The Fer-de-Lance

Oh, jeez. Oh, wow. Wow! Is this how you typically catch venomous
snakes in the wild? – You put them in a tube?
– Mm hmm. It is very safe. – Unless you let go of the tail and
then it [whooshing noise] And it seems a little agitated. – Can I touch it?
– It is a very nervous snake. The local people thought it’s a
rattlesnake. They think it’s a rattlesnake because of the tail?
– Mm hmm. So, we’re here with Pablo again, and he has found a fer-de-lance snake. – What can you tell us about the snake?
– It’s a venomous snake, very common in the Amazon basin. – It’s very aggressive, this snake.
– Yeah. – Whoaaoaaaaooaahhhh! – [laughter]
– Ow, woah, oh God! He’s not happy! Oh, jeez! Oh my gosh, I think it left a fang in
the handle of your thing. – Oh, God.
– One fang. – Don’t touch that! It’s got venom on it!
– No, I don’t have injuries in my finger. – [laughter]
– Oh gosh. Wow. Wow! – The snake is attracted to communities,
due to… because of the rats. – Yeah, right! Exactly. So really they’re
coming in and they’re responsible for pest control. – Where did you find it?
– I found it last night, in the entry of one of the trails.
– Oh! That’s reassuring! – Across the trail.
– Was it like, in the middle of the trail? – Yeah, in the middle of the trail.
– Oh great, ’cause I’ve been walking around in my sandals at night.
– …waiting for somebody without boots. – [laughter]
– Oh God! Aaaaahh.

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