The HU – Wolf Totem (Official Music Video)

If lions come, we’ll fight until the end If tigers come, we’ll fight and battle If elephants come, we’ll fight in rage If humans come, we’ll fight and obliterate We, If lions come, we’ll fight until the end If tigers come, we’ll fight and battle If elephants come, we’ll fight in rage If humans come, we’ll fight and obliterate If you come as snakes, We’ll become Garuda birds and fly over you If you come as tigers, We’ll face you as Lions with blue mane HU HU HU HU HU HU HU HU If you with come evil intentions, we’ll give you a fight! Ten of us will strike you as thunder Hundred of us will shatter your hearts Thousand of us will destroy and obliterate Ten thousand of will hand you the wrath of Heaven! If you come as flood, we’ll fight until the death If you come swarming, we’ll scatter you around If you come flying, we’ll shoot you down with our archery If you come charging, we’ll slice you with our swords HU HU HU HU HU HU HU HU Let’s cut through them as speed of flying falcons! Let’s burn within as the hearts wolves! Let’s stampede with our horses! Let’s defeat them with the wisdom of our Great Khaan, Chinggis! HU HU HU HU HU HU HU HU


  • Roep mij niet meer aan om voor je bull shit ontwaakt en aangewakkerd te worden voor je djaring-ka pang dans…je blijft jezelf en dat moet je zijn een neukend wijf die het rijtje afgaat als een hoer…wijf

  • Not trying to offend, but Mongolians kind of remind me of Klingons.

  • You sound defensive 🇺🇸 B2.

  • Their instruments are the most beautiful musical instruments i have ever seen. Song is amazing too.

  • Absolutely incredible! Amazing! Wonderful musicianship

  • The True Mongols…eh

  • World history = Mongolian history 🇲🇳

  • I tried but there was lots of coughing!

  • fuck arguing, ima just hhhuuuuuaaaaaauuuuaaaaauuu

  • Just discovered their music. It hit my bloodstream like serotonin!


  • 1. Get up.
    2. Make coffee.
    3. Listen to HU.
    4. Slay the day.
    5. Ride into Mongol sunset.
    6. Repeat.

    You guys ROCK. 👍

  • Когда придут русские, под командованием Руса, что делать то будите?

  • Uniquely different! Interesting

  • To late
    Gisgiskan died

  • 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹✔

  • That’s great THE HU 👏👏👏

  • круто! надо больше едущих мотаков, скачущих коней и костра!

  • The Huns( Mongols) are a nomadic people who live in Central Asia.

  • By 370 AD, the Huns had arrived on the Volga, and by 430 the Huns had established a vast, if short-lived, dominion in Europe, conquering the Goths and many other Germanic peoples living outside of Roman borders, and causing many others to flee into Roman territory. The Huns, especially under their King Attila, made frequent and devastating raids into the Eastern Roman Empire. In 451, the Huns invaded the Western Roman province of Gaul, where they fought a combined army of Romans and Visigoths at the Battle of the Catalaunian Fields, and in 452 they invaded Italy. After Attila's death in 453, the Huns ceased to be a major threat to Rome and lost much of their empire following the Battle of Nedao

  • The Mongol invasions and conquests took place during the 13th century, creating the vast Mongol Empire which by 1300 covered large parts of Eurasia. Historians regard the Mongol devastation as one of the deadliest episodes in history

  • Man, I really liked this band. But then I noticed the rings at 5:12 …one shows a swastika that has more similarities to one used by the nazis than the traditional asian symbol.
    The other ring reads "Mongolian Choppers Brotherhood", which seems to be the motorcycle club featured in this video. I did a quick search on the web for that club and came across their facebook page: They are using all kinds of nazi imagery – not just swastikas- but also the ss-skull (emblem of Hitler's death squad), the nazi-"Reichsadler" (an eagle-insignia) and others… Way to ruin otherways great music 🙁

  • 1 word


  • Genghis Khan approves it

  • Ich finde die Musikinstrumente geil!

  • The irony of the Mongolians using canned horse sounds..

  • Смотрю монголы в себя поверели?)))

  • Cool music, too bad there actual neo-natzis. And before you go claiming the eastern thing or the hindu thing. Check the Facebook for that biker gang. One dude has a "Natzist" patch and a swastika prominently displayed. Rationalize that because you like the music and we both know you're just motivated by selfishness.

  • To all our Relations, we give thanks for Indigenous music healing the world…Thank you Brothers…)'(

  • Кто не скачет – тот монгол!

  • This is the one of the biggest super impact to heavy metal after Appocalyptica! I respect

  • where'd you get the age of empires sample pack

  • When you and the boys are raiding a neighbor village.

  • Some pillaging , a bunch of Harley's , looking COOL and nobody gets hurt or is that HU lov it

  • These guys make the Uruk-Hai look like a bunch of schoolgirls

  • If the Gengis Khan were alive you were the singers of his kingdom

  • Boys like this have a 110% chance of stealin' your country

  • Mongolian throat singing has to be the most metal sound out there

  • Most badass shit I've seen from Mongolia since I heard they shot arrows on horseback.

  • amerikanski spionen the lot of them blyat

  • So Chuck Norris and Sea Sick Steve have love children it seems

  • I have listened to this song at least 12 times a week since I heard it the first time about 6 months ago. It just hits hard on the soul and helps get me through the tough times. Gives me a little fight in my spirit and keeps me going. Keep up the great work gentlemen.

  • This is why I love the internet; one minute you're watching a video of a family of corgis going to the vet, and suddenly you are now watching a Mongolian Metal band,

  • why tf is like total war attila intro lol

  • I’m Taiwanese but somehow I look like them , why???

  • How can you listen this with earphones? That would be such a sin! Get some loudspeaker and spread it to your neughbours!

  • Just putting out there instead of mongol cavalry now we can just get a bunch of mongols on motorcycles and give them m16’s

  • My 16 month old daughter wants only The hu for bedtime song. When she throws tantrum only The Hu songs catches her attention. Even changing diapers she will behave very well when I put the The Hu video on. She actually says Mama hu please before bedtime. And when the pandora plays different folk metal band song , she will tell me no mama, hu please. Thank you so very much guys for making my toddler HAPPY! And making bedtime so much easier and entertaining. She is in love with your amazing music and singing!

  • thanks for adding subtitles

  • Говорят в Монголии сильны идеи национализма и реваншизма. Я бы не рекомендовала. После Чингизхана русы набрались опыта и сожрали Наполеона и Гитлера. Идите нападать на Китай – русы им только энергию продают, без взаимных идеологических обнимашек. И да, Россия же поредела территорией в конце 20-го века и нас все время обвиняют завоевателями. Вы же нападите. Монгольская республика России – звучит 🙂
    И не бойтесь: мы не англосаксы, мы вас истреблять не будем. Вы сами захотите вписаться в русский мир. Собственно вы уже так делали в 1941 году. И снова захотите так сделать. Ибо 2% нациков не решают. Даже при либеральном Путине в России надо скорее охранять либерастов
    Кст, рекомендую нацикам и либерастам просто по лицу жестко руки-ноги сломать. А так они забавные зверьки.Ну когда ходить могут

  • When the Mongols are coming back, u know the world is coming to an end.. These lyrics is war prayer. War is coming to the World. They are preparing. Some of the ISIS have escaped the Kurds. I give the warning. Can't u see the similarity to George Bush the 1st. When they betrayed the Kurds in Iraq. Now Trump has done it to the Kurds again. We in the US are in trouble. How can u stop an enemy, that don't care if they die also and then can easily come in to your mist??? Only by the powers beyond this world can help u. We in the US may need it in the coming years.. N the ISIS will not stop there, they are not going to stop, till the world is either in their hands or nobody else. They are like the Mongols, in this war song, never give up, never surrender. They will take on anyone and everyone. While the other powers, will not surrender either, eventually, their be collisions of all the powers in and out of the this world. May God help those, who ask him, in these final years of the 4th age of this earth, according to my calculations. 4 ages are – null void blank age, beginning ages ( today most don't know it, forgotten), beginnings of the technological age, and now the technological and weapons age. The 5th ages, after the weapons of wars explodes, will be final age of peace and final last battle.

  • The Mongols were the Earthquake that shook the whole world. Imagine if the Chinese, Middle East or Eastern Europe was not devastated. How much more powerful they would of been. Was it not Western Europe gain power from these destruction??? They were the main power that were not weaken by them. I say if it wasn't for Mongols, Europe would be too small in population to conquer most of the world and colonize it until the modern. Your huge population in the Middle East n China Asia that would have expanded beyond their boarders. Two Middle Eastern Caliphate would have eventually be too much for Europe to hold back. The Mongols pretty much annihilated one of them. Plus, Europe would have been too busy fighting off two Caliphates, it could not have the ability to conquer the Americas. It's only the modern age that u see the Eastern Asia an Eastern Europe n even the parts of Middle East coming back where most of Mongols damage have been done. So now u see the ISIS as the Earthquake that shake the world. If it wasn't for their kind of organization, where would the World be?? Remember, it lead to the Middle East War with West and brought about the changes all over the world. It probably lead to the World Economic collapse after they destroyed the World Trade Center.

  • Well you discover something new everyday. Time to flex on the kids in my class I guess

  • This shit is really good, only fuck!

  • Я лев от колена Иудина


    Поздрав из Србије / Привет из Сербии / Hails from Serbia 👍🏻🇷🇸🍻

  • Find me a banner. We are gonna fight for The HU!

  • Du hast..du hast nicht..

  • The Mongol Imperial Army in 2019

  • From the Red Waste to the Shadow Lands beyond Ashai

  • Donde estan los comentarios en español?
    VIVA THE HU!!! m/

  • Красавчики

  • Am I the only one who thinks of dothraci from got

  • I unconsciously tamed a wild horse while listening to this.

  • Damn this is one bad ass song. Rally song you listen to when you want to get ready for a battle. Lyric and mv is perfect for the song too.

  • Муражки пошли..цууу ф

  • found this by accident and been hooked

  • When the Khergit Khanate conquers the Saranid Sultanate

  • Working out with this music playing is absolutely perfect it’s like your listening to Testosterone 🤟🏼😈

  • Wonder what that guitar-like instrument would sound like amped and with the following effects chain. Super Chorus CH-1 > Metal Zone MT-2 > Super Octave OC-3 > Reverb RV-6

  • хочу на их концерт!

  • народные русские песни

  • This song unlocks deep science

    I played it next to a pumpkin spice latte and it turned into the blood of my enemies

  • Disclaimer:
    No envoys were killed before the making of this video.

  • Americans have Indians
    Chinese have Mongolians

  • Beautiful combination of rage controlled under brilliant symphony 💕 serenity within 🌠

  • 蒙古國萬歲,

  • Ну а что… Правильные слова. Подписка. 👍

  • Uruk Hai warsong 🙂

  • Warming up since it's cold there 😉 ))


  • The Khanate Of The YouTube Horde.

  • Blessings y'all. 🐺🐾🏹✳❇❄🌪⚡🌛🌚🌜🐲🔱🐺🐺🐗🍏🍯💙💯🍯🍏🐾🐾🐾🐺🐺🐺

  • Helps NNN in channelling the balls spiritual energy oof

  • mekes me remember Pinhead, from the Ramones, anyway I love this song and this guys!

  • So Tribal… makes me want to go to war brilliant tune

  • Feckin awesome!!…. so expressive!

  • Meanwhile at the White Scars HQ

  • I’m back after a few months forgot about these guys then remembered and I’m so glad I came back

  • Music inspired by dialup tone

  • Your music is like a breath of fresh air.

  • oh no. I've fallen in love

  • i got curious and wondered what this would sound like. I fucking love this!!!

  • For once, thank you Spotify ads

  • Mongolia 💓💓💓

  • fucking epic

  • Time to reinforce the wall.

  • Дуже круто! Музика, спів, ритм!!! Це прекрасно!!!! Дякую :3

  • These lads have the potential to top the charts in europe, the music is so unique.

  • when you promised not to spill his blood so you wrap him in a carpet and run him over with your entire army.

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