TAMUK Men “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”

So today we’re gonna be having our walk
a mile in her shoes so it’s an event to bring awareness to
those victims of domestic violence sexual assault and sexual violence we do
it in order to promote all of those things here on campus because it is an
issue but a lot of people are very silent about it so we’re here to show
our support for those victims today and basically we have the men sit here and
walk in women’s shoes to signify that they’re willing to go through a little
bit of the physical pain that some women go through a whole lifetime to sit here
and show their support and say you’re not alone you’re not here by yourself
you have people here willing to support you and be here for you so that’s why
that’s what we’re here doing that today. When I first like heard of the event I
was like oh that sounds fun I’ll try it then I wore the shoes and hurt my feet
because they’re very very tough to walk in. I never really expected that they’d
be this tough, if this shoe means so much like I wonder what other things they
go through? I wonder how I can be more empathetic and stuff like that. It represents like what she feels so you know these girls in these heels
they walk they walk in them you know they hurt themselves they get blisters.
So like in domestic violence to me it feels like these women are you know
being hurt by men because men think they’re bigger than them. But walking in these heels basically feels like they go through so much that I think to me that women are bigger than men.

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