Team Altra Elite Kyle Pietari

I am a full-time lawyer at a big law firm in downtown, Denver, and I run-commute both ways from home, every single day. And I work a lot, but I also run a lot. I have 3 kids, ages 4, 2, and 11 months. If I’m not working or not running, then I am parenting. That’s what I do, that’s what my life is boiled down to. Those 3 things. And, as much time as I can get parenting, the better. Really, that’s my top priority. My name is Kyle Pietari, and I live in Edgewater, Colorado. My favorite kind of racing is definitely doing mountain 100-milers. I’ve done the Leadville 100 multiple times. Western States 100 multiple time. My favorite race to do is the Western States 100. It’s kind of cliche because a lot of people say that, but it’s such a special event. I love going and toeing the line against so many good runners, and having the opportunity to really push myself and compete. My favorite Altra shoe is definitely the Superior line. I’ve run races in every generation since the first one, and I’m still using them. I’ll probably keep using them in future generations. What I like about the Superior is it’s responsive and quick, and not too heavy, and has really great traction. Running ultra marathons, especially 100-milers, has taught me that when things get really tough in life, if you just keep moving forward, you can get through it.

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