The Gospel of John (2003 Full Movie) [HD]




    Learn all about these Biblical truths and much more (including what you truly MUST DO to obtain eternal life!) in the book … "Undeniable Biblical Proof Jesus Christ Will Return To Planet Earth Exactly 2,000 Years After The Year Of His Death."


  • Remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy of obligations and Christ prescribed Saturday to be the Sabbath day in full filling that law and the Roman's change it to Sunday without authority from Our Heavenly Father

  • After the archangel Gabriel asked the devil for aide into stealing 7 stars from my head about his Muhammad and the nation of Islam, Christ said even the ones who Pierce him will know his Vengeance

  • The archangel Gabriel took side counsel from fallen angels of Azzezel Jibrel and Satan with Muhammad in a isolated language Arabic and blasphemy

  • The archangel Gabriel appeared to Daniel between the Roman's lion dens and Zachariah after Christ told us that no noweth the hour of his return

  • I am the women born with a veil written in the Old Testament Revelation Chapters and have a right, duty and obligations under his Covenant to share this Revelation , Bind the commandments upon a tablet of your heart, it'll show up there of his Covenant and let not man, angels,hybrid nor beast come between serving Our Heavenly Father on these battle grounds between good and evil.

  • Whosoever remove prophecy it'll show up there in the heart💘 with the arrow through it. I am Our Heavenly Father last prophet

  • Was it not Christ who told us of Our Heavenly Father and his Holy Spirit

  • Our Heavenly Father said love thy neighbors and Christ is his son, do you see love in a Thorn Crown that bleeds?

  • I love you and know that I think about you every time I love you so much and whatever choice you made for me I'll go with it in the name of Jesus

  • These SUBTITLES are so corrupt they are blasphemous! Yeshua, speaking about the Scriptures testifying about him, the subs say "These very SPOOKY speak about me…." and again, "…that I should raise the BALL to life…" AND :"Beasts speak on my behalf…" And many more! WHY don't these at least check their work, seeing that it is the sacred WORD of God that they are giving us?! I also noticed that no one else has mentioned this!

  • Lord please touch my spirit my mind n body Idk whats wrong with me I guess the devil is attacking me n but please put you in my life cause without you Lord I'm nothing n also I'm 6 months pregnant .. I need you rn to deal me n my situations in Jesus name amen


  • God bless everyone amen

  • This is urgent pray request please pray for me my husband and business because 4,5,mth not success, for that so i have very tension please

  • In the beginning God used the word to pervert and distort the truth of all living things and take credit for that which He deserves none. God is a bully and a coward harming all living things and claiming ownership over a planet He did not make.

    Jesus and Satan are on the same team. It is all about stealing human soul energy while hiding behind the scenes like the pussy cowards they are.

  • I love you Jesus

  • I am returned but no one believe me

  • 3.4k people don't know Jesus

  • I really love the first miracle. To make wine from grapes it takes 6 months in normal way of fermentation to make it bit tasty bitter and alcoholic. But years to make it perfectly flavorful



  • God's love is eternal. Lord, forgive us, for we are mere mortal. We do not ask for anything, but love. I pray that your answers are right, in every way. And that our World be righteous, and holy. To Jesus I pray, that he answer us aswell. With a pure heart we pray. Amen.

  • Jesus is our Saviour & our Lord. King of kings, & Lord of lords. He is the way, the truth, & the light. If you haven't already, give yourself to Jesus & get baptized so you can meet the Lord in the air on the last day.

  • I better educate this good bunch of people! Here goes! Jesus does not have a last name,he is Jesus from Nazareth. Moses ,mark ,David ,Noah,and everyone else in the bible only have one name because we are 1. Last name separate us and that's the bottom line because billy boy says so ! Thank you !

  • I believe our father, sounds better then calling him God! Agree! Disagree!

  • I don't know think Jesus would want us to bow down to him ,I believe he would want us to embrace him !

  • Our father saved me when I was very I'll with an infection. He told me if I truly believe he would get rid of the infection out of me ,but he also told me if I go to the hospital, he would not help me there, so I laid on the couch for 10 days drinking nothing but water, and praying, and,like he told me the infection which the doctors said would never go away came out,but for 3 of those 10 days I was in major pain ,and our father said to me ,William you could not handle the pain ,my son had endured, but you will feel a quarter of his pain and you will probably want to go to the hospital, but don't because I will cure you. I couldn't believe what I was enduring,the most pain ever in my 49 year's but the infection was coming out my backside, there was so much my friend was devastated watching me ,but it all came out! Praise our father, son,and holy spirit, and the spilled ink mark on my friends carpet, that is in the shape of a cross,it saved me that's all I kept looking at ! Amen !

  • Jesus is our savior ! Amen !

  • A true pastor would have just enough money to eat and pay rent ,and have a bed to sleep on!

  • We are in 2019 and still there are people who believing in religions .. hell and heaven..Adam and Eve 😂😂 wake up people!! Believe in science

  • Who else watched this whole video and woke up to how the world works. Jesus truly does give sight to the blind.

  • i love you jesus

  • Joshua was born
    In Greek family he was not Juice stop light the people

  • This is by far one of the best movies and biblically accurate I have seen

  • You feal I can't do mericles

  • They were/are black to this very day.

  • But I hear to stay


  • Concerning the ad on the study of Genesis, the Hebrew Bible.
    The Jewish people have a lot to teach us about God, but at this point in time , they do not believe in the Creation correctly .
    They believe that man was created both good and evil to alleviate having to justify the existence of sin and ofJesus.
    Believing this, they are making God both good and evil, which is
    blasphemous and
    utterly and completely ereoneous since God made us originally in His image before the fall of man into disobedience or sin.
    This movie is quoting a translation, which is either the Living Bible or the Living Bible translation , not the KJV.
    This is a very good movie though

  • 2:13:11 to learn Figures of Speech ; channel : The Shepherds Chapel Official .

  • i am an Korean
    i didn't even know about jesus before
    he is awesome !!
    and he is my super hero !!
    i have realized how to live by reading bible
    thank you so much jesus
    you are the best teacher to all of us
    and a saver of the world

  • Day 1 … so glad i found this video. It is late now. Will continue to watch at 16:51
    Lord Jesus thank you for these videos which help us know You better and praise Your Holy name. Only begotten Son of God help me grow stronger in my faith every day. My prayer is that my husband, my sons and I surrender our lives to You completely. Have mercy on us Lord and help us lead lives that will make us worthy to enter the kingdom of Heaven to be in the presence of the Holy Trinity and our beautiful Mother Mary..

  • Quite lovely. Pity about SO many mistakes. Doesn't even make sense in most sentences??

  • The guy is worse than a broken record. I AM the ants pants, why don't you believe me, you must believe me because I say so, I AM the ants pants.

  • I love Jesus so much !!!

  • Why did they not talk about how Jesus picked uip the ear of the soldier that peter had cut off and put it back on again! And it was a temple guard not a slave who lost his ear. This presentation got a few things wrong.

  • Halalueh all praise & glory to my Lord & savior jesus Christ forever & ever

  • My Mercies are new every morning!

  • a word here a word there persisting till I bare fruit! a good tree baring good fruit! and he will have an abundance!!!

  • Christ has not been crucified, if I prove it to you from your Bible, do you leave Christianity and become a Muslim

  • I thought the man with the dying son walked not rode a horse?

  • There is no JESUS get over it.

  • See You in another life brother!


  • ☝🙌🙏

  • I love you Jesus thank you for making us a great enough amen

  • My favorite book in the Bible…

  • No one knows the hour, but the Father…

  • My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer that spread to his bones almost two years ago. I watch this movie every single night and it brings me comfort. Praise God and God bless you for posting this.

  • Who will join me to give Jesus a 1k likes?

  • Nice narrator voice for this movie clip.

  • End Time Bible Prophecy Timeline

  • Jesus Christ himself said that the hour , the time no one would know not even Him in Matthew Chapters 24 & 25 . Papa God and His Son Jesus Christ Love us very much! This is so Ture & Simple John 3:16 but it will ultimately be our Choice to accept and follow Him all our days and a continual Choice in this walk also to be ready upon this day when the Trumpet Sounds . It is eminent that Jesus Christ is the Son of our God and our Savior and all else here is correct but the statement that he may come in a specific time in our Chronos compared to Kairos Timing. One thing is certain whether He comes back during our Lifetime or not and this is that we will die, our mortal bodies will die and so will our Souls without our Savior.This we can surely count on where we do not know the day or hour either. Say Yes to Him and His Ways always and see Their Salvation in all areas of our Lives. "Keep Watch" ~> Great Movie by the way; thanks for post~>>> Bless you all ~>>> Jesus is Lord & of all ~.

  • I was so into this until the ONE black guy in the whole movie got his ear cut off smh.
    And then the whole crucifixion part was flubbed. Pilot didn't wash his hands? Missing dialog on the cross? Holes in his wrists?

  • I Love you JESUS! You are our GOD! the CREATOR of the Universe!

  • Thoroughly enjoyed the film, unfortunately, the closed captioning was HORRIBLY inaccurate to the film.


  • 🛐⚔️Come⚔️Lord✝️JESUS🛐

  • Very good movie! God bless!! We are Greeks and we make motivational videos from the Greek Bible with English subtitles.

  • Thank you

  • Por favor não tem como colocarem filmes dublados ou legendados em português, estamos no Brasil, onde ainda existem analfabetos, como querem que venham a entender inglês, hoje já teve a história de Rute e este filme de agora João se não estou enganada. obrigada pela oportunidade.

  • I’m trying to become a believer once again. Lord help me ❤️

  • John

  • "The word is true but do not watch the flesh. The body of life is life🙌🌹🐔🔥👱🌾💫🐑🐦🐠🌴🌍🌈👁Behold life is life and yet life is here

  • Thanks U Tub.
    for this ghosple of John. film

  • What a movie this is, goosebumps for each scene, Lord I m not worthy that you shall enter into my roof, but my Lord please say one word so that my soul shall heal Amen

  • Jesus what a wonder you are. Your mercy & love knows no end, yet, while we were yet sinners, you died for us so we can have eternal life. No love on earth even comes close to the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Forever grateful you are the Light of the world.

  • Amen shalom haleluyah💕

  • 666

  • Jesus Es Amor !! AMEN

  • Jesus esta en mi corazon, Jesus is my Heart ❤️

  • What a beautiful rendition of the gospel!

  • Jesus Christ is the true the life.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏Jesus Christ is my God.

  • Amen.🖤❤🖤

  • One issue Yahushua noted that the destruction of the Temple would be in one generation. A generation is forty years. That destruction occurred in 70 AD forty years after his crucifixion. Which was in 30 AD which is the only year that the third day of the feast of firstfruits was also the first day of the week. It would be wise of you all to complete your research before making public statements. Yahusha was born during the only feast that has eight days that is the feast of Tabernacles which he came to tabernacle with us Emmanuel. He was baptized thirty years later 26 AD presented the sermon on the mount on the Day of Pentecost 27 AD and was crucified at Passover 30 AD. Both John Baptist and Yahushua in 26 AD came forth preaching, Repent for the kingdom of Heaven is now available. And the presenting the Messianic Covenant on the Day of Pentecost 27 AD narked the beginning of the last two days of Adam's workweekof six days, the first two days was Adam unto Abraham the second two days were Abraham unto Messiah and we have seen the last two days the age of grace the church. Thanks, Dr. Rabbi Mullins Ph.D.

  • thank you for the movie. this movie based on an New and Improved Version which leaves out almost 7000 words and you left out Peter walking on water to Jesus. When you read the EASY version you miss out on many of Jesus' miracles that those who printed the EASY version didn't believe in. The cockcrow is not a rooster!! LOL You're killin me. Its the watch calling "all is clear" the cockcrow watch. How do you calculate that Jesus will return in a particular year when he  himself said no man may know the hour or the day of my return. Every time the script has Jesus saying something other than what is in the actual red lettering, you are teaching falsely. The script added words and scenes – another bad thing. Man oh man…

  • Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ!!

  • God Bless you for this Video. Jesus my Lord and saviour

  • I fell to my knees earlier this year when a beautiful light came apon me… Thank you for saving me. I love you Lord Jesus Christ Amen 🙏

  • I hate the way this film portrays Jesus, alot of key stuff is getting left out

  • Please lord help me change and put me into the right path

  • Watching this right now 🙏🙏

  • God in the flesh baptised by a man in water hmmmm! Why would God manifest himself in to flesh and walk amongst Men just to prove his existence, and why would he even die for sins he didn't commit ?? That's not Godly. From what I've read in the Bible and the movies I've watched, he didn't die willingly. He was murdered on a cross through crucifixion. ie [ Crucified ] . So from my overstanding he didn't die for your sins instead, he was forcefully crucified or murdered for your sins. "Every man shall carry his own cross" One question! Is he the son or sun of God or God in the flesh ??? Which one amongst these three is correct?

  • I’m a new Christian and I am hungry for God. I wanna get baptized. I love God and am now going to read John in the Bible.

  • Is he “telling us the truth “?…
    He says it enough times!

  • All atheists sadly lack intelligence

  • I enjoyed this very much

  • i lov e jesus and jehovah they are my happiness in my life i put my trust in you

  • I just have one thing to say how can we escape if we need glitz so great Salvation?

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