The North Face Base Camp XtraFoam Flip Flop SKU:8807920

What’s happening, guys? My name is Joe and this is the Base Camp XtraFoam Flip Flop And it’s from The North Face These sandals are going to be incredibly comfortable They’re lightweight, they use XtraFoam here in the midsole for the cushioning That’s what helps keep the weight down as well as very shock absorbing stuff So I have this molded EVA strap with the perforations in the middle, keep your feet cooled off And that toe post is really soft Speaking of stuff, the footbed, incredibly squishy material It’s got a heel cup in the back at support So it’s going to contour to your foot very nicely Then we’ve got a rugged EVA outsole with the outdoor tread to handle Just about anything Just in time for those warm weather adventures, give this guy a try, it’s from The North Face

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