The Lady’s Back Pain Relieving Sandals

Our feet were designed to walk on soft
uneven surfaces, such as sand, soil, or grass. However, in modern day living
most of us spend our time walking on hard man-made surfaces such as concrete.
Walking on these hard flat surfaces is a major cause of one of the most common
bio-mechanical complaints: over pronation Over pronation is the excessive
flattening of the arch towards the ground. This excessive flattening of the arch causes a chain reaction of
the body causing the leg to excessively rotate and putting forces on to kneecap and back.
Foot orthotics are designed to hold your foot in its optimal or natural
position and will help prevent excessive pronation. Each pair of strive footwear
incorporate our unique bio-mechanical footbed technology which is designed to
correctly support and align your feet, as well as help relieve many aches and pains associated
with modern living. Each pair of Strive footwear has a metatarsal dome to
support the natural arch in your forefoot and a contoured arch profile
that mirrors the curves of your feet helping to maintain its optimum position.
A wide deep heel cup cradles the heel and offers stability and support. The dual density sole provides rear foot support, offers shock absorbancy, and reduces pressures on
the ball of foot and toes. The result? Footwear that not only looks good, but
is extremely comfortable and may also reduce discomfort in the foot, heel, knee.
or back.

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