TadeEVO Minimalist Running Shoes Review

This is my first impressions review of the
TadeEVO minimalist, zero drop running shoes. In addition to looking good as a casual shoe,
the TadeEVO feels fast enough to race road races of any distances in. mThe TadeEVOs are supremely comfortable, so
if you are a road runner, of any distance, looking for a softer, smoother, more plush
ride for harder surfaces, the TadeEVO will sure provide the soft ride you seek! -V1- TadeEVO is the full name of these shoes;
these shoes don’t have a specific model name, they’re just called “TadeEVO”. They came in this very thin box, which really
reflects just how wafer-thin the TadeEVO’s are which will definitely excite the minimalist
crowd, especially those seeking a shoe with a close-to-the-ground ride and stronger barefoot-effects. Im happy to report that the TadeEVOs definitely
deliver ON THAT as the shoe sits on a completely flat, thin, light, and very soft rubber platform
that is fully zero dropped from heel to toe which is a valuably functional feature of
the shoe because it’s the flatness and lack of heel elevation that plays an important
role in encouraging a more barefoot-like running stride –which involves a forefoot strike
that produces less brute impact and less overloading on the joints, especially the knee, as compared
with heel strike running. Always remember that how your foot initially
strikes the ground when running, sets the tone for impact production. It’s the forefoot strike landing that’s
proved to be less burdensome impact-wise on the body during running, AND the TadeEVO’s
low-drop and good ground-feedback plays an important role in activating movement reflexes
that help correct mechanical imbalances and provides stronger stabilizing effects, making
injuries less of an ongoing worry. Those are just one of the many functional
benefits of the TadeEVOs that are good for injury prevention. The TadeEVO’s are definitely ideal for races
of all distances on the roads and fast workouts on the track. I’ve yet to take them offroad, that will
be in my updated review in a few months time, but in this video Im going to talk more about
what makes the TadeEVO’s so effective in helping you build stronger feet and helping
you have better forefoot strike control during running. Overall, I’m happy to report that the TadeEVOs
are full of even more positive qualities which I’ll discuss in a moment. I just wanna give you a brief background about
the company, TadeEvo and what makes their shoes so great. The brand, TadeEVO is very focused on designing
minimalist footwear that gives your feet freedom to engage more fully and functionally; their
shoes encourages more active efforts of the feet when you walk, run and hike. The TadeEVOs also gives more feel of the earth
with more barefoot-sensations at the feet –these are the essential features of the
TadeEVO’s that help you move away from unbalanced, mechanically reckless running to helping you
adapt a forefoot strike running style that’s effective and protective, especially on the
knees which in turn, may lead to more positive outcomes performance-wise, and for injury
prevention. This is why less cushioning and less structure
in a shoe is helpful, not harmful, because when you can feel ground when you run, everything
mechanically seems to be pulled in the right direction. The feet are also freer to expand to their
natural state and work more functionally, which collectively helps you naturally develop
stronger protections in balance control and movement coordination. This is why you stand to benefit every time
you wear minimalist shoes that closely mimics the effects of being barefoot, like the TadeEVO. As soon as I held and felt the TadeEVO, I
was struck by how incredibly soft and flexible the upper and sole materials are! The shoe has received pretty much universal
praise for its softness and bendiness; that is one of the most appealing aspects of the
TadeEVOs because the materials of the TadeEVOs are much softer and flexy than the average
minimalist running shoe which is gonna help the shoe move perfectly with your foot. Not to mention, its overall lightness, weighing
in between 5.9 to 6.3 oz, the light-feel will definitely inject some pep into your stride. Bottomline, the TadeEvo is a great mix of
incredible softness, fluid flexibility, airy lightness, responsiveness, functionality and
comfort. The shoe really gives a soft foot-hugging
feathery fit; it literally feels like a slipper; the TadeEVO is certainly winning on comfort
as well as ergonomic fit and feel. How does the TadeEVO fit ergonomically? First off, since the TadeEVOs isn’t loaded
down with foot stabilizing constructs; the foot isn’t tightly constrained or disengaged
functionally whereby this freedom of movement switches on the foot’s muscles more fully;
making more widespread functional use of the entire foot, and that’s really where foot
strength progress is going to come from. The entire shoe really flexes in any direction
your foot wants to move. Secondly, the TadeEVOs have the ergonomic
geometry that is supportive of more toe-splay; the TadeEVOs sits on a wide platform; there’s
plenty of room in the front for functional toe flexion and expansion which is going to
help keep your balance stable and make it stronger as well during running, walking and
hiking. In looking at the upper, the upper looks like
its made with heavy overlays, but the upper is anything but bulky! For a low-weight, foot-conforming fit, the
upper mostly consists of a highly breathable, lightweight, moderately thin, but dense, soft
closed-mesh with some soft, high-quality velour leather framing, for a little extra protection,
and gives the shoe more sturdy structure. Every part of the upper works really well
the foot. Its completely flexible through the roof and
its super bendy at any point; it gives a snug-fit that’s consistent throughout and actually
gives a barely-there-feel. The ease of entry is really quick and easy! The tongue is fairly beefy with soft padding
for added comfort. Overall, in keeping with the minimalist narrative,
the TadeEVO’s upper does what it’s designed to do in giving your foot the access to engage
and the feathery light feel does give an energetic feel
and a race-ready vibe. Another bonus of the upper is that despite
its lightness, the upper its quite the thermal umbrella that does a wonderful job at keeping
the feet warm in cold temperatures. I’ve ran the TadeEVO’s in heavy, loosely
packed snow and in minor slushy terrain, and surprisingly, the closed-mesh upper kept out
moderate amounts of water and snow, the entire shoe, including the mesh upper, feels pretty
water-resistant because it kept my feet warm and dry when I dashed through the snow and
splashed in slightly slushy puddles in cool conditions. Overall, I’m incredible pleased with how
the upper stopped water and snow from entering from the top of the sock. Additionally, the lightweight soft sued at
the front of the shoe thermally guards the toes, doing a nice job at keeping the toes
warm and also provides a little extra protection from sharp, pointy debris from stinging your
toes. Inside the shoe, it has a fairy soft lining
that’s constructed with few inseams to minimize blisters. The TadeEVO feels even more comfortable when
paired with thin or thick socks, especially in cold weather. The laces are feather light and simple. They do a great job at cinching the shoe firmly
onto the foot, securely holding the foot in place inside the shoe, preventing inshoe sliding
when you run really fast or slow. Let’s take a first hand look at the outsole,
which is just as soft-feeling as the upper and has a superb flex profile, like the upper. The TadeEVO sits on a simple-looking ultraflex
5-mm thin, agile rubber sole thats very flexible and really soft, yet thin enough to help your
feet feel your forefoot strike when you run, even in the snow. Despite the sole thinness, the sole retains
a surprising level of cushioning, repsonisnvessness and warmth and is protective enough to take
the sting out of stepping on a rock, root and acorn. The TadeEVO is well-suited for the streets
as the sole’s softness helps smooth out the roughness feeling of harsh, beat up, cracked
roads. The toothy lugs does an admirable job at gripping
snowy surfaces: i love the traction it provides on soft snow. TadeEVO puts enough rubber in contact with
the ground to firmly grip snowy surfaces. Even more impressive, the outsole is an effective
layer that provides thermal protection when running in wintery weather. The outsole definitely acts more rugged than
it looks and it really keeps you on an even keel, keeping you strong, sturdy and steady
when running in the snow. Ultimately, by combining reliable traction
and a moderately waterproof upper, the TadeEVO is quite the highly capable winter minimalist
running shoe that delivers reliable ground-feel clarity, preventing your forefoot strike from
getting sloppy when running in sloppy conditions. The underfoot cushioning makes for an extremely
soft landing on hard surfaces. The underfoot-feel is actually more on the
squishy-cushy side of the minimalist spectrum, but isn’t mushy feeling; again, the underfoot
cushioning makes for an extremely soft landing when running on roads, but the pillow-like
cushioning does NOT take away from the feel of the ground; it actually allows plenty of
ground feedback, giving you a strong sensory basis that switches on your reflexive senses,
giving you more protective means to prevent costly mechanical mistakes during running,
thus making the TadeEVO an excellent candidate for runners who want to correct their running
form using underfoot sensory support, but don’t want to run barefoot. The TadeEVO definitely delivers a good amount
of sensory input infusion to help you build up the muscle memory for an effective forefoot
that’s more targeted to be more soft, safe and springy. The underfoot softness is really even throughout
the shoe and overall, delivers a smooth, steady ride that’s free of stiffness and really
gives you a clunk-free forefoot strike when you run. Overall, the TadeEVO is a solid execution
of a true minimalist running shoe because the shoe is super flexible, agile, there’s
no inhibition to the movement of our feet, the TadeEVO has the ideal geometry to help
speed things forward in getting your feet stronger and your forefoot running mechanics
re-calibrated to be more functional and effective, so that you can roll along more injury-free,
long-term. The TadeEVO definitely fits in the pure minimalist
category because its zero heel-toe drop won’t interfere with your forefoot strike running
stride; the TadeEVO’s design is completely forefoot strike-embracing; you’ll find that
your foot will want to default to a forefoot strike landing when running which definitely
gives you a better result in limiting impact on the shins, knees and hips and can help
carry you forward with less injury risk. There’s no disqualifying parts the shoe. I love how the soft, agile mesh fits snugly
on all angles of the foot and is stretchy which is going to allow the front of your
foot to spread, making the foot a more perfect utility in helping you levy better balance
control, helping create an even more stable landing surface during running. Again, the TadeEVO is a very flat, nimble,
flexible and light road running shoe that delivers a ride that’s very soft and smooth
on hard surfaces. I’m really excited to see if the TadeEVOs
perform as outstandingly well as it does on the roads on the trails and in other weather
conditions. I’ve yet to try the TadeEVOs off-road, or
in hot weather, that will be in my upcoming video when I do an updated review of the TadEVOs,
but if your idea of a running path is a long hard road, especially in the winter or fall,
the TadeEVO, which is virtually a more stripped-down version of the Altra Escalante, which is one
of my favorite road running winter shoes, the TadeEVO is definitely the shoe for you
if you are predominately a road runner. Ultimately, if barefooing isn’t your thing
and you are a runner looking to upgrade your running form, wanting elements of the barefoot
running style; if you’re a runner looking to reverse your heel strike into a forefoot
strike, the TadeEVO is very effective in helping you adopt a more perfect forefoot strike landing
during running because of the shoes natural, ergonomically-correct feel and sensory richness. Or, if you’re a barefooter who wants to
wear shoes every now and then, the TadeEVO can help you stay on the course that you’ve
begun with barefooting in keeping your feet strong, giving you good forefoot strike control
during running. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. For more reviews on minimalist running shoes
that are most suited for forefoot running, feel free to hit the subscribe button, where
you will also stay informed on the latest research on the health and performance benefits
of barefoot running. Thanks so much for listening and watching. Have fun out there on the roads and trails. Bye for now.


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