The Kings Blow the Judges Away with an Incredible Routine – World of Dance 2019 (Full Performance)

♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ -Whoo! ♪♪♪♪ -Whoa! ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -Whoo!


  • ?

  • Why there is no judges comment included in this dance routine. I searched entire internet but no where I could find JLO throwing shoes

  • We Indians never bore you ??

  • Wauw great performance… Jennifer is so beautiful look her clothes and everything pfffff, just mindblowing!!!

  • This is level Rajnikant!

  • Anybody knows the name of this song? I'm in love with it

  • Не возможно не смотреть каждый день этот танец…??????????????????????????????????????

  • East or west India is best.. Love you guys breaking Newton law…

  • I will really? love to seee you guys dance on BTS or kpop song it will be just ?Heaven ?

  • 1:22 now it's my turn to collect my jaws which were dropped

  • Wau ! It's India. Feeling so proud.

  • how to stop yourself to watch this everyday !

  • Anyone pls name of this song

  • I am a die heart fan of you guys from India,Delhi
    My hope and inspiration are you guys

  • Безумно красиво !!!!?????????????????????? Безумно мощно !!!??????????????????????
    Безумный танец!!!?????????????????????обожаю этот танец !!!?????????????????????

  • i honestly dont even know how many times i've replay this part 0:28

  • Best??

  • ?Jai hind

  • I love dans ???????

  • Чудо танец, чудо .!!!??????????????????????

  • Не на смотреться.!!?????????????????????

  • What music is this they're dancing to ????

  • Фантастика..????????????????????????

  • ?????

  • We do this in our off day. Dont catch us on the say we really wanna perform

  • На сегодня????????????????????????????????????????????

  • At 0:32 wowowow ?

  • 0:27 Indians are on fire.

  • Even the crew was too hyped from this that they forgot to put the judges' comments at the end of this video lol.

  • Super boring … rubbish

  • Which song

  • If your Physics professor especially professor of Kinematics or Projectile Motion or Newtonian theories or gravitation is irritating you with numericals then for a punishment for him show this video & threaten him how gravity works in this video.

    Then next day you will be enjoying & partying in black suit as the problem of your life will move to black hole.

  • 0:29 le physics* am I a joke to you?

  • Which movie song

  • it

  • Most iconic dance performance ever.

  • the song selection <3

  • На сегодня???????????????????????

  • Katra and best dance

  • I love to see how they destroyed the judges 1:06 ??? They just can't anymore!
    I'm kinda their combination thou


  • Наслаждение!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Song name

  • Mkc

  • ???????????????ARR????????????????????

  • Now even gravity asking am i on the moon??

  • Superb suresh sir

  • …..?????

    What just happened??‍♀️

  • iTs all about Maths, Atoms the building stones, Yoga, Science an Cool Meditation.
    People from India saw Aliens an UFO"s in the past, watch their Ancient buildings.
    You cant find them noWhere on Earth. All Built on Mathematics.> Amazing Cult.
    Watch Indian Mathematics on Youtube, you"ll find out, the numbers an the letters.

  • Wow! What A Great Performance!!!!!!!!!
    Anyone knows the name of the song or the edit part?

  • Omg this amazing wonderfully I am Somalia I liked this team??????

  • Omg this amazing wonderfully I am Somalia I liked this team??????

  • Desi Hoppers Missed……. Kings Ruled

  • Insance~

  • Guys which movie song is this??

  • When India perform .gravity l am going for dinner.??.Proud to be INDIAN.

  • Ce sont les meilleurs ???? Inde ❤❤❤❤❤????

  • Kings ??????????????????????

  • its funny that they did a nod to "step up", there with the human step up move lol

  • So proud to see boys doing well country is proud of u bros..
    Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

  • Newton low ki maa ki chut ?

  • Because INDIANS are Fire ?????

  • Jai Hind ??

  • ye log to aag laga dala reyy

  • And the oscar for Best Actor goes to "GRAVITY" 😀

  • WOW !!!

  • Wow Mumbai people rocks!

  • Love the movie, song and now this performance

  • disgusting.

  • Modi hai to mumkin hai

  • Proud to be An Indian❤️
    Haq Se HinDusTan❤️????

  • Woohoo, love from Africa Nigeria

  • Judge comments plz..


  • Jai Shri Ram ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Thadaigalai udai…..! Ohhhh…! ????

  • Mere khyal se isme dusri duniya ki shaktiyon Ka haath hai.

  • It's to higher ??than I ???????think???

  • Ah cmon, where are the judges comments after?????????????? If someone has that on youtube please put the link here!!!

  • 0:28 Scientist are right newton law is wrong.

  • Oh My God! ????????

  • they got Jlo's shoes for this performance!

  • Xb gensan ginawa na yan hahaha

  • Man look at the upvotes

  • Indian peeps like only others nationality comments????????????

  • Whn Vasco-Da-Gama landed on Indian soil. He saw indian and his reaction was must be like ??? ?
    "Oh Teri maa ka Saki Naka"

  • Indian zindabad hai.or zindabad rahege

  • Обожаю этот танец и песнью..??????????????????


  • This is incredible love ❤️ form England ???????

  • Nice

  • which song is this??

  • Superb !

  • I will never understand how those dudes got off the bloody ground like that at 28 second mark


  • My favorite routine among their all performances


  • Indians are full of suprise!

  • Don't even lie. We're all here because of 0:27 ?

  • Practice makes a man perfect

  • WHAT THE…..


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