Teva Omnium 2 Leather SKU: 8985304

Hey hey, what’s happening? Everybody, I’m Joe from Zappos and I’ve got the Omnium 2 Leather, it’s from Teva Now these sandals were designed for all your adventures on land and on water they’re made out of durable leather, you can see there’s cleaning and breathability there but you get that protective toe up front, super easy to adjust, you’ve got this quick and easy buckle just give it a quick tug to fine tune the fit there and you’ve got a hook-and-loop strap in the back as well you’ve got stretch goring, just all kinds of comfort going on here now the footbed has been contoured to fit your foot nicely it’s a, really a light texture on there to help your feet from sliding around, really nice arch support as well even include an anti-odor treatment in there to help fight the funk the outsole has been designed specifically for wet and dry surfaces get that multi-directional tread there to handle just about anything It’s time for the adventure, you think of a better way to start one out in a pair of these, OOP, it’s from Teva


  • Between this video on the Omnium 2, the one on the Omnium 1 and the Kimtah, I have a much better idea of their differences. Can you provide a video that directly compares all 3 (and any others of the same type from Teva)? Thanks!

  • Do these last? I have two pairs of Keans which have fallen apart.

  • I want to buy a pair but I am undecided which buy , leather or synthetic , which is the difference feature between both ?

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