The Real Reason The Flip Or Flop Stars Are Divorcing

Flip or Flop’s Tarek and Christina El Moussa
announced their separation on December 12, 2016, despite putting on a united front on
their hit HGTV show. What happened to this once-golden TV couple? It turns out, there may have been more issues
than the public realized between these two. Here’s the real reason the Flip or Flop stars
are divorcing. Gun and run According to TMZ, police responded to a call
at the El Moussas’ Orange County, California home in May 2016 with a “massive presence,”
including a helicopter and eleven deputies. Witnesses claimed Tarek fled through the back
door of the house and down a hiking trail holding a gun while his wife left the house
sobbing. Tarek complied when the officers ordered him
to drop his weapon, and he insisted that he just wanted to hunt rattlesnakes and mountain
lions to “blow off some steam.” Police seized five guns from the couple’s
home. The Daily Mail reported that a week before
the incident, Tarek was spotted at shooting practice. After the incident, the El Moussas told People, “We had an unfortunate misunderstanding about
six months ago and the police were called to our house in an abundance of caution. There was no violence and no charges were
filed.” Scammy seminars Tarek and Christina are both figureheads for
“Success Path,” a real estate seminar on flipping houses. But what they offered didn’t go over well
with all attendees, which may have produced the stress that ended their marriage. In Touch reported that customers in Ohio and
Iowa requested their respective Attorney General’s Offices investigate their program. One Iowa resident claimed the seminar “suckered
her” out of more than $41,000, but the Attorney General’s office reportedly helped the complainant
recoup all but $3,000 of her losses. One angry customer in Florida claimed she
paid $80,000 for courses and remains $90,000 in debt. Bad press about their seminars doesn’t end
there. The Dallas Morning News reported that the
duo were scheduled to appear at a Success Path seminar, but never showed up. Other reports suggest they rarely actually
show up, and are instead replaced by giant posters or cardboard cutouts. Their sales techniques have also been called
into question. Attendee Kirby Lee told the Dallas News, “If you said ‘no thanks’… you were pretty
much called a loser and a dolt to your face by the coaches in the room. […] We were encouraged to max out credit
cards, increase credit limits, liquidate retirements and pensions, borrow from relatives.” The El Moussas deny any shadiness, making
a statement that read, in part, “More than 50,000 people have at­tended our
seminars over the past three years and there have been less than 20 complaints.People have
gone on to change their lives and achieve their dreams using our models and strategy.” Health scare In 2013, a loyal Flip or Flop viewer may have
saved Tarek’s life. “When I was watching Flip or Flop on TV at
home I noticed that at certain angles and certain times it caught my eye that Tarek
had a lump on his throat, and I thought it was something that should’ve been brought
to his attention.” Tarek went to the doctor and tested positive
for thyroid cancer in June 2013. He’s in remission but admitted it’s been a
difficult journey, both emotionally and physically, telling Pop Sugar, “Getting rid of your thyroid and being given
different hormones and T3 and T4, surgery, and the radioactive iodine […] It took a
long time just to get to the point where I was feeling better. And that was just medication-wise, so it was
definitely a tough process.” Tarek and Christina were planning on having
a second child at the time and had to make big adjustments to make sure it happened,
since Tarek’s treatments could have affected the health of the baby. The couple experienced two failed attempts
at IVF, with one round resulting in a miscarriage, before conceiving son Brayden in August 2015. The combined medical stresses may have strained
the marriage beyond repair. A history of dramatic splits Tarek is no stranger to acrimonious breakups. Radar Online reported that in 2003, he filed
a restraining order against an ex-girlfriend who he’d broken up with in high school, who
stalked and harassed him. Tarek told Radar, “She has guys call me saying their [sic] going
to f**k me up, key my car, jump me, shoot me, etc. She tells people awful things about me that
aren’t true that threaten my reputation as a real estate agent. […] I think she needs help from a counselor
to get over her anger and issues. I want her to stay 100 percent away from me.” That frightening history may explain the current
state of his relationship, and quite possibly his collection of guns. Hopefully he’ll stay calm and keep from…flipping
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  • I hate they got divorced. I was so upset when they got divorced that I couldn't watched the show for a while.

  • Still love them

  • Why would u do that Christina

  • you also forgot the tarek liked simple relationships but christina was more of a person who liked the fame then she started to wear designer clothes and accessories . tarek and her started to dissagree and she started spending lots of money even on the show

  • Why are you attacking Tarek and make him look bad because of his stalker ex gf? What about the fact that Christina had an affair while she was still married to him? No hate for her? Just Tarek? He’s too blame for her having sex with another man too I suppose instead of just being decent and getting a divorce.

  • Oh hell none of the reasons listed,even added usually lead to divorce. Either one of them screwing someone on the side and getting caught. Well yeah of course.

  • House in California that are $550k would be $50k in the rest of the country

  • We all know why they are divorcing. Isn't it obvious the hoe was cheating on him? If Anderson was at a nearby house, how did he know what happened with the gun incident as he told the police? Maybe Tarek walked in on them? A DNA test is your friend on that second kid.

  • their seminars is like any other real estate seminars, they have motivation speakers in the beginning give you a free gift, but then if you decide not to purchase their packages you are called a loser, make fun of you being there just to get a free gift… all the seminars do that not just them…

  • tarek caught Christina cheating at the yorba linda house, so he flipped, argued, not sure if he threatened to kill them but they were distant for awhile, she did not feel loved or perhaps pampered, and she probably didn't respect him much, so since tarek has avoidance personality, he took his gun to blow off some steam by going to hike and took his gun with him since it was getting dark and he didn't want to be attacked by bobcats, snakes, etc while hiking and blowing off some steam; Christina called the police in distraught and possibly feared that tarek would kill himself since he's an avoider and obviously felt very bad for being caught so the police went out to search for him and found him.

  • These coarses are always scams. You fall for this crap, you deserve to get scammed.
    I like how he's the bad guy. I bet she got a hot pussy and just wanted to play a little bit. Also money hungry. Grass is always greener.

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  • She cheated on him. they are not telling the hole truth when he had that gun she had the contractor moved in. she was screwing around with the contractor. funny how they try to make him look bad. she was a bimbo and had a irritating voice. she painted everything gray I'm surprised she didn't paint her ass gray. she reminded me of a stuck up cheerleader in school she won't go out with you but is screwing everyone on the football team. He should move on and get someone worth having.

  • She has always been a bitch. She HAS to get her way when flipping homes. So childish.

  • All of their properties ventures are over priced and they lose money horrible show.

  • Lucifarian suck ups. Eye/pyramid symbolism still wasn't enough. Wonder what else was required…

  • She looks weird with her sideways look n biting her big chopper teeth. She looks deceiving as fuck.

  • I think on the new episodes they are going to fight each other and let that be the attraction to bring them back together. Deep down I think they still love each other, I'm not giving up hope😍🐒💜

  • The sad thing is that after children all marriages tend to go down hill specially the sex part. Men and woman start having thought of being with another person besides the person they married. They are not strong enough to give up their own desires. They just have to have communication and tell each other their sinful desires step up and call your thought as what they are. I divorced after 12 years being married I had he'll in my marriage he left. But after a year of divorced. He came back to me and I forgave him. He didn't find a good enough woman.

  • Big deal !!!!! Why did she date the contractor ????????????

  • Tarek always came across as a jurk to me. His wife is the designer on the show not him.

  • She look shady any way that's why there relationship was shady he seems too down to earth for her that's way there relationship flop I watched the show

  • Todas las parejas que hacen su vida pública se divorcian. Parece que no es conveniente que hagan reality shows.

  • wATCH THIS KID learn to remodel houses –

  • I like the show for the houses, but I've always muted or fast forwarded through the "family life" part of it because I was never interested in their personal lives. Now I REALLY have my finger on the FF button since half of the show is just bickering. Maybe Flop or Flop can continue with just Izzy?

  • This channel lost credibility by not mentioning Christina's infidelity. This list is useless.

  • Nicki Swift, be consistent. Which is it?

  • i still hope someday theyll get back together. I believe christina still loves him. on their most recent episode tarek said he was going on a date, and it seemed to bothered her. she actually admitted that she didnt know how to react after they argued in front of the cameras, then called it truce.
    i seen right there she still loves him or wouldnt have had a reaction at all.

  • I think he's a good man as for her is a big ? But watch out they will scam you at seminars they don't show up just like flipping las vegas is all about getting your money big rip off the show is not bad you can learn from them flipping is a risk but no risk no reward good luck flippers!

  • Didn't take her long to switch sheets in the bed & slapped his face selling they're home in fact guy #2 she's on now.The only stress she has is putting on her make up. Dann shame to bring kids into this world then flip n flop on the vows and not keep the fire it does take for a happy marriage.
    If The foundation
    Has a weakness a flaw you should address & solve before ever building on it not around it or forever be repairing cracks!!
    "Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure"!!!

  • Before I watched this, I couldn't stand HER….liked him. Now I don't care for either…they sound like a hot mess.

  • Tarek looks like a mean person. She acts like a money hungry person.i have never seen an armored truck in a funeral procession. Has anyone seen this?

  • Awww-both of them deserve to have more peaceful, secure and happier lives, especially with caring for their two innocent children now. May they always respect and show care and concern for one another, both on & off their show.

  • I love how when they ask their contractor how much this will cost and that will cost ? and the contractor has instant figures for them right off the bat ! Really ? And they always say, well ok just do it. Theses contractors always seem to give them high figures all the time too!

  • They just don’t “fit” as a couple. When I both saw them I thought how the hell are they together

  • 왜 이혼을 ㅠㅠ

  • Hold on hold…. who pays $80,000 on seminars?!

  • Oh GOOD GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People get divorced every day! Who gives a fuck??? Oh yeah, the fat bitches at home in front of their TV screen munching on bags of potatoe chips that do not have a life and that keep putting $$$ in this boring looking blonde bitch Christina EL MOOSA bank account!!!! Get a life you bunch of FAT ASSES and quit supporting these people!

  • All she cares about is the camera. Now she has found an asshole bf ! Tarek is well rid of her. He can do so much better – he deserves someone with class which Christina certainly doesn't have.

  • So what is next on Dr. Phil show crying about divorcing and cash-in apperance.

  • They seem they can't stand each other…..

  • Typical real estate agents

  • Hahaha,,, that is funny!!!!!!! HAMMERING, POUNDING DRiLLING, FILLING THE CRACK and on HOLE of CHRISTINA?????? HAHAHAHAHA TERIBLE!!!! HAHAHAHA must be so BONEY!!!!😹😹

  • She's a cheating slut but nowadays thats ok

  • She got what she deserved the guy she cheated with ended up cheating on her its called karma

  • She seems spoiled, it’s her way or no way…and he never really stood up to her. Their personalities don’t jive for a long term marriage. He’s better off without her. High maintenance.

  • Dont care!

  • Christina is a typical blonde valley girl

  • Great solid facts also minor addition Christina was getting pounded by another dude.

  • Apparently the blonde gave Taareck a dose of clap….hence the big bust up……and since having the second kid her pussy is about as tight as a wind sock at an aerodrome….it is only because she is attractive that any guy would put up with her….she sure as hell is a bitchy M/F.

  • Fake blonde…dark bush below

  • She's being a real jerk to him, razzing him because he's dressing differently, to "catch the eye" of some girls! She should shut up! He's doing a great job, though, of laughing at her stupid teasing.

  • She's a cheating slut.

  • She is with ANT from the car show wheeler dealers

  • She loves herself most of all .

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  • He is the stupid man he never works Whit hes wife ok

  • SLUTS ARE GOING TO SLUT!! He should have ended both of them when he caught them…

  • Psyck

  • You forgot to mention that his wife fucked the general contractor Fucken woman

  • Insipid Christine thinks she is a Hollywood star. She will find out Terek is a real man who used to care for her. Being married I know I'm not perfect but a couple has to stick together no matter what.

  • She started fucking the contractor.

  • It's gotta be because she's a major B. Shes actually pretty lame…

  • The couple announced their separation at the end of 2016 after Tarek was involved with the 23-year-old woman named Alyssa Logan, who worked as a nanny for his family. It was the reason for the disputes between the couple. It is believed that Tarek was very violent towards Christina and used to treat her like a garbage. Previously, he was reported that he humiliated Christina by groping her breasts and butt and made her cry in front of all cast and crew of Flip or Flop. However, Christina denied the statement.

  • Pregnant pretty quick. I’d be willing to bet she is divorced in 10 years.

  • She a born cheater, a zebra can't change their stripes. Terek made a big mistake in marrying this witch. He needs to walk away not look back. There woman will not be happy with one man. Christina is it. Viewer need not watch her.

  • They split cause of her she thought she was all that tv make u look good take that make up off go on tv plain face she ain’t no one just a eye rolling cheater all ready with some one else and pregnant

  • I would cum all over her face

  • This mans choice in women are as bad as mine

  • I believe she never love terek. She married him for his high earning abilities. When economy crashes in real estate, she start looking over the fence. When health problems happen to terek, according to reports she's out dating other studs. They say, once a cheater always a cheater. Terek done his best to give his family the good life. Best she could do was kick him in the teeth. Hope we'll soon see her ride off into the sunset the her new sucker of a husband. Bye bye.😁😁😁😁😋😋😋😋

  • Why you keep showing this photo. There not married, she moved on to goober the mechanic. Viewers are waiting on photos of terek younger beautiful women at side in Los Angeles. 😁😁😁😁

  • lol I just started watching this show yesterday now im hooked

  • His wife was cheating with the producer quit calling stuff you got to let a hoe be a hoe

  • He flipped when he caught her flopping wit the new guy!!! 🍆😺🔫🚓🏃😁

  • Anyone else think Christina is the hottest chick on TV?

  • How about the fact that she's a cheating scuzbag.

  • She’s good at not only flipping houses but also at flipping husbands too

  • im always watching hgtv and i like cristina and tarek episode they had a happy family almost perfect but cristina just throw out just bcoz of her new bf!!i know nobodys perfect but in our country we do everything to make our family together.

  • She was cheater.

  • Left out the most important reason of all about why Tarek filed for divorce…
    Because she cheated on him.

  • She’s a high maintenance bitch! That’s the reason. Plain and simple

  • Not worth more than a wife for a night. A completely self absorbed chick with store bought tits and an average ass at best. She'll fade from the screen as her attitude becomes unbearable

  • She’s a self absorbed cheat. The guy that she married is stupid. She can’t be trusted.

  • There is always 3 sides to a story, both parties side n the truth. Next thing, I guarantee none you live with them so therefore you all don't know why they are no longer together so stop judging n making assumptions, how a person look or sound don't tell everything. People always wanna put in their opinions and don't ever have any facts about the situation. Me personally, I never like their show n watch it but I not going post anything about their relationship because I am not a part of it or even know them personally. STOP ASSUMING N JUDGING

  • She’ll be done with the Ant 🐜 guy in a few years. Men are like accessories to her. Like a new handbag that gets old in a few years. TRUST ME! Women like her don’t settle down.

  • Christina was trifling. That's what I heard and it was with someone who worked for them, a Contractor.

  • He gave her everything,it's just 💰,glad tarek is cancer free😁

  • And on the next Episode of Cheaters ….

  • I bet hes got some gay in there (closet)

  • I heard from their neighbors at the time that Tarrek came home and caught her with another man. The man from the filming crew. That’s when he chased him outside and up the hill with a gun.

  • She's a bag

  • You forgot the part when she cheated with a contractor!

  • Real reason she cheated !!!!

  • where is the fucking reason?

  • Reality shows and marriage don't work

  • You forgot about the cheating!

  • The last episode of Flip or flop I saw was disheartening due to Mr Tarek appearance. Glad to hear his health issue appear to be in check. Wish you the best.

  • she so fake and icky, he deserves much better. …best to u sir!

  • She is a fake bitch. I read Tarik was fooling around with the nanny.

  • That chick is fucking ugly ass hell. Stuck up bitch. Knows nothing!

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