy cats will often
curl up with an injured cat and purr. They’re trying to help regrow its bones. How cool is that? Nice job, cats. Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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  • I disagree with the statement "cats can survive quite well if released in the wild". I can't imagine where that's true. Certainly not where I live, which is on a farm, surrounded by more farms and woods. People from the city, too lazy and heartless to find their poor unwanted housecats a good home or to take them to a shelter, dump them in the country, where they'll become a feral stray and slowly starve, get killed by a passing car or dog or coyote (a horrible, gruesome way to go), or succumb to disease. Shelters are often full and there are never enough adoptions and I hate to see a healthy, loving cat euthanized but it beats starvation or being torn apart and eaten alive. Sorry to be so graphic but people need to wake up.

  • I would say they are not tame at all. They do exactly what they want. Mine would attack me without hesitation if I upset it.

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    I started to tame her by giving her food, and with time I gain her trust and she started to follow me around and we go on walks sometimes after her meals, she likes to rub against me and smell me a lot and she likes being petted.
    However, she's sick because of the cold weather here and my mom won't let her in the house so she's just staying in the yard waiting for me everyday.
    Now she started to adopt a weird behavior of trying to scratch my legs and hands, so I'm scared of her now and I don't know what to do anymore.

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    the breathing purr as a a sign of contentment , & signalling mechanism of reassurance between mother cats and nursing kittens & so may trigger a cat's brain to release a hormone which helps it in relaxing and acts as a painkiller during birth or injury

    cats signal humans for food with a high frequency over tone added in

    domestic cat 21.98 Hz inhale & 23.24 Hz exhale, fundamental 20.94 to 27.21 Hz

    cheetah 20.87 Hz inhale & 18.32 Hz exhale

    BUT yes 25 Hz to 150 Hz may improve bone density and promote healing in animals & humans

    Transmissibility of 15-hertz to 35-hertz vibrations to the human hip and lumbar spine:
    determining the physiologic feasibility of delivering low-level anabolic mechanical stimuli to skeletal regions at greatest risk of fracture because of osteoporosis 2003

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  • My partners last cat would know a couple of days BEFORE she'd get a recurring problems with her left lung and lie on her back on that side and purr! My partner would know then she was about to get ill. Strange but true.

  • As a four-legged Frenchie, it is my distinct perspective the reason why cats purr is because they are placing themselves in a self-induced hypnotic state. This altered state of mind is intended to soothe stress, soothe pain and can be triggered during times of pleasure. I believe this altered state is best activated when the mechanism of purring creates physiological response of producing a frequency that facilitates the mental altered state. Interestingly, I also live with a Blue-Fronted Amazon parrot who also purrs and also places herself in a self-induced hypnotic-state. The sound difference with parrot’s purr is that it sounds nothing like a cat purr. Instead the purring sound of our parrot sounds like taking a paperback book where a human fans the corner. Again the parrot seems to purr for twenty minutes, in the evening, just before she falls asleep. In closing I think many animals in our animal kingdom have the capacity to transcend into some form of self-induced hypnotic state. It is actually fascinating. As for me I just snort out loud sometimes.

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  • Cats purr to signal other cats nearby that there is no immediate danger and they can relax. The low-frequency purr can travel through the ground so as not to alert any nearby enemies. Cats that are dying purr to signal the same thing – that danger is not nearby and that their death is not due to an attack. It is a last message to any kittens that all is well even if one cat is about to die.

  • Cat communication is 3 parts, 20% vocal about 40% body language and 40% smell. You see, cats actually have glands in their cheeks that allow them to recreate smells they've encountered. When two cats sniff each others cheeks, they are actually telling each other about their day. Where they've been recently, any changes to the region, etc. I also listened to a study that said that most things a cat does can have two meanings, one positive, on negative and this includes purring. They purr when they are happy, content or comfortable, but they also purr when in pain or frightened. (to comfort themselves) So they're body language and vocal calls can also mean different things depending on their mental state, the study suggested that it might depend on the sent they're producing at the time.

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