The GREATEST Travel Shoe EVER For Men ! (Find Out Why) – Born Shoes👞

What’s up members of the Barrio It’s Jon, in New York City Today we’re going to talk about an often overlooked topic for travel And that’s having comfortable feet Now it might not sound that important on the surface But let me tell you a quick story A couple of years ago I was traveling in Europe and our first stop was Amsterdam I had just bought a new pair of sneakers Never broke them in Spent the first 12 hours in Amsterdam Running around town And the next morning my ankles and my feet, were sore They were hurting I could barely walk without a limp And that is the importance of traveling with good footwear So today for the first time ever on the channel I am going to be doing a product review On the one travel shoe that I just can’t leave home without Born Shoes And i’m going to tell you exactly why I am such a huge fan of these Now before we begin I do have to let you note that Born is paying me 0 dollars and 0 cents To make this review I can be as honest as I want The first reason I love them is because they’re all handcrafted So you can even see the sewing patterns on them Each shoe is hand stitched And they do it to keep them flexible Which leads to our next point They are extremely comfortable And I never thought I would say that about a non sneaker Because when I used to think about wearing shoes In my mind it was I’m going to some job Likely that I hate Or i’m going to some formal event And man this is going to be rough On my feet after a couple of hours But I was wrong Way wrong I wore these shoes all over Japan 95% of the time For one month straight I wore them throughout Mexico And I didn’t have any foot pain Ever Point number 3 They break in almost instantly Your feet slip right into them You don’t even have to waste your time tieing your shoes Sometimes I get impatient And thought extra step when you’re in a rush Can be a little bit annoying Number 4, they’re Versatile And i’ll give you an example I went to a wedding in Mexico No, it was not my wedding That I didn’t plan on attending And I wore them throughout the night With a dressy shirt And slacks Had 0 issues Even though I am a terrible dancer Now I do want to note that they’re not that formal I wouldn’t wear this to a super dressy event But if you’re in a pinch And you’re not home I think these could just about blend into any social situation More or less The only places I wouldn’t bring these Would be hiking Or athletic activities They’re not the best shoe in history But they do fit so many purposes Number 5, they’re not bad looking shoes Maybe they’re not the most stylish things ever On the Born website I know they have other varieties That I think look a little more stylish
Then the ones that I currently own But if you’re traveling And you’re siteseeing all afternoon And you want to go to a nice wine bar You want to go clubbing Whatever it is that you’re into You could wear these anywhere You’re never going to have any issues Getting into a spot that has some kind of restrictions On footwear They’re very durable I had my last pair for well over a year And i used them constantly
Before I ran into any issues I think the price point is okay I spent 95 dollars on my Born shoes They have a couple of varieties On pricing I wouldn’t expect a hand stitched shoe to be necessarily cheap But I think you get a lot of value out of them Especially if you’re someone like me Who when you’re traveling You don’t want to switch up your shoes all the time They are totally worth the value In my opinion For the amount of life that you can actually get out of them I would probably pay $150 dollars for them But Born if you’re watching this…please don’t raise prices, ok? Do I have any complaints? The only complaint that I do have about these And I touched on it before Is I wish they were a little bit trendier Maybe more stylish looking Here in New York City I actually have boots and other shoes that I wear when I want to go out out With friends to a nice place But when I’m traveling there is no substitute For these guys And lately I’ve just been packing these shoes And my hiking shoes in my suitcase I’ve stopped packing sneakers.. For longer trips I just don’t have much of a need for them anymore My female viewers may be curious is there a version for them? And the answer is yes But I have never sampled womens shoes before I know nothing about women’s fashion Women’s shoes.. Maybe I can get #TeamAdriana at some point To test them out Let me know if that’s something you guys are interested in Alright guys, i’m putting a link in the description If you want to purchase these born shoes I’m putting an amazon link Feel free to check it out
Or just go to their website Let me know in the comments if you’re interested in me doing more product reviews For travel related gear from time to time? It’s actually something I think I would like to throw into this channel Especially, when I’m at home in New York City Although speaking of New York.. We have got one month of New York content coming up I hope you guys are excited because I’ve got.. some big ideas Thank you so much for watching As always I hope you got a lot of value out of this Until next time


  • What kind of shoes/sneakers do you normally travel in? Do you want more product reviews?

  • Looks like a strong shoe for you to step on animals DONT KILL MY PET AAAHHHHH

  • Do they have medial support for those of us who suffer from overpronation?

  • what are thooooose

  • Yes, I'm game for more product reviews. Now my 2 cents. I've enjoyed the Born shoes I've owned. They're spacious in the toe box and the soles have been airy which helps keep feet dry. However they were a bit hard w/o a lot of shock support which may have been the styles I'd owned. Clarks tend to have a lot of support and already broken in feeling – plus wide widths for many style. All time favorite – Ecco. The get the "podiatric orgasm award" The original Cross models never needed breaking in, felt like the worn shoes you just threw out every time you got a new pair. I obsessed over paying up for them the 1st time but then wore the same style for 10+ years (until they shrunk in width or my foot got too wide.) Love the vids – keep up the good work.

  • Hi John. Shoe wear is very important. Thank you for informing us about the importance of footwear when travelling. We need to know this.  Thanks always for sharing. Alfonso

  • I use Adidas Trail Hike shoes and Under Armour tactical shoes. Bro those shoes look like something a Virgin would wear! Throw them away with that Hawaiian Airlines hat!

  • Great review. Just ordered a pair based on your recommendation. I had never heard of them before. Was able to find a 15% off coupon code directly with I went in to order, didn’t finish due to a problem with my credit card so left website with order still in cart. Received an email from Born Shoes encouraging me to finish the order and gave me the 15% off coupon code as incentive. I went back and although I couldn’t bring up the original order, I created a new order, the coupon was accepted, the credit card was accepted and the order completed. Shipping was free and there was no tax.

  • I think product reviews for travel are good. I frequently cruise so I don't have to pack and unpack but I am planning on doing some other travel where I may move around a bit so I look for things that will help minimize what I need to pack.

  • Interesting, never really thought about that. I do sightseeing most of the times in my vans, they're not really comfortable. Sometimes I wear my running shoes, but only if I know I'll walk 10+ Km on that day 🙂

  • Born. Born to be alive.

  • But they are ugly 🙁

  • Love them. Been wearing them for almost 20 years now, and like you, NEVER travel without them.

  • Good video Jon! I'm a woman & I bought a cheap, nearly new pair of Born sandals from a thrift store…not the most stylish, but SO comfortable!! So this makes sense. I'll have to hunt down a pair for my husband when we go to NYC.😊 Thanks!!👏

  • Yes, more travel clothing reviews. Ministry of Supply, Aviator, Wool & Prince, Bluffworks and more. I want to pack minimal, so very interested in super fabrics that can handle wrinkles and dirt while traveling.

  • Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Bornshoes on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/bornshoes-review/ Thanks, Benjamin.

  • 1. These are hideous.
    2. Look at vivo shoes.
    3. Thank me later.

  • Thanks for posting. I did not know about Born shoes before.

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