The Best And Worst Dressed Celebs Of 2019

2019 was quite a fashionable year. Some of our favorite celebs rocked every single
red carpet like they owned it, while others unfortunately completely missed the mark and
left us wondering, “What on earth were they thinking?” We bring you the best and worst dressed stars
of 2019. Not only did Jennifer Lopez celebrate her
50th birthday in 2019, she also showed the world that fashion has no age limit! This songstress has always had a thing for
clothing, and this year was no different. Whether she was baring her out-of-this-world
body on the set of Hustlers or reprising that green Versace dress from the 2000 Grammys,
J.Lo could do no wrong. We aren’t the only ones who think she’s worthy
of being the industry’s best-dressed celeb. In 2019, she was honored with the Fashion
Icon award at the CFDA Fashion Awards. “This year, like, you won the icon… Fashion Icon award.” As the CFDA Chairwoman, designer Diane von
Furstenberg, said: “Jennifer Lopez uses clothes as a way to express
confidence and power.” We agree! For the ceremony, Lopez wore a stunning orange
crop top with a matching skirt and flowy train designed by Ralph Lauren Collection. Altogether, the getup was covered in over
43,000 crystals. All hail the fashion queen! 2019 marked three years since Céline Dion
lost her husband, René Angélil, to throat cancer. Since then, the megastar has not only stepped
out with a new man, she’s also kicked things up a notch in the fashion department. Dion hit up countless couture fashion shows
in 2019, and each appearance proved just how much she’s willing to push the envelope. “It’s ok, it’s ok. I’m Celine Dion.” While attending Valentino’s Haute Couture
Show, she donned the designer’s white, long-sleeved number, complete with a mock neck, feather
embellishments on the sleeves and hem, and dashes of color on the front. Yellow teardrop earrings and beachy waves
in her hair completed her look. Basically, the last year of the decade marked
Dion’s complete transition from her conservative outfits of the past to her new va-va-voom
persona. And we must say, we’re loving it! Not everyone has been a fan of the couture
queen’s change in style, though. But she couldn’t care any less. Regarding her new style aesthetic, she told
The Sun: “If you like it, I’ll be there. If you don’t, leave me alone.” Amen, sister! 2019 was the year of Timothée Chalamet, but
not always in a positive way. Case in point: the tiny Eiffel Tower key chain
he showcased at the December 2019 Paris premiere of Little Women. Everyone was puzzled as he held on tightly
to the trinket, and it was later revealed the key chain was a gift from a fan. Although it’s adorable that he would flaunt
the keepsake on the red carpet, it really took the attention away from his attire. That wasn’t the only accessory he’s had that
made heads turn. Chalamet attended the Golden Globes in a contraption
that many assumed was a sex harness. It began to trend all over the web, up until
it was revealed the harness was actually an “embellished bib” designed by Louis Vuitton. The actor completed the monochromatic outfit
with a black shirt, black pants, and black boots. If Chalamet continues to confuse us by wearing
random trinkets and questionable attire on the red carpet, he’ll surely find himself
on our worst-dressed list once again! We knew Gemma Chan had amazing style potential
when she showed up at the Oscars wearing a head-turning Valentino couture gown. While that controversial outfit unfortunately
earned her a spot on worst-dressed lists around the web, one of her most noteworthy looks
of the year was what she served up at the Met Gala. With the theme of “camp,” Chan wore an eye-catching
dress made out of chainmail by Tom Ford, complete with a matching silver cape and heels. And we can’t forget her dramatic headpiece,
which was inspired by Elizabeth Taylor’s appearance in the film Boom! Chan told Vogue UK, “We wanted to make sure this was a chance
for Tom to give his interpretation of the theme of camp, along the lines of extravagance,
excess.” In our opinion, Chan succeeded, stealing the
show with style and grace. We had an inkling 2019 would be a fashion
flop for Julianne Hough when she donned a two-piece gold number and matching jacket
to the Billboard Awards. Little did we know, the Dancing with the Stars
winner had a whole arsenal of cringe-worthy outfits to don all year long. At the October premiere of Netflix’s Dolly
Parton’s Heartstrings, Hough wore a pale, long-sleeved mini dress covered in white,
frilly flower embroidery designed by Alessandra Rich. Her mock turtleneck and the hems of her sleeves
and dress had a ruffle embellishment, and the sash around her waist was made of a silk-like
material. Hough, who stars as Jolene in the series,
opted for a pair of shiny chandelier earrings and silver pumps to round out her look. The silver lining in this fashion bomb is
definitely her earrings, which Hough told Entertainment Tonight she borrowed from Parton
herself. Even with that, we sadly have to give this
look a thumbs down. Regina King dazzled on every red carpet throughout
2019 as she tailored her signature style of shoulder-baring and leggy ensembles. And she really knocked our socks off when
she wore a white strapless Oscar de la Renta gown to the 2019 Oscars. But the actress didn’t stop there. She later lit up the 11th Annual Governors
Awards in a Ralph & Russo white-and-champagne beaded number. Her braided hair had purple accents and was
pulled to the side in a low bun, and King kept her makeup minimal to allow her gold
earrings to act as the focal point of her look. It’s clear King knows which silhouettes flatter
her immaculate shape, but we have to give some credit to the team who’s helped create
her signature style, which her stylists say sends a message of strength. As Wayman Bannerman, who styles the actress
alongside Micah McDonald, told People, “Regina is a force and we believe she exudes
that on the carpet.” Hats off to one of this year’s best-dressed
stars! Kacey Musgraves started off 2019 with a bang
when she took home four Grammys. Getting thrust into the spotlight meant Musgraves’
fashion choices would also take center stage at many highly publicized events. And we were really hoping that her signature
retro style would pull through. Sadly, it flopped. We thought her green, multi-tiered David Koma
dress at the iHeartRadio Music Awards was just a minor misstep, but we now realize Musgraves
might be in need of a style intervention. While attending Variety’s Hitmakers brunch,
she wore a pink plaid coat with a contrasting black lapel that practically swallowed her
whole, along with a matching blazer by designer Tanya Taylor. The starlet paired her outfit with a pair
of blue jeans and white Stuart Weitzman pumps. We just wish she’d left the humongous coat
at home and simply wore the blazer by itself – sometimes less is more. When Charlize Theron wasn’t attending an award
show in 2019, she was on a press tour for Bombshell – and looked like a million bucks
every step of the way. The actress pulled out all the stops and ultimately
showed the world why she’s still considered one of the best-dressed stars. One look in particular was a black Dior number
she wore to the movie’s US premiere. The vampy, spaghetti strap dress included
a plunging V-neckline and a fringe design at the hem. So, how does Theron manage to consistently
nail everything she wears? She told WWD she’s lucky enough to have the
support of generous people who send her really nice pieces. She said, “I’m so fortunate to be in that position because
my closet is always filling up with these amazing gifts.” However, Theron does realize she could never
wear everything she’s gifted, so her friends get first dibs on the extra things in her
closet. Nicki Minaj’s style has been on a constant
rollercoaster. She went from a wacky wardrobe during her
Pink Friday era to a more demure aesthetic that even we couldn’t help but rave about. But as we kicked off 2019, we realized Minaj
was back on the outlandish fashion bandwagon, wearing pieces that have no business seeing
the light of day. Take her Met Gala dress, for example. With a theme of “camp,” we expected the entertainer
to go all out by wearing a theatrical gown that would steal the show. Instead, her Prabal Gurung gown was a flop. The baby pink dress included a sweetheart
neckline that showed way more skin than necessary, shiny crystals dripping down the bodice, and
a bunched-up silk taffeta train. Meanwhile, her custom-made, lace-up sandals
by Brother Vellies were more of an eyesore – so we weren’t the least bit surprised when
Minaj made Footwear News’ worst-dressed list for the extravagant event, as well. Ciara is one of many artists who has crossed
over from musician to a style icon. Even the fashion industry took notice of her
impeccable sense of fashion when Roberto Cavalli tapped her to be the fashion house’s brand
ambassador in 2015. Years later, designers are still clamoring
to drape the statuesque entertainer in their coveted pieces, and Ciara slays each and every
item like a boss. The versatility in her 2019 looks ranged from
haute couture at the BET Awards to subtle yet risky at the year’s American Music Awards
press day event. The dark blue Aliétte leather dress looked
striking against her dark hair and smoky eye shadow. A huge, exaggerated bow sat at one hip of
the dress. To tone down her look a bit, Ciara opted for
a pair of classy black sandals. When it comes to getting all dolled up, Ciara
means business. She told Footwear News: “You have to know who you are when it comes
to fashion and expressing yourself as an artist because that’s a huge part of how people remember
you.” No wonder she’s constantly hitting a fashion
home run! We expected Katy Perry to look like a princess
all year long, but something was askew with her fashion choices. The artist attempted to wow us with this strapless
Balmain getup at the 2019 Grammys. But the shiny pink and silver bodice, in combination
with the pink papier-mâché-esque monstrosity on the lower half of her body, solidified
her spot as one of the year’s worst-dressed stars. The American Idol judge’s outfit even became
the source of various memes, including one image where a crafty internet user turned
the singer into a paint roller. Perry took it all in stride and reposted the
meme to her Instagram with the caption: “hi to whoever made this edit.” We’re glad she can laugh at herself, but Perry’s
2019 fashion choices are no laughing matter. Aside from the misstep she donned at the Grammys,
she also showed up to the Met Gala dressed as a “human chandelier.” Here’s to Perry getting a style intervention
before it’s too late! Dan Levy doesn’t just play fashion-obsessed
character David on Schitt’s Creek, he’s also a fashion connoisseur in real life. Levy even pulls pieces from his own wardrobe
to wear on the show. “I remember at the time thinking ‘That could
be a great piece,” so I spent about a month-and-a-half scouring the internet for it and I finally
found it on eBay.” So, the fact that Levy owned the red carpet
in 2019 is no big surprise. He has emerged as a fashion trendsetter who
knows how to mix and match pieces to precision. At the MTV Movie and TV Awards, Levy was a
winner in his bright red Alexander McQueen suit and white Burberry shirt with a paperclip
motif around the collar. Levy exudes confidence on and off the screen
and hopes others can also find the courage to be proud of their own unique style aesthetic. “I think you have to feel comfortable in the
clothes you’re wearing, because if you’re uncomfortable, people can see, and people
can tell, and that’s not a good look.” At any given award show, you’re bound to see
countless two-piece suits. But Shawn Mendes really owned the menswear
attire in 2019, thanks in part to his penchant for donning colorful fabrics. At the MTV Video Music Awards, Mendes rocked
a teal number with an unbuttoned black shirt and white top underneath. Meanwhile, the American Music Awards saw the
singer go for a tailored indigo suit by designer Paul Smith and a Marcell von Berlin teal shirt. The heartthrob also showed off his flawless
skin, which was enhanced with some help from Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Éclat concealer. We love that he’s taking a risk with his look,
especially since he was a bit hesitant to experiment with fashion in the past. Mendes told British GQ, “I went through a stage of wearing black khaki
trousers, a black shirt, white socks and black shoes. I wore this look everywhere. I’ve really changed the way I dress.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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