“THE NBA” — A Bad Lip Reading

***You can turn these captions off and on with the CC button Hey, you remember that one time I burped? Oh yeah! You oughta All night I been waiting to tell you this I sold our steam boat What do your friends say to you? My one-eyed traveling companion said that — [giggling] Awesome, you know, that’s one of my guys Do I still have a shirt on? Yeah Thought I did He’s so cuuuuuuuuute! He definitely is All right See I’m trying to tell y’all Y’all got the wrong guy He’s illuminati! Come on, man! He’s illuminati! I bet I find out that he sent you Yeah, I feel cranky. It’s the flea bites Yoo hoo Man I went to basketball camp! Do I look as white as I sound? Piggybank… OH ROBERTA! I can’t talk Excuse me, we copa-stetic You hear me? Yeah, we COPA-STETIC What do you think about? Mostly like handwriting or delightful goats or something Uhh… ferrets, they’re nice Umm, the surprising ways of hot tuna LEG BONK! Hey man, he got a belt buckle! You can’t let him wear a belt buckle It’s razor sharp, and it hurts Hey, remember that time I called you G-Money? Okay I am here You have beans within your mouth! You have beans within the mouth! Yes, you have beans within the mouth! I don’t hear because you have beans within the mouth! Hey! You look like a piece of meat I’ll turn back around How could you not like snow?! Snow? SNOW. SNOW? SNOW? I lick snow! It’s totally normal! It’s not harmful! Hey, you know what? Like y’all don’t know snow like I do See like I’m like a snow lover! Yeahhh, we steady rolling through this K-Mart Hey, you steal my hard candy? Okay first we put our shirts up like this And now I’m gonna look like I’m telling you like some secret basketball wisdom And you look at me and nod I SAID NOD Don’t take so long next time That’s all That potion is ours, give it to him Hey, that’s OUR POTION! THAT’S OUR POTION! Man, I found that dog! You found him? Dog found YOU! Be quiet fake dog! How was your weekend? It was the first time I woke up in the desert holding a knife I just didn’t know what was happening but I guess my fun for the night must have been kind of heavy I think there could have been a chopper! Hey Willie, hey, hey, Willie Hey Willie homina ha-ha chop chop chop Why you look like a crocodile? With your raggedy cane Y’all smell nasty This is emotion! I’m mad! You take it back! You’re weak in the head You’re like a regular rock You’re not like a real estate guy This is correct The first time I met a vagabond I smiled at him I passed on the grace of my beard Okay, look, I don’t know what he’s talking about All that was bogus That thing smells like a horse died on a sad clown Ear Another flying plate? Come on, son That’s a poltergeist! Automatic… that’s what I say Yo yo yo, Drogo! Apple Jacks and white chocolate You hear me Khal Drogo? Sorry, what’s up with the accent? Right now, I want to go and drink tea Normally I would not Ohhhhh… wow I think I’m you I’m your clone I like that Hey, you oughta dress like me Nails and hair, fancy face! Hyahhh ugh, ugh, ugh NGNHHHHHHHHH LIKE WOMAN You drink my tea? WHAT? You drink my tea? You probably drank it You drank my tea? You know I don’t want that You drank my tea! Fine, I drank it You must feel great, huh? I mean…. Y’all already thought this but My hair looks good Don’t put that photo on my facebook! Cuz you’re not my friend Yes they do! Cows don’t cheat! Yes they do! Shrimps don’t sneeze Yes they do! Crickets can’t cry! They do that though Turtles can’t sing! Yes, they do sing! They do sing a song! But last night I pooped out glass And then I done fell down one step Now, how is that even possible? It’s just one step! Uh huh, uh huh, uhhuhuhuhuhuhhu Nobody wants my Bread Nobody wants my… bread? [burp] Wow that was really loud! I thought I would just crash this wedding


  • Lmao the Lopez one.😂

  • "You're weak within the head. You're like a regular rock. You're not like a real estate guy."

  • nice singing

  • You are regular rock

  • Nobody wants my breaad

  • Is there a video "NBA players respond to Bad Lip Reading"?


  • What else could they be saying 😂

  • So that's what they were saying..




  • That potion is ours give it to him. That's our potion!

  • Man I went to basketball camp!!!!‐russel Westbrook 2019

  • Nails and hair fancy face nyyyyaaaaaa uh uh uh grrrrrrrrr 😂💀💀💀

  • 2:30 I cried

  • 2:25 bark bark bark

  • That was Fergies best song yet!

  • Aha aha aha ahahahahahahahah Eh. – Fergie 2018

  • Them damn cheerleaders took me out💀😂🤣🤣🤣

  • This was funny

  • "DiD yA dRiNk Ma tEa"

  • I felt that 2:16 – 2:25

  • 2:45…LMFAO.. why you look like a crocodile

  • WTF was Michael Beasley saying


  • Forrrrr years this Shit makes Me Laugh….

  • Lmao robin Lopez snowwwww

  • Y'all already thought this but…my hur looks good

  • "Hey, you steal my hot candy" 1:56

  • Fuk NBA .. India is the Best

  • Racist niggas disliked the video. India is the best

  • 0:18 rare moment of James Harden laughing like a girl being choked!

  • Someone: Yoohoo…..


  • This is mostly legit

  • My main man Spida with the leg bonk 😂

  • Yeah, we steadily rolling through this K-Mart

  • LeBron James burped so funny

  • Did you drink my tea?!

  • Why were so many people arguing?

  • 1:57 your welcome

  • fergie part sounds better than the actual song.

  • Dude the singer imitation in the final part was insane

  • "Man I went to basketball camp" 😂

  • We are steady rollin' through this k-mart

  • 2:44 pewdiepie Minecraft videos

  • How was your weekend

    Uhh its the first time in my life i woke up in the desert with a knife

  • Hummina ha ha CHOP CHOP CHOP

  • 0:56 😂

  • What the heck did Beasley just say

  • “ferrets, they’re nice..”. 🤣

  • Holy virgin

  • The ❄️🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 3:37

  • 2:55 my fav

  • They should put one or two real ones in there just for the effect

  • Didn't think they had to touch the fergie national anthem.. couldn't be any worse than it was

  • "My one eyed travelling companion said, He he, haha ha he heh heh he he hee! Awesome! That's one of my guys."

  • Seriously, who drank my tea?

  • 0:17 "Well I- AHEHEHEHEHE"

  • 2:30 needs a re-enactment


  • I'm trying to pick just one line to comment on but I can't, they are all just so good… 😂

  • Last night I poop out glass lol

  • Fergie: Ahah haha hahahaha

  • The curry ones are hilarious 😂

  • ❄️

  • That 2:40 haahahahhaa

  • OH ROBERTA!!!!

  • Damn this gives me good vibes😂❤️

  • 5:04 😂😂😂


  • "Oh, Roberta!"

  • LMAOOOOO "DROGO" had me too weak 3:23

  • "last night I pooped out glaaaass" that got me so bad 😂

  • "How do you not like snow!! " 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Fkn hilarious

  • 99.9% of comments: quotes from video
    00:1% of comments: me

  • Yal did lebron hairline brutal In that thumbnail

  • Dont put that photo on my facebook :v


  • He's illuminati

  • 2:01 – 2:14 is 110% accurate 😆😂

  • Captions fuck this video up

  • Well damn😂

  • 😂 at 2:00 there is Bushes of Love playing in the background!

  • "The surprising ways of hot tuna" 😂

  • This whole comment section is just quoting the video

  • 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂


  • Reporter:how was your weekend

    Russ:first time I’ve woken up in the dessert Holden a knife

  • Delightful goats are so underappreciated.

  • Seriously?
    Nobody is gonna talk about how Fergie popped out a glass?

  • Fake dog 😂
    I’m 💀

  • "How can you not like SNOW?"

  • make another nba bad lip reading

  • don`t put that photo on my facebook. cuz ur no my friend

  • Hey! You steal my hard candy wasnt fake.

  • More like a "Great lip reading"🤣😂😅👍

  • 3:47 this has to become a meme

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