Teen boy is picked on for not being able to afford new clothes | What Would You Do? | WWYD

♪ MUSIC ♪ Fashion. For some teens, it can make the difference between popularity and obscurity. [DAVID]: Derek, you like these? [DEREK]: They’re pretty cool. [JOHN QUINONES]: But, keeping up with the latest trends… Hey guys, what do you think of this shoe? Can be costly. Why’d you come if you’re gonna be shopping in the clearance aisle? What? I really like the color. No bro, you mean you like the price. If you overheard these teens… Yeah, but I also really like the shoe. Bullying and shaming a fellow classmate simply because he doesn’t have the money… [DAVID]:Stick to the hand-me-downs, right? You’re too poor to shop here. [DEREK]: Seriously Ashton. This isn’t a thrift store. What would you do? Today the boys are shopping for new clothes at feet-first in Red Bank, New Jersey Yo, Ashton look! They’re like 20 bucks so you can afford them. Congratulations! These first customers listen in as our bullies ugly banter is on full display [DAVID]: Bro, why’d you even come? I literally just want to take out with you guys, okay? In school, I don’t talk to you. You always wear these hand me downs. It’s not my fault. Thought you guys are my friends. [DEREK]: How much money did you bring anyway? I don’t know my mom gave me a 20. [DEREK]: $20? [DAVID]: It’s embarrassing to be with you in public Ashton’s had enough. Will these EMTs Come to his aid Why did he get so mad? [DEREK]: I don’t know, the dude got issues. He don’t got money and that’s a problem I don’t know, he seemed like a nice boy. Well, why doesn’t he have money? Because he’s not as fortunate? Because his mom is poor! So it’s not his fault though. It’s not his fault that his mom doesn’t have money. So why is he tagging along? Because you’re his friend. Are you his friend or not? You decide? Are you his friend? No? [DEREK]: Not really. Ok, but why do you have to be an [BLEEP] to him? With their pleas falling on deaf ears… [DAVID]: Don’t think he should have came in the first place. They take matters into their own hands. [JOHN QUINONES]: She’s gonna give him money Let’s watch this, tell them to stop right there. [ASHTON]: I couldn’t. I can’t no. I can’t no. And we understand that some people aren’t as fortunate as other people and we help people and we’re gonna help you. Let’s break it! Break it! Just take it, please? You don’t have to do this. No, your friends are being [BLEEP] I try to make them understand that not everybody’s from the same scenario. No, please, take it Then buy your mom a present. Do whatever. No, please, okay? It’s “What Would You Do?”, a TV show. Are you alright? [LAUGHS] Both of you, how are you? [LAUGHS] What made you do that? We’re EMTs, we just want to help people. Wow, and we see so much bad $100! Yeah! Why not? That’s amazing. And no kid should go… without anything. You know the $100 would have made a big difference in his life. Give her the dollars back! $52? Meanwhile back in the store. Come on Ashton, you know you can’t afford it. Like, what the hell? I’m sorry that they were so mean to you. Thank you. Ashton meets many kind customers You need to find people that are gonna appreciate who you are. Not what you’re wearing. And they offer plenty of advice and words of encouragement Don’t feel bad about that, man. Just do you man. Don’t let anybody take you out of your comfort zone. You get older you realize it’s people that are worth being around bring you up now They don’t chop you down. Whatever, you don’t have a lot of money who gives a [BLEEP]. Make your money, you know Make your own dude. Yeah. How are you doing, man? Holy [BLEEP]. You guys gonna giving me a shock right now, man! You were fired up. When I first heard it, I got my adrenaline rushing right now. What do you say the folks who bullies like that? That you got to find out what’s wrong with you, you know Cuz if you’re bullying somebody else you can’t be happy with yourself fully. I thought you guys are my friends [DEREK]: It’s just sad! [DAVID]: I’m not gonna be friends with a poor person! While most customers try to give that same lesson I don’t think he’s the problem, I think it’s you guys. [DAVID]: He’s the bum. It doesn’t matter. [DEREK]: He lives in a shelter. You’re bullying him. It’s just sad don’t you think? You’re sad. Some struggle to keep their cool while delivering it Why are you making fun of him? So you don’t got money Me it’s pathetic. It’s not the thing. Some people don’t have money You shouldn’t make fun of somebody just because they don’t have money. You’re basically being bullied in a public store First of all, why was stopped number one? It’s public number two. You’re making them upset. Just stop Would you want to be around him? Yo, I would love to be his friend. He doesn’t have stock money Money all important. Okay. I know sir You had to say something I had to his that I’ve been in that position before like I didn’t grow up the money so like I’ve had kids rageh me for it before and it sucks and Unfortunately stuff like that happens all the time in the real world. It’s so like Just because the kid doesn’t have money who cares like I’ve been bullied. I’ve bullied it’s not It’s a portal And I don’t know why you’re tagging along. It’s just embarrassing to be with you in public I don’t think you understand that these last two customers are complete strangers. I just want to hang out with you guys I’m not doing anything I’m not bothering anyone bothering me because we didn’t invite you but being strangers doesn’t stop them from rallying around Ashton sent your mom like a Waitress or something. You should buy her these. Oh, never mind. They’re like 80. What are you looking for, man? You tell me what you’re looking for. I was just looking to get some new shoes Yeah, pick out a pair you want they’re just making fun of me. Yeah, I know they are. Yeah, they’re downright rude. I don’t Get out. Yeah, he doesn’t need you. You don’t know how to talk to people. Do you want a pair of shoes? Great you can’t afford anything and it’s gonna cost him nothing. I need to buy something. We’re gonna take care of you Get out. Are you gonna take care of him use a bone? So are you Really? Yeah, and for the first time all day, this is jacket cost more than his whole outfit Oh Chase them out. Let the kids get out. Our bullies are shooed away Take a hike you’d better hitchhike back because you don’t have my bike and you don’t own one either But even after getting rid of the bullies you shouldn’t hang out with them they’re just bad people Brian Murphy and Mike Street, stay true to their word new pair of shoes. You pick out a pair of shoes I’ll buy a pair of shoes. You need a ride home what it’s not we’ll get you Who are these good Samaritans? You don’t know this kid? Well, I buy him shoes. My blood was boiling I couldn’t I couldn’t stand here in another word. But that was gonna cost you money Hasn’t done money. It’s principle. It’s Human decency you kicked them out. You told to get out. I was ready to grab him and throw him out I wanted to say something and never he stood up for him. I like okay, I’m gonna get his back It was like a tactic. Yeah Yeah the moral of the story here Bellini’s wrong if it’s in school or if you’re shopping and it’s wrong period to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves Right, right Mike


  • 0:02 those shoes look hella fake

  • Your a bum

  • How to get free shoes

  • Even i know it is fake, i still feel bad for the boy…:(

  • I want this to happen to me so much

  • aw

  • Imagine not taking advantage of clearance and sales

  • if someone bullies me for shopping in the clearance section it’s because they don’t shop right

  • I get so triggered watching what would you do. even though I know it's fake. maybe because I know this sort of stuff happens every day and its disgusting.

  • How the hell can 2k people dislike this amazing act of kindness

  • “No bro u like the price”… lol I don’t wanna be mean but that was kinda funny

  • I love the last 2 men. They should be everywhere in life… everyone should be like them.

  • The poor kid doesn't need money, the bullies need to be thought respect.

  • I feel like this is a totorial on how to get free shoes

  • Person: gives my a tissue after I sneezed

    Me: “Thank you.”

    John Appears

    John: “What made say do that?”

    Me: “Uhm- I- uhhhhh…”

  • people: why’re you buying from the clearance aisle?
    me: why aren’t you?
    sees sale
    people: YOU’RE RIGHT

  • Ang hirap talag pera kahit gusto m bumili nga gamit ng anak mo kung wla pera sakit??

  • Watching this show gives me hope in humanity!❤️

  • Boy:That’s just sad-
    Lady:”Your sad”
    Me: ….. adults can roast? They caught up to us kids

  • The actors were so good I wanted to punch my screen

  • The EMT's are cute❤️.

  • Some guy that works with me came upt to me and said "I notice you wear the same clothes" I was so taken back like um I have a washing machine. Idk what he meant by that?

  • 4:02 is funny

  • I feel so bad but I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that because I have to wear uniform so they can’t make fun of me if I wear what they are wearing

  • Ooof I wanna hit the actors i hate this one so muuuchjhhhhdjejejjg

  • "YOU'RE SAD!"

  • the guys offering to pay for the kids shoes…angels

  • I got bullied not for my clothes but just because I was part Mexican they keep saying that I live tacos and burritos but I mean like what’s wrong with that it’s just food like if you got bullied

  • Us friends, we even make fun of each other when we know one of us spent too much for one thing. We friends but we know money's worth hahahaha

  • The guy at 4:07 was the best

  • "This isn't the thrift store"

  • Me and my boys going to be rich xd

  • I love that song at the beginning!bruh i forgot the name of it tho…..please reply if you know the name of the song cuz i forgot

  • Me: in my room and commenting something
    John: comes out of the closet what made you do that?
    Me: tf

  • I'm happy that there is still good people in this world

  • Tbh I literally am always on the sale isle all the time..

  • 3:49 she was savage ?
    “Ur sad”

  • Summer:
    Me: i miss school…
    Sister:i miss my friends, even my fake ones
    Me: tbh i kinda do too ? im dead ?

  • Im 8 years old me >:3 i would teach those kid A LESSSSSSON >:( UGHHHHH i wanna be on there so i can BE MAD AT PPL UGHHHHH


  • I tell people off anyway there losers out there

  • The one with the hood sucks his own

  • Ignore it. They can’t handle silence.

  • At buddy my name is Ashton to

  • The two boy that is making fun of the other boy I may be younger then them but if I was there those boy would have been beaten up by now and have nail in the and be cussed out in Spanish

  • This is one of the saddest ones Ive seen.

  • How satisfying it would be for a group of niggas to pull up and roast the shit out of them and watch them leave without their self respect.

  • Just sad don’t you think

  • Your sad

  • Just sad don’t you think

    Your sad


  • Sheepdogs!????

  • This is so funny obviously its fake the acting is to much

  • If u think u are going to be snobby at others just don’t . It is unpolite and rude . I would have told them off and told them u are not my friends anymore and that u can leave .

  • I restored my faith in humanity

  • Even though this is a set up or an experiment, that hoodie kid literally looks like a douche

  • “Stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves”


  • Always remember just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s cheap

  • The last two men were at the right place, at the right time…

  • Thats a great thing…

  • Him: “I don’t like poor people!”
    Take away your parents money and your poor af to.

  • I want to see all the people that did nothing

  • The last pair of gentleman is awesome. Its not about money, it's about respect for other human being.?

  • I grew up on handie downs and old clothes forced to fit me. Yeah i lived a decent life but I can't stand people to take advantage of those who are poor or less fortunate and being complete assholes to those who don't live a life like they do. I love the way I was raised and I never cared if I got new clothes or old ones I was happy and thankful.

  • He didn't want to give his 100 dollar back .. ???

  • I was a bully. ???

  • boy the clearance section is WHERE ITS AT!!

  • You gotta go get that clout tho.

  • Who the hell wouldn't do something

  • respect?

  • Me: Goes to bathroom



    John: why did you wipe?


  • You know the actors are good when you wanna punch them in the face?

  • Videos like this make me so uncomfortable

  • From 2000 – 2019 hello im john quinones

  • My man said PERIODT?

  • 3:45
    Ashton: I ThOugHt u gUys wEre mY friENds
    Lady: I’m about to end this mans whole career

  • First group made me cry?

  • The last two men tag teaming like this ???? I just love that!!

  • Can you do something like there is some boy's tryna make a boy take drugs or alcohol in restaurant it would be a great reaction tho….

  • Ya'll the broke ones shopping at store with Clearance!

  • Its been 4 hours. I cant stop watching these

  • 4:36 lowkey thought it was timthetatman

  • But like lowkey the boy Playing poor is cuuuuteeee

  • I’m the only person who rarely buys clothes

  • Why is skateboarding "fashion" these days lol

  • I can afford clothes but I don’t wanna spend a lot of money until I’m like 20 because usually I would stop growing and I wouldn’t have to BUY A PAIR OF FUCKING SHOES AND CLOTHS EACH 3 MONTHS, MY GOD!

  • So they keep the money or not??‍♀️?

  • This make me so sad hated bullying

  • Money is not everything in this world just be who you are

  • I'm literally crying but I don't know why just touched to my heart

  • Boy 1: you can’t afford these $200 shoes?! Thats so lame

    Boy 2: yeah right, check out this 500 buck shirt I got last week, so nice right

    Girl 1: look at this super cute top I got! It was literally only 10$ at goodwill isn’t that so awesome!

    Girl 2: omg that’s so cool, I heard that the thrift store has 15% off this weekend wanna come with me and catch a great deal?!

  • Hi my mom is a little over weight because she can’t work out or keep in shap because she has MS most people say she has diabetes and it’s rude

  • me: shares food with brother
    John: hello this is wwyd what made you do that?

  • I absolutely live people who are nice to others!!!??????????

  • What would you do?
    Give them assholes a bloody bleeding nose that's what!

  • I’ve been in the same situation, but kids aren’t this scripted. Also no one would ever step in because everybody where I live are in their own little world

  • Every time I watch these videos it brings tears in my eyes cause of all the good things these people do

  • Man : this is public
    also that man : SON OF A BITCH

  • I would have freaked out, confronted them and cried. It’s sad that this is still happening

  • I would say
    Money is not important in life,The most important is Personality,God,and Your heart like a bosss

  • I respect thid alot I been him before

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