The Kings’ “Yeh Raat” Is Mind-Blowing – World of Dance 2019 (Full Performance)

– We are The Kings. [cheers and applause] Remember the name. [cheers and applause] [roars] [all roaring] [singing in Hindi] – Oh, my gosh! [roars] – Yeah!
– What? [roars] [roars] [growling, roars] [roaring] – Oh, my God!
– Oh, my God! [cheers and applause] – Oh, my God! – We gotta do the roar.
We gotta do the roar. [all roaring] – Whoo!
– Oh, my God. [cheers and applause] – Is everybody okay?
– Yes. – Are you sure? Do we have an injury onstage?
– No, no, nothing. – ‘Cause we gotta get you
offstage if you– – Everything’s fine. – Okay, that was
out of this world. That was–
[cheers and applause] Just the beginning
with “Unity LA” and “Heima,” savage. The way you push these
tricks to another level, the strength,
the preciseness that it takes to pull
those things off, all of those qualities
is just mind-blowing. It’s mind-blowing.
– Hmm. – I’ve never seen
anything like it. [overlapping chatter] [cheers and applause] – There’s two moments.
When you lift him up, you did, like, a flip off
his chest up in the air, flipping over, like,
four guys, over–insane, but also the visual that
you did where you guys were– you were blowing them away. The shirts
behind your backs. I was like–how are
their shirts moving? It’s like–I’m like,
oh, it’s their hand. – From the look,
to what you danced to, to what it is you do
on this stage, you guys have such an–
such an identity. – Yeah.
– Like, no one will ever forget who The Kings are. That’s guaran-damned-teed. [cheers and applause]
Never, ever. – It’s making me
a little nervous. [cheers and applause] – You guys are
the full package. – Yeah. – Thank you, guys, for making
our job that much harder. We’re gonna score you
and see what happens. – Thank you.
Thank you so much. [suspenseful music]


  • It's also the song that gives energy to our kings

  • Вечно смотреться??????????????????

  • U guys don't know how much u making us Indians proud ?lot of proud ?

  • Proud to be an indian….??

  • ???

  • Chris Brown is being sarcastic lol
    Thank you guys for making this harder to score…

  • ?????????????????????????????

  • OMG…. Amazing ????

  • Mind blowing brother's

  • Just for the steps in 0:34 to 0:38 more than 20 times

  • You are the kings
    Love you beautiful show.
    Nomber one.♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • watch 1:54 Hardhik smile kr

  • 0:51 ughhh ?

  • All the other contestants look so defeated.

  • These routines were just trailer from The Kings due to time constraints. You can see these full routines in Dance+ seasons and many similar dance groups from India.. Since those videos are from Indian broadcaster Star you can get them on Hotstar Application..

  • I still remember this performance of them and wild ripperz in battle from dance plus. Watch that one this is just a trailer

  • I watched this video thrice…gotta say one of the best performances in WOD…from ??

  • Who win

  • India proud of you guys

  • Unbelievable ??❤️❤️??????????????????????????

  • I clearly remember watching these guys' performance way back in 2015 where they came at third. They still got their amazingness they had at that time.

  • Шедевр..?????????????????????????

  • After 1 min I passed out. The intensity was waaaaayyyyy too much. Savage.

  • Big Respect for Indians from Azerbaijan ???

  • I want to coz it's already 2am and this video pop-up in my recommendation,,,now its 6am how sad??? I can't stop watching you guy's,,,my goodness until have no idea how to move on and take a sleep,I watch like 10x in every video you have?,,??,??

  • Really fcking cool

  • This act's DANCE CHAMPIONS (India) version is very scary and ten times better than this but I love both of kings act

  • Сильно и мощно!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • 0:34 lmao at J.lo dancing along

  • reaction of everyone out there is enough to justify why they won!

  • Who is still watching this?
    I am❤

    Kings from INDIA

  • Super

  • Hardik smile kar

  • INDIA N INDIAN Are Always The KING ??

  • Fans from Somalia ???????? really kings

  • Tq to our all bro nd sis..

  • I think other contestants are jealous at them..Why they are not clapping??

  • Oh my god, boys or ??

  • Ur amazing guys …
    God bless u….
    Love u from Pakistan ❤

  • Guys I don't know how many times oh watched ur performance.. No words.. Keep going… Cheers ?????

  • Обожаю!!!????????????????????????

  • We all Indians Proud of uhhhh guys..???

  • Hardik smile kar


  • Out of this world

  • ???

  • 1:56 Hardik smile rakh

  • The kings were really a step ahead.

  • Monster dancer and u are

  • 1:55 hardik smile rakh

  • This is incredibly good….awesome, kings always

  • where is nepal

  • Aap log bahut ziddi hai es dance se pata chalta hai kyunki last moment mai bhi injury ke baad esa dance unbelievable?????
    This is proud moment for Indians?????The king is always king

  • Bye Korea
    No chance for shine
    Always korea
    Korean tot they are most perfect and great dance in the world. Sorry no more…. Because you guys no creativity and always same skills for all the times. Bye

  • Kpop dance… Please learn
    Don't think you guys always the best…… Please…. Pass so many years, on YouTube or other competition we can see korea always same skill…. Boring….

  • Congrats for the Emmy awards nomination ????

  • Who knows that one of the team members hardik has twist his leg before 10 minutes of their performance

  • Indian are never shy when it comes to dancing. Try attending an Indian wedding to see what I mean.

  • What is the original song. Can any one tell pls.

  • All are motherfuckers. These guys must be in circus competition instead of dancing competition.

  • "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" "The Whole World is a Family".. Respect these heroes irrespective of your respective nationalities.. Thank you all

  • Hardik smile rakh…. Life is tough… They deserve it

  • Hardik was injured just few minutes before performance…
    When J Lo asked about same… See one of d member asking him to smile… " Hardik smile kar"

  • hardik injured tha tbb bhi usne dance kiya ??u r champion hardik

  • I love the kings

  • Did these win ????

  • These need to come on BGT if they don’t win AGT these are well better then diversity much better !!!!!!

  • Bhai ultimate. Jo tum logon kiya hai woh har indian dream karta hai par ham sab ghar grahasti me nerdy aur kanjoos ban jaate hai jinhe sab hate karte hai. You are the exception. We are the rule. So proud of you.

  • Great mood bana diya

  • whats the music in the end of the video ?

  • Kings is Kings

  • Сумма сойти можно.!!!????????????????????

  • This is called utter madness "junoon",mad respect for hardik even after being in so much pain that guy has performed stunts so cleverly and moreover clean ..

  • I love the reactions of judges…?❤

  • Hardik smile karde

  • Wow lovely to see… Especially because in America Indians are traditionally doctors or engineers or technology professionals, it's important these guys do this so western audiences understand Indian culture more

  • The dance level asia : 1.India 2.philipines 3.Korea 4.Japan

  • Love you kings
    Jai Hind ??

  • Koreans got a competition now ??where these Indians been???

  • Hardik's leg was hurt 10 minutes before the performance. But still he managed to perform and smile. Huge respect

  • I guess ????

  • They were like Ab Ye Karke dikhao

  • Cut to the other teams and they looking sad

  • Hamko bahut khusi hua e dekh ke ki hamra india videsh main dhoom macha dia

  • Bahut ache bhai log ??? Lage raho ?

  • The Indian dance group from American got talent they are better

  • Thanku so much…proud to be Indian.?

  • बनदेने बाैला हारदिक समैल रक at 1:54
    that's the spirit guys

  • the kings♥️♥️???keep it up . .more powers . .


  • I think if V Unbeatable join they gonna blow up!!:D:D

  • Adi smile rak hahahahaha

  • I am indian … Proud of india

  • Only Indians can do it.jai Hind.Bharaat Mata ki Jay

  • full song

  • No Word ❤❤❤

  • Hmmm i think this is a copy cut of XB GENSAN ot the philippines….and all star philippines

  • The other contestants didn't stand a chance! The kings are awesome!

  • Обожаю!!!????????????????????

  • This real indian kings. Love you from india.

  • After this performance, other competetors are like, what are we doing here, we should pack our bags?

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