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[Music] alright guys you want to put your best foot forward style-wise right so here to help you do that as Stefan Delgado with bare essentials thank you for having me today Fiona what I’m going to show you today are the five best styles every man should have in their closet to step out in style you know what we have here first is gonna be what I like to call my go-to sneaker this is essentially one shoe in the sense that I buy them in two different colors you can never go wrong with a white sneaker I like to have a navy one for days that I go out that I tend might get a little bit dirty these sneakers are great because they’re comfortable but they’re also affordable these two shoes here are each under $70 and our great sneaker to have in your arsenal as we move over here this is what I call your traditional chuckling another a great little shoe I’ve always talked about mixing blacks of its Browns for that gentleman who’s not quite comfortable with that mix yet this is a nice approach to it because it’s a dark dark brown where you kind of can go in towards that black look as well too so again just a great chukka a great little boot to wear on it everyday use you can wear this with chinos or jeans this is honestly the only black shoe that I have in my arsenal and it’s a shoe that goes with my suits on my tuxedo again these are shoes that I’ve had for 13 years the thing you’ll notice as you spend money on shoes you take care of them they can last you for years I’ve had these shoes resoled a couple of times and if you notice all my shoes have shoe horns in them this helps take the the preparation and the moisture out of your shoes to make them last longer so again the only black shoe I have in my closet is for my suits and my tuxedo look this is my Oxford look again any shoe use here for the most part when I go to buy shoes and as they get more expensive I try to think of multiple looks I can wear with the shoes if I’m gonna pay good money for shoes I need to make sure that I can wear them with different outfits throughout the week this is my work shoe also can wear with jeans again you go with that dark brown look so you can wear with black as well as navy blue or grey just a good shoe to have in your closet come down here this is my mock strap shoot it’s a nice clean sleep this is part of the shoe that I get the most compliments on just because it’s just a great look different again multiple looks jeans chinos slacks whatever you’d like to wear with it I like to wear pants are a little bit higher up so you can see the whole shoe and get the whole approach of it and then this is what I call it the bonus shoe I think if you live in Texas you have to have boots right yes this is my approach to a boot it’s more of a modern approach approach my wife and I go back and forth she doesn’t she says they’re not cowboy western boots I see they are western boots has a nice little zipper approach to give it a modern feel to it again you know got the nice heel for that for that cowboy look to it but more importantly the color of them the color is what I really like because I can wear this with any color Jean I wear these for work with chinos it’s again another shoe that you can change up your looks wear them both for business casual for casual look and even for a dressier look again I had the shoe horns in these I’ve got these shined I got these nice and good soles on them these things are my most expensive shoes they’re the most comfortable shoes and they will last you forever and a boot is a shoe that only gets better with a you know with shoes remember they’re an investment the more you pay for them the more you want to make sure you have multiple looks available for these shoes again and if you take care of them if you use a shoe horns if you get them resold when they need to clean them when you’re done with them these shoes will last you for years all right tell folks how to find you stuff you can find me at bare essentials on Instagram and that’s B e x ar e SS ent I ALS and again that’s bare essentials on Instagram all right and of course for more information on Stefan Delgado and bare essentials just head to our website ese and click on the as seen on si live tab we’d also like to thank the Roosevelt library here in Southtown for having us out a great place to host events [Music]

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