We choose the path we take, but sometimes
that path can change. The East becomes the West, the North becomes the South. The normal
becomes the abnormal, the fantasy becomes the reality. But other times the path chooses
us, and we have no way to fight it but to go along with the adventure. Thus is the case
with Elliot Hu, an unsuspecting passenger on the train of the exceptional. But is it
a gift or a curse? Only time will tell. Oh, God. He’s found them.


  • Justin broyght me here!!♥

  • time to tear up my walls…

  • cool

  • Something about this reminds me of b-boy Daniel Cloud Campos… this seems like something he would do. Really great concept though 🙂

  • Passion for dance brought me here.♥'

  • What's the song at 3:52?

  • i used to watch this episode by episode on hulu…. AMAZING. now people are coming for Justin Bieber and not even for the dancing. Ridiculous….

  • Harry Shum Jr. is seriously underrated as a dancer/actor on Glee, seriously…

  • I love this episode i was just talking about it another comment and it popes up i also really like the song that plays ive been trying to find it

  • @speakingnothinking this was re uploaded its been around for a year or two now. They just uploaded it to this new channel

  • Oh and has for the last song that played only if lxd comes out with a soundtrack we wont ever be able to get that song its an original to the show and can not be located any where trust me ive spent hours! Which sucks cause its a really great song

  • jb is in dis vid?

  • Harry Shum Jr. is amaaaazing 🙂

  • harry's dancing just brings me pure joy :3

  • Song list please!!!

  • best ep in s1

  • LXD- Can't Fight This Feeling.wmv

  • whats the name of the last song he dances to ?

  • this is so cool!!

  • i wish i could dance like that._.

  • This is awesome and he's the guy from step up 3 all the people are

  • 哈哈~魔鞋

  • Loved it!!!! His facial expressions were to die for…I couldn't help but Laugh!!! Especially, when he was dancing like a woman!!!

  • so far my fav episode….

  • yo i jus noticed most of these people if not all was on step up 3D lol

  • My 1st thought when i put a hole n a wall is….2 make it

  • 🙂 amazed* one of the best episode 🙂

  • LOL harry's poledancing from kev takes all XD

  • harry is my favorite gleek 🙂

  • 5:19 what's the song? o.o anyone can tell me? 😀

  • got it. ty^^

  • Song at 5:20, anyone know??


  • Thanks!

  • names of the songs you hear in this video please Thanks

  • ELLIOT IS MY FAVORITE!!!!! he is so cute and the way he dances seem inhuman ( which I guess is the point).

  • Can't stop watching this one!

  • Ummmm…Why did Justin bring people here??

  • is he the no-bone guy in step up 3D ?

  • yes he is

  • anyone know the song at 3:53?????

  • @kolopin0 Great! ^^

  • What shoes are thoesem????

  • What shoes are those ????

  • I have to say this is my favorite episode. Idk why…

  • i wish i could have those shoes

  • this episode was one of my favorites. this one and fan boiz. UGH HAHA THE EPISODES SO AWESOME WHEN THEY FIRST INTRODUCED THE GOOD GUYS.

  • 4:20 – 4:48 he is so cute <3<3

  • Yeahh Harry!! excellent, so carismatic!
    4:20 hilorious

  • but i can't find the song :/ where could i find it…?

  • wait bieber is in this……*Takes a gun*

  • wow! a modern shoes hidden in a old box, well that make a lot of sense

  • Aliens

  • Harry . . . . OMG I Love Youuuu So Much . . .


  • And that's why Harry is one of my biggest inspirations!

  • Love the songs too!

  • This dude is a beast!!!!!!

  • Sin duda alguno el mejor!! Harry Shum Jr.
    amazing dance!!

  • men those guys really know how to dance..

  • name of the song!!! everytime I hear this song Imagin Harry dancing

  • song's name : Can't fight this feeling by sean mcarhur 🙂

  • :'D

  • I wish that was me


  • Love how he breaks the wall

  • its kinda funny cuz he kinda looks like the guy from glee that didn't want to upset his dad but wanted to go to dance school……could he be?

  • has anyone else noticed that the narrator in the intros is the guy who also intros for Justin Bieber's Believe Tour? lol

  • where i can find this shoes!!!!

  • what´s the song at 5:17 ?

  • 4:45 "euugghhh" lmao

  • what´s the song at 4:52  ?

  • I would love to know all the songs in this.

  • Whats the song 6:02 please

  • Song at 4:00?

  • Mike Chang failed in dance school and when he started living on his own, he found these shoes at his new house. Dance will inevitably forever stay with him.

  • May i ask what's the title of the song before dance go go?

  • There have Russian?

  • Oh lawd ❤ Harry Shum Jr definitely has a flare for the dramatic Lol love watching him do… just stuff!

  • I'm a simple person, I see harry shum jr and I'm here

  • I have to watch this every 3 or 4 months just to refuel the good moods… Harry's talent gift to us all…

  • This is cool. But do people (esp asian ppl) really sleep in their shoes????

  • anyone who can be a gleeful warlcock who moves like that is magic…. lmao sorry I saw puntential there

  • Not only is his dancing incredible, his acting ability is way better than so many of the other dancers.

  • 4:18 flamboyant Magnus coming through much???

  • Can someone find all of the songs that were playing in this video?

  • My God did this take me alot of scrolling to find. Bless that I found it

  • It is an absolute crime that we never got an LXD soundtrack. I would happily listen to some of these tracks over and over again if I could.

  • this is like Magnus Bane figuring out how his magic works!! such a great ep.!!

  • 6:13 why are his shoulders suddenly so wet?

  • What’s name of the last song

  • omg he can totally dance to ANY music!!

  • I’m a simple person.
    I see Harry Shum Jr.
    I click.

  • What's the name of the last song?

  • Miss lxd

  • sean mcarthy and ben burgess – cant fight this feeling last song

  • Everyone knows him from Glee or Shadowhunters but.. He was in Step Up 2&3. He was Cable : Man with no bones. All dancers in LXD are from Step Up cast. Their dance was amazing in Step Up, and still amazing here. Some people "Born to Dance" everybody

  • Harry shum jr does not have any bones, confirmed. He sold them to the devil in exchange for phenomenal dancing skills

  • This is one of my favorite dance sequences of all time. It's not just a richly varied and creative string of distinct choreographies, it's also a series of difficult moves made to look effortless by an extraordinary physical actor.

  • 5:20 which song is that?

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