Tailoring & Clothing Alterations : How to Repair Torn Leather Clothing

Hi I’m Deborah DeMirza and I’m at Deluxe a
resale clothing boutique in Eugene, Oregon. And today I’m going to show you how to repair
a hole or a rip in a piece of leather. So what I usually do is take a piece of leather
from a place on your jacket or wherever usually where you wont notice that you’re making a
cut and cut a piece that’s going to fit over the hole, and I usually use leather cement,
today I’m using barge, it’s an old standard and what you’ll need to do first is let it
set so you apply the barge, on both sides of the leather, and I just kind of smear it
all around, but not too thick because if you do it too thick then it’s not going to dry
evenly and you want this to get non tacky, so you want to put it on both pieces of your
leather, the same consistency and the same thickness. So what you’re going to do next
is you’re going to have to let those set up till there not sticky so when you want to
test it maybe in ten minutes or fifteen minutes just try tapping your finger on that and making
sure it doesn’t stick globily to your fingers. Once that happens what you’re going to do
is just take this piece of leather and just put it in the back, lay it over the rip, and
then you’re just going to press it together. And what it does is it just kind of mends
everything back together, if you have a clean cut it will just kind of blend it in, but
the main thing is you have to let the glue set before you put it together not when it’s
all gloopy and gobby. And that’s how you repair leather.


  • I have a small (about 4 mm) cut (not all the way through) on my suede Ugg boots. Can I just use that same fabric glue to place a small amount of it in between the cut, then push the material together to mend the material?

  • can someone tell me how to fix torn velcrow? a strap on my shoes tore off because i pulled on it too hard, please help

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