The New ON Cloudstratus Run Shoes | GTN Unboxing

– What do I have in here? You may ask. Well, this is a brand new box
of Swiss precision engineering from the good folks at On running. And this is their new running shoe, released today in fact, and it is called the Cloudstratus. Now, for nearly nine years On have been revolutionizing
the world of running soles with their innovative Cloudtec technology. But with this Cloudstratus
they have raised that already high bar, yet further still. Because with this shoe they have literally doubled up the tech to create a plush and comfortable experience for the runner. It’s all very exciting stuff and you should be excited too, because we don’t have just one pair, we’ve got five pairs of these
Cloudstratuses to give away but I’ll get back to that more
towards the end of the video. But for now, let’s get un-boxing. (electronic music) Now, on first impressions it’s clear that these are a really
impressive looking pair of shoes. They certainly grab my attention, that’s for sure. At first glance, it’s clear that they aren’t your standard, high mileage, heavy duty trainer with a little bit of
stability thrown into the mix. And that in the large part is due to this rather striking outsole that you can see here, which is made up of not one, but two distinct layers. And I don’t know about you but this honeycomb type
structure really caught my eye. No questions about it. So, talking about that technology, how does it work? Now, On call this technology their dual sequential cushioning system which is essentially, two distinct layers of
their CloudTec technology. Which works in sync to provide a smooth and comfortable feel. And what happens is firstly, this lower layer of the
hollow pods, called Clouds, cushion under every foot
strike by collapsing and then helping the
runner propel forward, and then the second upper
layer comes in to absorb any extra residual impact, and add some further propulsion, too. So, essentially it is just
a really comfy landing point in the heel and the midfoot, and maintaining a firm platform through to the forefoot so
you can have a firm push off. Now, as On says themselves, it is running on clouds just
taken to a whole new level. Now, let’s have a closer look at this sole because interestingly,
this is the first time that On have connected together all these pods in their forefoot, which On themselves say gives
even greater performance. Now, what this adapted structure does is, well it increases the surface area. It allows for a more stable
toe off on each stride. It distributes the pressure better and it also allows this
Speedboard in the middle to improve the explosive
motion of the shoe. Now, moving onto the upper and aside from this really eye
catching orange wash colorway there are a few key features
of this Cloudstratus and I’m going to run through them now. (upbeat music) The first thing that I notice is this really clever asymmetrical design that you can see here. And what On are driving at here, is that this allows the shoe to flex where the foot is flexing, too. And this is always
having movement in mind. Secondly, the lacing system
creates a star shape pattern or configuration which
snugs up over the top of the foot up here, whilst at the same time
allowing for a nice and open forefoot space down here. Now, On also used this lacing structure on their Cloudflyer shoe, too. And finally, something that I
haven’t come across before is that On are offering not one, but two eyelet options
up here for the laces just offering that extra
personalisation option. Meaning, that on this shoe
it isn’t just this out sole that On are doubling
up their technology on but these eyelets, too. And finally, moving into
the inside on the shoe. And a little trick that
On have implemented on their insole is to
give it a ribbed effect under you’re medial arch providing some proprioceptive feedback to subconsciously
stabilise your foot strike. Now, it’s a clever idea cause it doesn’t add any extra weight, so it’s certainly worth a try. Now, like I said at
the start of the video, I think these are a great
looking pair of shoes, and not just your standard run
of the mill offering at all. Plus, it’s really clear when
you take a closer look at them just how much research and development has gone into making such an innovative pair of running shoes, which is really obvious when
you start taking a closer look at the finer details
around about the shoe. (upbeat music) On have some other colorways, too. Aside form this orange wash that I have been talking about so far. And actually, I’ve got
the women’s model here, which is in black and shadow, and I think that’s a really
good looking shoe, as well. Now, I am certainly looking forward to heading out for a
run with a pair of these as soon as I get my
hands on a pair of them, but this is the fun bit because you too can do that because we have five pairs of these Cloudstratus to giveaway. And it’s all really very straightforward, all you have to do is head
into the description below, click on the link, answer a simple question, which if you’ve been listening to this video about the Cloudstratus shouldn’t be very difficult at all, and that is it. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this video. Hit that thumb up, like button. Find the globe on screen to get
all the other videos on GTN. And if you want to see a video that we did about how to
choose the right running shoe, well you can find that, here.


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