The Best Mobile Phone Vlogging Rig?

(calm music) – I am playing with a new toy, as you can see here. You wanna know what this is? Stick around and I’ll share with you what it is coming right up. (rock music) Hey everybody, what’s happening? Claudio Zavala Jr. here, and welcome to a brand new video. If this is your first time here, first of all, thank you so
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thank you for coming back. If you’re interested in seeing more videos like this one I share every Tuesday. Consider subscribing to
the channel by clicking on the Subscribe icon you see over here, and then turning on the bell so you can be notified when a new video pops up. So this rig that I was sharing with you at the beginning, I’m
calling the Friendmaker 2.0. If you’ve not seen the
original Friendmaker, I’ll have a link in the description below, as well as a link up here,
that you can check out. A couple of years ago, I created this rig I called the Friendmaker. I used it to walk around at conferences, do interviews with people,
set it up on tables. I also did it to vlog. Since then I’ve been kinda tweaking it, and making modifications. Things that work better for me, things that I like more. So, what I wanna share with
you are those modifications and changes that I’ve made. So what I’ve kept from
the original Friendmaker is this part right here, which is the Beastgrip Pro, as well as this LED light by Peek Light. If you’re not familiar
with the Beastgrip Pro, what it allows me to do
is use my mobile phone, in this case my Samsung S10, and shoot video or photography
and have some attachments like this wide angle lens and
really expands the creativity of what I can do with my mobile phone. So now let me share with you the new additions to the Friendmaker 2.0. First up is this, the SwitchPod tripod. I’ve had the SwitchPod for about a month, and I have to say, it has
exceeded by expectations. A couple of reasons why
I’m using the SwitchPod now for the Friendmaker 2.0, first
off, it’s easy to fold up. Look how much space it takes. And when I open it up like
that, I can set it on a table and film from a far off and be hands free. And secondly, the way that it’s angled, it works perfectly for taking
selfies or recording vlogs. I went ahead and added
my own ball head here, so what I’m gonna do now is
attach it to the Beastgrip Pro. There we go, boom. The next addition is this,
the Rode Wireless Go. This is the wireless microphone setup that I’m using now for
the Friendmaker 2.0. The setup comes with a
transmitter and receiver, the microphone itself you
can clip it onto your shirt. With the addition of a
Lavalier, which I added myself, you can plug it into the microphone and have the lapel either
clinged to your shirt or you can hide it underneath a jacket or somewhat position it
so it’s out of the way. In this case, I’m just gonna go ahead and place it onto my t-shirt. Now as you can see, I’ve
attached the lapel microphone to my t-shirt here, and then plugged it into the actual microphone now that this will be transmitting the
audio to the receiver that I’ll attach here
to the Beastgrip here. So now I’ll attach the receiver
to the Friendmaker here, and plug in the microphone into my phone. And voila, the whole thing
is set up, ready to go. So what I’m gonna do
here, is I’m gonna kind of head on out and do a little demo video. So I’ll be right back. Okay so let’s go ahead and give you a quick demo of the Friendmaker 2.0. I’m out here in my front
yard, and I turned on the LED because I’m standing
underneath a tree right now, and the microphone works out just great. I heard some dogs barking.
I don’t hear them now, they’re a little quiet, but
because the wireless setup and it’s a lapel, the
audio should be nice. And then the SwitchPod,
the way it’s angled, I’m able to keep my
arm tucked into my body so I’m not having to do
this if I’m recording. Plus the angle looks kind of
weird, so I can keep it close. As I walk and talk, if I want
to I can switch hands now. Use that little shake there. And free this hand up. I can do some 360 shots like this. And be creative with whatever
way you want to vlog. And lastly, because of the SwitchPod, I can open up the legs if I
wanted to, set it up on a car, like that one there, finish up my vlog. Or if I were at a park, put
it on a table and sit down. Just opens up the possibilities
of what you can do when you’re recording video,
whether you’re vlogging or just doing your own stuff. So let’s go ahead and head back inside and finish up this tutorial. All right so I’m back. Let me go ahead and put
this out of the way. So as you can see, there’s
a great way to head on out. If you’re going to do interviews,
if you’re going to set it up on a table and record
yourself, or if you’re gonna do some type of vlogging,
if you’re on vacation. Perfect setup, it’s very small. You can pack it up in your suitcase. Put it in a small
backpack, carry it with you and then just take it out, hold it, record, and you’re good to go. If you’re interested in making
your own Friendmaker 2.0, I’ll have all the links and all the gear in the description below. Let me know what you
thought about this video. If you want any ore information
about the Friendmaker 2.0 or you have your own version of it, please do share it in the
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  • Would you consider putting together a Friendmaker 2.0?
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