taemin’s gucci slippers

J: As a group, I think from day one we’ve -always have tried to be very honest with each other. J: And I think right now… *licks lips in thought* J: Let’s be honest, Taemin whats going on? J: Let’s talk about the shoes, shall we? M: I cannot believe you’re doing this right now! J: Um, PD? Could you show the picture? J: *Instructs PD* *dem legs tho* K: *cackles*, M: OH MY GOD J: There she is! J: To be frank, J: I’m concerned. J: Taemin what are you going through that we don’t know about? ๐Ÿ™ O: I-I saw it on my timeline, and um O: I didn’t know you valued your-valu K: use your words Onew ๐Ÿ™‚ O: yeah, I didn’t know… I was scared for you K: *dies of laughter x2* O: so…that’s why we’re talking to you today :3 J: Thank you Onew. *taemin sighs* J: Um, Key do you have anything you want to say? K: yah, um. K: As an aesthetic™, this is aesthetically displeasing to me and I’m offended ๐Ÿ™ K: I have never seen something SO ugly in my life J: So this is coming from a place of hurt? J: You feel like you’ve lost a friend? K: yah, I would go that far. K: The implications are there. J: That’s profound. ♥ K: Thank you so much for your input Key. J: Um, Minho I see you felt like you needed to say something? Go ahead. M: Well, I was with him when he bought the shoes. M: So, I feel like I’m kind of guilty- M: So, I feel like I’m kind of guilty in this.
O: waaAAHH O: the gucci store x3
T: Oh yeah, but it’s not true>:(
M: and I don’t really know what to do about it M: but just let you know that I made a mistake ๐Ÿ™ J: wow, ok :/ J: Um, can we have another look at the shoes, please? a/n: a true tragedy imo M: No words. K: SHES UGLY, sHES JUST UGLY :))) J: So, we all have voiced our thoughts but, let’s have the main man here say what he needs to say, mkay? J: Taemin, whats on your mind right now, what’s on it? T: Well, I wanted to treat myself! O: HAha, that’s a, that’s a bad choice (>‿◠)✌
T: and I asked you guys T: for your opinion in the group chat M: we had A GROUP CHAT ??
T: and you all were like- T: oh YEAH you have sexy ankles I think you can work it! T: and i said “yeah ok let me go buy them!” But now, I just never realized how fake you guys are !11 T: So now I’m just here like, I’m kind of hurt right now ๐Ÿ™ *sadly licks lips* T: YEAH , yeah J: Well thank you, so let me clarify that I was not involved in any of this, I’m not in the group chat! *nervous laugh b/c he a lie* J: So I don’t know what’s going on. O: *licks lips in truth* O: You were there, your name on my phone is blingBling23 and I think I saw it a few times in there ๐Ÿ™‚ J: but your SCREENSHOTS. They’re not THERE. So, I’m out of this situation. J: and we are getting the ratings up, look at that! J: To close this up, um *licks lips in closure* J: How does Taemin want to solve the problem? How do we as Shinee™ want to solve the problem? M: Taemin needs to be watched at all times, I don’t think he can be, you know, responsible without us. J: that’s true, that aint a lie. K: I think he needs to be removed from the group chat. ‘Cause, he kept sending pictures of his shoes- T: ok the fuq K: that’s triggering for me so, that’s my input on it M: I don’t understand why he doesn’t talk to Kai about this, I mean, that’s his brother/lover/doppleganger!
K: you know he cant dress either! Did you see those cornrows and that sequined shirt? J: Taemin, I can see you’re upset. Stop taking off your hat, you talk. M: Taemin what’s that one song you sing? *roasting rendition of press your number* a/n: a bop, get it on k2nblog M: You know we’re just playing around right?
O: Dorothy probably got made fun of for her red shoes ๐Ÿ™ *taemin and minho bickering* *onew being a pure bean* J: Okay, lets try a different approach. Let’s try again, let’s restart. T: No, we’re not restarting.
M: I don’t know why he’s so bothered :/ T: I’m done. Everyone: oh Taemin :((( Taemin: YOU CAN DEAL WITH THIS YOURSELF, YOU GUYS ARE SO BOTHERED ABOUT ME, LET ME LEAVE *a face of utter joy* *members beckoning their little larva back home* J: Sensational.

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