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Our first guest is a grammy-nominated singer and a reality star who’s on tour right now with Snoop Dogg in a new play called “Redemption of a Dog.” Please welcome Tamar Braxton! ♪ “Smile” by Lil Duval ♪ I mean, first of all, I didn’t think this would be happening. Why? ‘Cause it’s the grand stage. But first let me give you shoe cam. Oh. Oh! Heels, heels? Me Tarzan, you Jane! Watches on the side of shoes.yeah what kind of Yeah. What kind of shoes are those? Giuseppe. Wow, nice. Aren’t they amazing?! Coudln’t even get them in a store. Especially my size. Eleven? Ten, 11, and 12. Me too, me too, yeah me too. So, are you living your best life with the bald head? I am. Liberating? Oh listen Wendy. Remember that time you was at my house, and I was like, “Oh girl. I’m so hot I can’t do this wig. Yeah, yeah. I’ve really been feeling like, like why, why am I so captive of wigs and weaves all the time? Right. And, you know, it was the week of my birthday and I was just like look enough is enough. I am determined to fall in love with myself under any circumstances. And to be honest, it was like, if I cannot accept myself for who I truly am without all that, then who’s going to accept me for me? Yeah, but did you know you had a nice shape head? ‘Cause you know, you could have had you know, a big long head back there. You know what, I didn’t even think about it. It was just time- But you have a pretty face time and you are rockin’ it. Thank you sis. All right. Tamar as you might have seen on the internet just got back from Jamaica with a new man, who by the way has escorted her here today. He’s upstairs he’s in the building. I’ll describe him. He’s African, he’s in wealth finance, he’s got dreads- He’s fun! And he’s got a really nice body. Yeah. Yes, yes. Yes. Hey, where’d you meet him? I met him at a friend’s birthday party. Oh, hallelujah. He just, oh thank you God, he’s so fine I can’t take it sometimes. He’s like a whole snack, a lunchable! Is he from LA or Atlanta? No he lives in LA. He’s originally from Nigeria but he lived here for a while. He went to Harvard Business School . Harvard! He’s super duper smart. So smart. I’m so proud of him and amazing he’s so amazing it’s so kind of saved and you know. How long have you actually been with him? About three months, but it feels like forever. But look, but three is the magic number. Are you in love? Yes. Very much so. Very much, very much. Do you want to get married again? Well you know it depends on if I’m asked or not you know? Yep. Do you want to have more children? Absolutely. I absolutely would love to have some wonderful beautiful African children for the Lord. Yes. This is awkward for me, only ’cause I, only ’cause I, in ten seasons of doing this show, you are my biggest like friend in my head. Why am I the one getting emotional? But this it’s like weird, you know? Well like we don’t have each other’s telephone numbers we’re not girlfriends like oh girl because I can’t get too close to you all. Any of you celebrities because if it goes down I gotta talk about you. That’s okay. But in my head- Girl we can talk about each other. But in my head, but in my head in 10 seasons, you’re my friend in my head number one. Number one. Yes. We have a lot in common. I remember when I met you for the first time you came to the radio station. Tony was the star at that time, and there was this young girl sitting in the corner but she but she had that it factor. Do you remember that? I do. And I was like, wait a minute Tony. Who’s that?! And here she is. And here you are. Okay. I know. This is weird. Thank you for letting me ask though. Whatever you, listen let me tell you something always been 100%, especially with you. First of all, you’re so authentic and so amazing to me and I care what anybody says about you I’ll always have your back because guess what? Your opinion it’s okay to have your opinion. Just like everybody else. Thank you, thank you. And it’s okay. Thank you. Okay. you thank you thanks okay after nine After nine years of marriage, you filed for divorce from Vince yeah the father of Logan yeah Yeah. The father of Logan. Yeah. Who filed first? I filed. Tamar, we had family day at you all’s mansion. Just seems like a moment ago. Everyone was so happy and there were servants cleaning things. Like what happened? Um, life, and the fact that I was not willing to negotiate my happiness anymore for any circumstances, under any circumstances. Listen let me tell you something. I love Vince. He is my family member. And you know just like with family sometimes and he kind of got it like know when to draw the line, you know? And I wanted to be happy, and I just felt that he deserved to be happy, which shouldn’t we just shouldn’t be just coexisting as a married couple I really wanted a relationship and really wanted to be married and not just like oh this is the person that everybody is used to so I got to keep him around for everybody else no I just wasn’t happy. Is he still gonna manage your career? No he’s not managing my career. Is he managing Tony’s career ? Um, not that I know of. Okay. Not that I know of. Okay. There were a bunch of rumors, um, including infidelity, producing a baby on Vince’s part. Is there any truth to that? Well, there hasn’t been a baby that’s produced but I’m not gonna lie and say that that’s not something I wasn’t definitely told. Not by him he’s always denied it but I was definitely told that information. That there’s a baby- So when I went off on that rant on Instagram, I was basically having like a mental breakdown. Like you know don’t you know like when somebody tell you something about your man and you’re like, oh my God I can’t believe. Right, right. And I don’t know why already believe it in that moment, you know without having any proof. But you know I’m human and I’m a woman and I have feelings. Yeah. And so, and I knew where we were in our relationship. I knew it wasn’t all, you know all the way great. So I knew that would it probably was a possibility but it definitely wasn’t true. And I, and that’s my bad because he has more integrity than that. He would never do that to me. Okay. What about the financial problems? I don’t have any financial problems. Hallelujah. We talked about that too. Yes. What about the drop-yes. Tamar keeps her money separate and that’s the way you do it. Okay so what about the drama with your sisters? Like what’s going on with Tracy? Everybody, we talked about this during Hot Topics! Everybody was supposed to show up to shoot “Braxton Family Values” and you all agreed that you weren’t gonna shoot; that you wanted more money or protesting or something. And you didn’t tell Tracy and Tracy showed up. Who didn’t tell Tracy?! I don’t know! You told her but she violated? Sis, come on now. Well here’s the thing. You know it’s really difficult you know being in business with your family we talked about that too. And you know I just I just have to look at being in business as my business partners not just my sisters. Not just, you know, we’ll just hope that everybody is up is really on the up and up and you know want to you know be you know honest and truthful about things and if you feel a certain kind of way just say you feel a certain kind of way and move on. Just don’t surprise every day on everybody. That not gonna work. So are you all pissed off at her? No I’m not pissed off you know I just feel a ultimately have to do what’s best for you. But just let somebody know! That’s it! And now she’s besties with Phaedra I don’t know Phaedra. I’ve never met her. No, and that’s not shade! I’ve never met her. I’ve never met her she has beautiful kids. Alright. Iyanla jumped in the middle, Iyanla Vanzant, try to help you guys get the drama together with the sisters. And then Tamar I heard walked out and got on a long Twitter rampage, Tamar did, and called her, her real name Rhonda, and said she’s the devil. Well, um, in my experience you, know I just didn’t think that you know her attack to go the way she used the goals about things you know worked for my family. You know I thought that you know this is not a situation where we needed to you know go back and fix things. We just needed to talk about things. You know? And it was just a little too abrasive and a little bit too much and it was uncalled for. And I heard the Tony, I was reading, that Tony was upset with you for walking out. No she wasn’t. Okay. No she wasn’t. Did anybody follow you on the walk out? Now see this is not a typical Tamar meltdown walk out situation. You know? And you know I’ve been battling myself on whether or not I want to say really what happened or not because everybody wants you to be political. Say it! I’m Tamar and I’m real, right? You know, um, a lot of things- Not anymore. A lot of things happen to- We’ll talk. Right. Go ahead. In my childhood that I was like too afraid to talk about or, too ashamed to talk about. But the truth of the matter is that you know I have been molested. You know, by both sides of my family. And it’s not nothing I ever talked about and I never thought that I would sit around a table with Iyanla, who’s here to talk about you know me and my sisters and their problems and to bring that up and sex shame me, basically in front of everybody. So that’s why I got up and walked out. Oh. Oh. That part. Back to Vince. Yeah. Your mother Evelyn, how is she doing first? She’s amazing. Amazing. I know. Don’t cry. No. I know. I want them to stop so everybody can hear. Yeah. Um, she was caught by the cameras in the airport and, and indicated that Vince was abusive to you That’s not true though. Okay. Well you know here’s the thing. My mom was, she was born in the 40s and so their interpretation of abuse is yelling and screaming and throwing remote controls. Right. These days it’s a whole lot different. Right. It’s completely different. I wasn’t getting my head bashed in. He wasn’t slapping me in the face. I wasn’t punching him in the throat. I might have grabbed him, but no. I’m joking. But no. It’s no; no type of abuse. And if there was some type of abuse I would say. So no. And I wouldn’t put up with it, number one. Well congratulations on your new venture with Snoop. Oh my God, I’m so excited about that. Tell us all about the play! It’s called “Redemption of a Dog,” and I mean, the whole- It’s gonna be a good one. So good. It’s so good. Snoop is so focused and he’s learning his lines for the Holy Ghost and I’m excited about that. He’s rapping and I’m singing my original songs and yeah it’s really really good. And it’s just really about you know life and you know the turning point in your life would you have to make the right move, or the, wrong stay in the wrong path and I can attest to that. That’s hot though! The two of you together. Well, Tamar has a surprise for you, my co-host come on over I do. Love a fishbowl! Well, “Redemption of a Dog” starts on October 5th and I wanted to gift one lucky audience member two round-trip tickets to our first show in Houston, to have dinner on me at McDonald’s. No! No. And, to have an exclusive meet and greet with me, Snoop, and the rest of the cast and two tickets to the show. Okay. It’s only one person that’s gonna win so everybody calm down. Go ahead. Let’s go fishing with Tamar. Drumroll please! Drumroll! Your man’s no longer upstairs by the way. Now he’s backstage waiting to give you a hug as soon as we say and we’ll be right back! Cody Edgard! There you go! Thank you Tamar. I love you. I love you the most. “Redemption of a Dog” kicks off October 5th. Go to Wendy show.com for more information. ♪ outra music ♪

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