Testing My New Superhuman Legs

Zooba lee zoo Zooba lee zoo. Magic and wonder awaiting for you. zooba lee zoo It’s as bright as the sky is blue. Welcome to zooba lee zoo. You see… In this town… We unbox things. It’s been a little while it’s been a few days in fact… so it’s time for us to pick it up a notch take thiiiiiiiiinnnnngs to a completely new level maybe even act like a kangaroo some would say. well have I got the answer for youuuuuu…. look what I just did to the floor man might officially be the weirdest intro in unbox therapy history look at that thing… show them Jack Jump higher run faster it’s called Air Trekkers… and you strap these things on to your legs and all the sudden you can jump six feet in the air is this dangerous yes is it a possibility that i will get terribly injured possibly disfigured yes but that’s why you’re tuned in and I thought that thing on amazon i was like man if I can figure this out that might be a lot of fun and if I can’t figure it out it’ll probably be fun to the things that kind of like Springs on there and there’s a little pad on the bottom you can look on youtube you got a bunch of people doing flips and acrobatics and stuff I’m not doing that but I just kind of want to see what this is all about alright hope you’ll let me give you those elbow pad oh man you know that’s a problem when they give you that nothing says you’re in danger like elbow pads those looks like elbow pads did they give you a knee brace post ACL surgery so I got to step a step ahead the ability to jump 2 meters in the air with incredible speed so here’s the unit oh my goodness this is a serious piece of machinery that’s all metal there are different versions depending on the weight class that you fit into holy smokes i guess if you know I’ve never really been on stilts or anything before and this is obviously a far more extreme spring-loaded version of that I’m starting and nervous about this we kind of stuck with this stock height here I just tighten those up but i think by default they’re loose so that you can run this peg down to the right height for you but we’ll see can you imagine inventing something like this is scoot this in real quick, oh there we go I see these things online and I’m like all that be that’d be a good idea this is exactly what unboxtherapy people need to see next thing you know it’s here in the studio is too late to bail out holy smokes the old then you’re gonna need I need help man dude I mean somebody just what are you even talking about men don’t make me laugh it I need something to hold onto to at least get the bearings did you see the videos with you guys man jumping all over the place yeah six feet in the air you kidding me right now oh dude dude does not safe men i need to watch a video real quick so we just learned something here I had been straps way too low they’re meant to be positioned below your knee you can tell it’s not nearly as hard as it was I’m not ready for flip yet I feel like some sort of mech warrior through (dum dum dum dum) but I got a whole new appreciation regardless for those guys doing flips on these things holy whoa easy boy so standing still a little bit tough to do but as long as you’re moving and you really start to get the hang of it ha haha this is like the future the future soldier walking with these things (dush dush) get used to get more and more used to it as you do it oh just smooth walking i just am on my way to the grocery store like this think anybody’s gonna notice oh haha this is probably not a good idea I do not advise anybody take off Oh take it easy there Lou getting too comfortable now


  • Air Trekkers (USA Link) – http://amzn.to/2iOE34g
    Air Trekkers (International) – http://geni.us/tcvSNDd

  • Wtf is that introoooooo

  • I never knew these existed, thank you. I am currently making a killer werewolf type costume and I think this would bring my horrific creation to life. Definitely looking into this

  • I got these for 50$ from some guy selling them and I used them for a Slenderman costume

  • You look like a stiff man ?????

  • i see a spoiled kid with a bad habit of sending his dads money!

  • 3:39 when video starts

  • what an intro

  • Those are called stilts painters use them

  • Why is your warehouse that big

  • You acctualy have a beautiful voice

  • Loved the singing

  • 5:11 6 year old me running away from my mom after sneaking gum out of her purse

  • 2:30 start

  • Wow! I did not think he would be able to maneuver on the stilts. Pretty cool.

  • Would have been nice if the links went directly to a specific product and not a search.

  • You must joing orthodox chanting group.

  • Imagine if you had a cosplay that you had to be taller for

  • The times that Lew was on drugs…

  • Atleast wear a……….. cycle helmet…. that cap stands no chance to it.

  • If you got shit to do but just want to watch this 4:04

  • Japan:
    Not bad kid

  • Thinking about storming Area 51 with Elon musk’s flamethrower and these…

  • How I'm pulling up to area 51

  • The intro was oddly relaxing

  • Seems like a good way to break something bone wise

  • Do we need to balance myself with these on?

  • YEEEEAH, good luck with our new legs, if you want – you can try out my vacuum shoes which I made last saturday too haha, keep entertaining us <3

  • with these thigns you can be fast as f*ck boiiiiiii!!!!!!!???

  • How in the fuck do you stop with those things?

  • Look at him
    Then look at the Paralympics

  • it is just like that time you can’t feel anything else so that is hurt me

  • Lewis: wears trekkers
    Aperture science: "Write that shit down"

  • No thanks, I'm already 6'.6" feet tall and knocking my head everywhere.

  • what if i fall on my face ?????????

  • lmao

  • Nam Kya h

  • Imagine looking under a bathroom stall and seeing that

  • tbh those things will feel natural to me… issue is my pectus is gonna get in the way (it's not fun and mine has degraded to a threat to my life with heavy breathing issues and "runaway" heart rates)

  • You guys are talking about how cutting edge is the leg but I…

    know this is a cyperbunk 2077 meme

  • Best intro ever?

  • Spring heel jack approves.

  • …rob dyrdek?

  • Love your sense of humour nice vid

  • It was very entertaining!

  • ?????

  • Isnt anyone talking bout how satisfying his voice was at the begging?

  • I hope your health insurance is on

  • Prosthetic extensions

  • I will not rest till I try them on

  • Does anyone know the name of the song at 3:40 ? I've been looking for it for so long

  • Lol

  • You can exercise with that and have fun at the same time.

  • 6 feet in the air? I’m 6feet y’all and 2 inches

  • He said default in Mech, He’s telling the future to fortnight before it even came out LOL

  • this man is crazy

  • Beginning is annoying like get on with it you're hurting my ears

  • I say wear these with a monster costume

  • Y do u even need to jump 6 feet high if u r already 3 feet high

  • Y do u even need to jump 6 feet high if u r already 3 feet high

  • Welcome to zooooobly zooooooooo…

  • Avatar

  • boi its 11 pm and i have to listen to this 0:00

  • 0:31 There's a video bug!!

  • Contractors have been using these for 30 years so that they can reach the ceiling while putting up sheet rock…

  • This is the deformed moon shoes

  • 4:23 Zack G's laugh…..

  • Selbst Bedienung Anlagen……

  • Man

  • Lmao

  • Your singing is for Disney perfect job at singing

  • So this reminds me of what the main character from both Portal games was wearing.

  • Zoobaleezoo! Lmao

  • These are revolutionary invensions for amputees,and lu just buys these to try to walk

  • Anybody her in 2019?

  • IRL Portal Long Fall Boots???

  • I just watched a grown man learn how to walk

  • Wtf was this

  • Why doesn't the military take this into consideration?

  • He looks like a kid learning to walk

  • يوجد عرب في الطياره?

  • 5:55 don't worry, I'm sure they would turn off fall damage if they allow you to jump that high.

  • GLADos wants to know your location

  • ive used those and theyre awesome, falling is better

  • Zubaly zoo… I like that

  • That’s hilarious. I love this channel

  • 4:51 school shooters when they hear pumped up kicks

  • This is how nba players learn how to jump

  • ANTHEM n!ggas be like ^

  • Now imagine if they made these but they only made you like 1 inch taller. Like you get all the bonus’ but you don’t get crazy tall

  • So… you get more and more used to it as you do it? No shit

  • How much is that

  • I’m buying

  • moonshoes for adults

  • Jumps from a high place

    Takes no fall damage

  • Can you walk uphills or downhills in these?


  • Creepiest intro in unbox therapy history

  • Introducing Aperture’s long fall boots

  • Ive always wanted these way before air trekkers made them

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