The Kings’ “Malhari” Routine Is INSANE – World of Dance 2019 (Full Performance)

[frenetic Bollywood music] – Oh! [upbeat dance music] – Whoo!
– Whoa! – Hey! [man singing in Marathi] – What the hell? – What is that? [rhythmic drumming] [man singing in Marathi] – Whoo! – Hey! – Yeah! – Whoo! What the hell?
[cheers and applause] – Oh, that face!
Oh, the face! – They were crazy! [cheers and applause] – Oh! Oh! Oh!
Oh! – Whoo! – We are nervous. – The Kings! [cheers and applause] Wait! Hold on.
Hold on. – Oh, my God. [cheers and applause] – Whoo! – That was so insane. You know, everybody gets the same amount of time
to come out here, but some people pack
so much into that time. It was like a five-course meal. There was so much in there. I’m so full when I’m done. Literally, I was like,
“Don’t blink.” [laughter] I was like, “Don’t blink ’cause
you’re gonna miss something.” It was insane. – Yeah! – I wish that we could just
watch it one more time and go, “That part. That part.
Oh, my God, that part.” It was so many parts that really were things
we’d never seen before. This is what I mean, unique. You should sleep
so good tonight. [laughter] – Make sure you ice. They’re gonna have to ice
after some of those moves. – Thank you so much.
Thank you so much. [cheers and applause] – Where do I begin? First of all, just the
acrobatics you guys do, insane. Like, what was this little crab
move thing that you were doing? Oh, man, it was crazy. You know, there were some
funny bits, so I’m laughing. I’m gasping. I’m like, “Wow, that’s cool.” Like, it’s just
an array of flavors. It’s fantastic. Also, I love
the culture integration. – Yeah. – What is that,
bhangra, Bollywood, or am I saying
everything wrong? – It’s Bollywood,
Bollywood flavor. – Like, I love that. [cheers and applause] – Yeah, yeah! – It’s so effective,
and it’s so you: your guys’ identity,
your look, the routines. Y’all are the complete package. Y’all are The Kings. [cheers and applause] – I remember you guys
from last time, and I remember the tricks
being amazing but the dancing itself
needing work, so I was preparing myself
to go, “Again, amazing with the tricks,
but we need more dancing.” I-I-I can’t even say that. – Whoa! – You guys come out here dancing to music
that only you can pull off, doing moves
that only you could do. Y’all are like fireworks. Like, y’all should
change your name from The Kings
to The Fireworks. You just explode,
and, I’m sorry, y’all. I’m still trying to wrap
my head around what I just saw. [cheers and applause]


  • Complete package

  • 0:42 signature step

  • More than 3 times hit like here

  • OMG it's crazyyyyyy ??? from Senegal ??

  • Most of the dancers uses malhari song

  • Lovely all dear

  • A lot of love from Muslim sister

  • This s insane,, the crap step?? Wooooww

  • Wow!

  • Lajwab
    Indian hero ho aap log

  • Unbreathable performance!!!

    -Love From ??

  • Kinda like cheerleading

  • That why we are Indian…..Jain hind

  • 0:18 Kings being Naughty

  • ada yg dh mati ke waktu traning

  • They're all Gorgeous.

  • Oh my god … kings ….u really mean this word… congratulations hmare shero…. I'm remembering ranveer during feedback…..judges should also watch his expressions in original song …?????

  • Am a Ghanaian but I love Indians so much???

  • Cute ending

  • end—- namaste with smile?

  • They are so good. I have watched this dance almost 30 time within a week…

    This is the my most watched video ever on YouTube..
    Love You The Kings United..
    Proud to be an Indian ???? jai hind jai bharat .,????

  • the look of defeat by all the other dancers is hilarious!

  • Who's here after V.unbeatable got a golden buzzer from Dwayne Wade!!!?? Indians are great dancer's..

  • Bollywood Song = Energy ??????

  • V unbeatable Indian dance group is almost great dancers

  • Used to watch old timer movies. This accidentally seen dance on Marathi sounding(couldn't hear words)music…. Unbelievable! Are they real ppl!! Gosh, that's a long way to go from 'Mera Juta Hai Japani'…. Unbelievably fantastic.

  • Watch "Bir Radha Sherpa" who beat them alone

  • White supremacists at 1:36 " I AM NERVOUS " .

  • Name song

  • Ye dekhke chhati choda ho gya hamara.. ????

  • V-unbeatable are now just copy pasting their concept in AGT

  • Judge hai ki pgalwa hai sb

  • I've seen a lot of incredible dance crews from different cointries but I think The Kings is the best. They show their identity and culture in their dance while integrating it with hip-hop by just using their own music and unique dance moves. Perfect coordination and teamwork! Lots of love from the Philippines ??

  • India ke songs hi itne khatarnak hote hain..Dance se pehle use sunte hi fatt gayi hogi

  • Who is here after v-unbeatable got golden buzzer in AGT?

  • All three judges will die of Heart attack after watching "V Unbeatable" dance ?

  • Love India
    Im From ALGÉRIA???????????????????????????????

  • Amazing! But when they watch V Unbeatables the judges are gonna faint for sure!

  • ??????????

  • Get V unbeatables in next season…

  • That's what india is all about, land full of talent.

  • I am aliens and we love indian dance?

  • chennai express wooooo

  • Energetic actor ranveer singhs song and this energetic performance hahaha it's normal for us…..

  • I'm surprised that this kind of dance and acrobats isn't a sport in Olympic competitions. This people are proof that man can fly but just not out of a range to not see them. This Kings I don't think have any worthy competitors right now. The concentration to do something so synchronized is amazing.

  • Watch the show Dance+, you guys will love the show with the standard of dancing in it.

  • Bollywood live on stage

  • Dislike karne bale Saab madharchod hai

  • Seriously guys this is only example of dancing talent of india
    This dance contains flavour of indian culture,indian music and indian talent

  • Ang lupet niyo men

  • На сегодня????????????????????

  • We are indians…and the world is still yet to see more about us…keep up boys…jai hind

  • so lovely judges very expressive and supportive??

  • Feeling proud to be an indian

    Congrats kings !!!!!!!!!

  • Bharat Mata ki jai ?????? vande matram

  • Nice

  • That’s called Indians

  • Lovely to see

  • Why 2.6k people's dislike,
    I think they don't like whoever Dance..

  • Super guys love you all

  • Am I the only person that had to Watch this like 10 times???????

  • I was reading ? comments and I saw ? there are many comments from Phillipines ?? and other countries 2 . Love and respect for Philippines ?? from ?? . And a big thanks to every country ? who love this ??

  • The indians are very talented… Love from France

  • 0:23 song name? Help pls

  • Love you my indian brothers and sisters
    Love From Bangladesh ??

  • Do u guys hv bones ……?

  • This is crazy, amazing, good stuff. Scared me to death. But insanely beautiful. No , I didn’t blink either:) You must be from India…

  • Proud of you neighbors. Go show them who asians are. Love and respect from sri lanka.

  • ?????????????????????

  • Nice

  • These guys are INSANE!!! ?

  • Awesome

  • Cant decide yet mashalla all the group contestants from India were so amazing and yet so breathtaking in their own dance moves and btw I love their dance which is more on some cultural moves mashalla.
    All of u were already a champions Allah blessed u all watching from Philippines .Go asians go!!!

  • Marvellous dance

  • East or west INDIA IS THE BEST

  • Congrats india ??,
    Iam from Myanmar

  • India is a land of Talent….

  • In All dancing world stages…we Indians are capturing day by day…???

  • India proud moment

  • Don't underestimate Indians.India is a store house of such talents

  • They're really making their competition look boring and very average
    So much energy, precision and joy abundant

    Indian culture on top… Not just business, medicine and science haha

  • Super dance i love indianes

  • I am really feeling proud that is rocking outside??fireworkss

  • Thanks to all Filipinos for their support to Indian teams at AGT and World of Dance

  • Who r still watching and thinking looking at face of other dancers. Ok we r good at 2nd place

  • I am Indian…and this type of dance is common in India..But I like this group because of their timing…
    The steps are synch with music…and that impressed me a lot

  • Mind-blowing Bhai ?? Awesome I am proud because I am Indian, Jay Hind ??????????

  • Wow Indians

  • Fantastico. …???wooo can't get Enough I dont know How many times i hit the replay Buttons

  • Team Indian Much Love ????????

  • Just awesome guys

  • Jai Hind…

  • Indians ?????????love u, keep ur culture safe only 1 ur in this world, a beautiful flower in the world, love from indonesia.

  • Why V Unbeatables are not here?….There could be 2 Best Indian Dance Cruisers…..

  • Лучшие!!!???????????????

  • Im so proud to be Indian!

  • India melting pot of ancient world

  • Indians ???

  • That song name is "malhari" from bajirao mastani.?? Bajirao is a invincible warrior of india. And The king also A invincible …??spread love to all ovee the world.

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