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CARLEEN FARABAUGH: Hi. My name is Carleen Farabaugh. My husband and I are the owners
of the Shoe House here in York, Pennsylvania. Mahlon Haines, a local shoe
salesman, had the Shoe House built in 1948. The Shoe House is modeled after
his high-top work shoe. That’s the one that’s in every
one of the windows, and that was his best selling
shoe that he had. The Shoe House is 25 foot high,
48 foot long, so there’s a little over 1,500 square
feet inside. As we go through the shoe,
you’re going to notice a definite shoe theme
inside here. When we took over, nine years
ago, there were no shoes in here at all. And how many shoes
we have in here? I have no idea. Maybe 1,000? We get the shoes from
all over the place. One of our favorite
contributors is a lady from New York. She’s probably sent me several
hundred, herself. All snuggled into the toe is the
living room, the bedroom, and the bathroom. So it’s a really big
toe, obviously. We didn’t have to do a lot of
restoration to the toe of the shoe itself. I always like to point
out Mahlon’s picture in the glass, there. Again, he was not
a shy person. He wanted everybody to know who
he was, and I truly think the Shoe House was his legacy. We’re going to proceed on up a
couple more flights, here. You are now underneath
the shoelaces. That’s why this ceiling
is slanted. Dresser is built right
into the wall. We did seem to have a lot
of issues with this area when we took over. The toilet– the tank broke. Just to give you an idea of the
work that we have put into it, I mean, this is what it
looked like previously. And mostly all the walls
looked that way. This is actually a little spiral
staircase that leads up onto the roof of the Shoe House,
which we did have to block off to meet insurance
regulations. Underneath the steps that
we just went up, a little pantry there. Refrigerator, the original. This is what they looked
like years ago. And that brings us right into
the heel of the shoe now. We have it set up and displayed
now for people to come through. The structure of the Shoe House
is primarily original. Cosmetics is where we
had to do the work. The colors are not the same. I always tell everybody, if I am
crazy enough to buy a shoe house, I’m going to paint it
whatever color I want. My Realtor brought us through
on a Friday– well, she brought me through
on a Friday– and my first thoughts when
I was touring it was like, no way. I’m not purchasing
a shoe house. I’m not even interested
in a shoe house. And two days later, I was the
owner of the Shoe House. I just can’t explain it. I always tell everybody, I
didn’t pick the Shoe House, the Shoe House picked me. -Holla! You are watching Spaces. Love what we have? Subscribe and find
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  • I'm sorry but why didn't you walk around the house and get some shots from all sides.. now we can also see the front and some old pictures of it.

  • Interesting, that's for sure…Though if I lived in a house like that, I would not feel the need to decorate it like she does. Makes it look like more of a novelty than a place she actually lives, you know?

  • Very cool.

  • Gives new meaning to the "The Little Old Lady Who Lived In a Shoe, Had So Many Children, She didn't Know What t Do!"

  • Wow. ahahaha, it's so different.

  • Wow! That was very interesting and kinda cool!

  • That's awesome! Wouldn't it be fun to have a high heel shoe house where you walk in thru a stairway up the heel 🙂

  • how does it smell?

  • pleased she is enjoying her home

  • wow !

  • I love places like this. Not sure if I could live there, but definitely admire those that do.

  • is that a stained glass obama on the door?

  • its a ice skating boot lol

  • A bit overwhelming :s but she's happy.

  • Yea, like the town attraction for tourists….not impressed…but at least she is happy with it….all that matters..

  • She doesn't live there…..
    It was used for honeymooners. And so many of the things in the home were donated by people who have been there.

  • "She had so many children she didn't know what to do."  Where's the kids?

  • That's exactly as tacky of decor as I expected inside such a gaudy house.

  • So if I like pussy, should I build the "Pussy House"?

  • I love it and i would live in it. love the colors you choice.

  • Wheres the kiddies Maam!

  • This is crazy cool

  • I drove pass this shoe house plenty of times

  • This building is so cool. I love weird architecture.
    I made a few videos of the coolest and WEIRDEST !

  • I never knew this house along 30 was so famous. For many years we lived a few miles away. And still we pass it every time we’re on 30.


  • Won't it be a bit very scary to live there in a shoe house alone? And with the picture of the man ..n the shoe house is very big ..

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