Take off your deal slippers!!!!! Recruitment Training by Hannah Keep

So, let’s talk about deal slippers. The other day it was about the jitters, now I’m going talk to
you about the slippers. Deal slippers are the things that you put on consciously or unconsciously when you are having an
absolute storming month. I don’t know, maybe you put
three, four, five deals in. And if you work for Tracy Wright maybe it’s 20 contract deals, good work!!! So you are having an absolute stormer, and you unconsciously put your feet up. Well, I mean, you do need to rest after all of that hard work!! And then at the end of the month you go into the monthly review with your manager, bring your form. And your manager goes “nah,
we don’t need to read that. Absolutely brilliant month, just keep doing what you’re doing”. And then, of course, what happens? Absolutely bugger all the next month. Why? And you know why, and I know why because I’ve done exactly the same. Because you have done
nothing about building the pipeline for the next month. And I keep talking to people
about pipeline because us, (me included) as
Recruiters we are reactive. We are in the moment, we
are going with the flow. But it’s about what’s going
to be happening tomorrow, as well as what’s going
to be happening today. So while you are feasting
on your deal glory and wearing your deal slippers, (I have to say I’ve kind of
been waiting for an occasion to wear these).. Make sure
you are still building. And as managers, please make
sure you are still managing, and you are still making
sure that those people that are having a great one are
still building for tomorrow. Because that’s what
differentiates top billers. That is the difference
that makes the difference. And it’s the difference that makes people go from good to great. And that is what was amazing about SThree. Whatever you say about
culture, environment – they drove high performance. And they drove high performance because they kept pushing,
they kept building momentum. And that’s the best time,
when you’re having a stormer – you are at your most confident,
you are at your absolute best. So keep going and keep building. I remember when I put three
deals on the board on a Friday. And then Monday the slate was wiped clean, and that was what it was like. And that’s why they
produce some of the most high performing consultants
in the world in this industry. So, enjoy feasting on your deal glory maybe for one day or so,
and then get back on it. And make sure that the
next month is just as good. Otherwise, you have
gone from hero to zero. And nobody wants to be in
that place, see you soon.

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  • Those slippers are cute! Can u post more vids dedicated to them?

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