• Plz can I have the pure chaos's here's my list:
    5. I would go with Messi pure agility with laces it's quite comfortable expect once when I went to buy adidas shoes I went through adidas shoes and it had a thing on the side on the inside witch I didn't like but one of my teammates really like them he uses all the time.
    4.i would go with the mercurial vapour 11 from the floodlight pack / the CR7 chapter 3 superfly's,(except the superfly's) I've had them and there pretty good and comfortable and are for aggressive player like attackers and more attackive midfielders that like to out pace their defenders but I would say there good but not good enough to be at the top 3.
    3. For number 3 I would say 16.1/17.1/ 16.2/17.2 and sow on some of my teammates have them and there pretty good they say they're comfortable and are great for Sunday league and are great for turning and an average pace.
    2. I would say the hypervenom phantom 3's/ hypervenom phelon 3's and again some of my teammates have them and they say they're good for changing direction and running with pace and good for shooting with power and accuracy at the same time.
    1. Now my most favourite kids football boot of all time is the…… ace 17+ pure control you probably guessed it already but I've got them and I've had them one the first week it came out and I tested them and I absolutely fell in love with them the lockdown is great the grip with the ball is great the control you have over the ball like my uncle said either you control the ball or the ball controls you so the ace's help me control the ball a lot better the padding is great especially on the toe box area and the sides but when I first got them my heel would ache after games but then it got better it's a really good boot a really good purchase yes, it might be expensive but it's excellent for it price I would highly recommend it for someone only if they have a high budget. Jay mike I really hope you give me the purechaos's please get in contact with me if I win witch I hope I do

  • i am a fan of you i always watch your vids

  • It depends what u define as a kids boot cause I'm 12 and I wear size 9.5s

  • my top five boots for kids are 1. Mercurial superfly2. Adidas x purespeed 17+3. ace purecontrol 4. Adidas nemeziz 17+360 agility5. Junior mercurial vapor

  • I am 11 and wear kids magista onda 2 df (size 5)

  • Plz can you give me hypervenom 3 df

  • jay mike said x 16+ purecontrol. thats is ace

  • Hi

  • Love it! But the problem is that it is too expensive

  • I'm child and my boots IS Superfly V

  • My top five:
    Superfly V
    Ace 17+
    Phantom 3
    X 17+
    Vapor Flyknit ultra

  • Please give me a stud

  • Glory Glory Man United!!!

  • What happend to the Nemezis

  • i like the last boot

  • All are costly in India the
    5 is 4000 rupees in

  • I have cr7 boots and im 10

  • In my list

    1.CR7chapter 5 superflu

    2.Nemesis messi 17.1


    4.Adidas X

    5.Adidas ace 17

  • Where is the superfly is personally my fav

  • The Nb shoes are the ones I have


  • Predator 18

  • Can you Do One more video in 2018

  • For Best kids boot.

  • Ayyyyy lol I have the X16

  • I need the nike hypervenom please

  • hello you can send me a nike boots green colour neymar 2017 boots

  • My kid also want Pure chaos But It's not available near my hous It's very nice

  • i live in mongolia and the currency here is pretty low…
    and 500 euros is quite expensive ☹️☹️

  • I'm 13 and I have  the X 17+ Purespeed FG J and I really do like them because they are super light and comfortable, so in that, case i think the purespeed are also a good choice.

  • Please lend me a puma evotouch please . I have never got branded football shoes.

  • I’m 9 and I got the pure chaos before I saw this so I’m lucky

  • 4:02 he said purecnotrol lol

  • in my club,the nicer the boots, the more the player couldnt play
    Money/nice boots=no skillz

  • You are very stupid whoever you are

  • Can I please have the messi boots so I can Proceed In Football So I Can Be Better And it'll Give Me Confidence In My Football.

    Unisport I love your video's I've liked all the video's you've guys did and i subbed and turned on my non-fications so i will never miss a brand new video.

  • I’m a kid and I use a predator…..

  • You said purecontrol instead of purechaos.

  • Sir can I have a hyper venom and x160 please plese

  • Please, please can I win a Messi 16.1
    Why I want it
    First thing I love it.
    Second thing I don't have a chance to win other shoes.
    This is my last hope.
    I really want it.
    I pay great respect to your channel.
    If I win please contact me.
    Thank you, sir

  • I am waiting to see if I can win

  • We should choose boots according to the following

    Grip on the surface
    Brand and colour you like

  • excuse me do you only mean 8 and younger cause I am ten and I have the second best shoe and I don't care about it i could have the worst football boot and still be grateful

  • The superfly
    The Neymar vapor 11
    The Adidas nemeziz
    The Puma evo speed

  • 1 addidas goletto

  • i am 12 years old and i wear eu 42
    so i can buy adult football boots

  • i love the hypervenom icoldnt get it unlucky me the sock is so good it and comfortable

  • magista, preadator,hypervenom,magista obra,purecontrol 17+

  • Hi Unisport!I am a CAM/RW/LW for my team I am 10 years and I live in India.I currently use Adidas pure control 16+ I wanna get new pair of boots.I prefer Adidas.Can you suggest some?

  • Can I have X16+purechaos of 6 size.Here is my list
    1.X16+pure chaos
    2.nemeziz 17+
    3.Hypervenom 6
    4.predator 18.1
    5.Nike mercurial

  • I need soccer shoes kid from messi

  • adidas nemeziz

  • Inspiring video

  • I need new boots my cleats are size 3 and i have no money to buy new ones

  • My most favorite is Nike mercurial Superfly 5

  • i would also go with messi pure agility because it is comfortable and good for dribling and shooting i went one day to adidas shop at morning there were no messi pure boot they said it will come tommorow next i went at morning but it had finished they shown me the bill of people buyed it that day i was surprised

  • Where to buy them from

  • i like your thumbnail

  • How much are they?

  • Yup no one will ever hate these boots

  • All of these boots are not hate there all love

  • My top v kids boots kids say they want these boots they say i do not like how I look in these when they don’t know if they will regret

  • Er du fra Danmark så like vis du eller hvad du nu vil

  • Kid boots

  • All the ones that you picked

  • 4:02 you said x16+ purecontrol. I think u mean purechaos

  • Were is your shop

  • Vapor 11 juniors??

  • how much messi 16.1

  • I love Ronaldo stuts

  • X 16+ pure control??!

  • Hi, I am from India . In India we will not play football but kids can play football with turf shoes . Can you please suggest some turf shoes for kids. Pls pls thank you

  • I am only 10 yrs old

  • Which place are you living

  • Can you make a video for best boots in india

  • 1. Nike mercurial superfly 5 blue and orange
    2. Adidas nemeziz
    3. Nike hypervenom panthom 3
    4. Adidas X 17.4 gold
    5.adidas predetor

  • Can they fit a 12 yr old

  • Congrats for 1million

  • love you unisport i watch your videos everyday

  • I need better boots I have $15 dollar boots

  • I need better boots I have $15 dollar boots

  • My top is HyperVenom

  • Good boots it was very useful me

  • Top teenagers boots pls

  • The best one is hyperveno 3 DF

  • Visaro 2 control boots where are you brand answer Adidas Nike pleas reply

  • did you know that Messi makes a mess in his house.

  • for as top pick for kids it would be the nike mercurial cr7 because it is cheap and it's a high quality cleat

  • Is KIDS' ADIDAS NEMEZIZ 17.4 FXG J good boot

  • we want one boot

  • is the vigor in kids version still comfortable?

  • my top 5 football shoes MERCURIAL SUPERFLY out of this world
    2.adidas messi numaziz 18.2 MERCURIAL VAPOR neymar
    4.adidas preditor 18.1 Pogba MERCURIAL SUPERFLY 360.

  • I don’t know why I’m watching this

  • Are you from Italy I from Italy

  • Hyper venom 3 df

  • ? I need Adidas originals boots and Nike originals boots my home is in Nepal can u give me I am 9 years old

  • Nike hypervenom 3 is the best 👍💯

  • I love manchester united

  • When Willi get my football boots

  • wow

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