Tabasko’s Mom Reads His DMs | Cheap Thrills

[MUSIC] Sup family,
it’s your boy Nate a.k.a Tobasko Sweet and you’re watching Cheap Thrills. You already know what it is. Now I realize that we’ve been doing
this show for awhile now, and you guys have never met my freaking moms. So today, by popular demand,
I’m bringing them the realest real one. [MUSIC] It’s my freaking moms.
>>What’s up, family?>>So, what’s it like being the moms of your boy, Tabasko Sweet?
>>Well, honey, I feel like I’ve given the world a gift.
>>Very clean. So I’ve seen a lot of parents
react videos on YouTube, but I thought I’d take it to
the next level today. So I’m giving my mom
full control over my DMs.>>I don’t know if I’m ready for that.>>I must warn you, Mom, the Cheap Thrills fan is wilding,
so I can’t be held responsible for any of the dirty [BLEEP] that’s in there.
>>I hope there’s no rated R comments in there. [SOUND]
>>Let me log you in. [MUSIC]>>@_alicia27_ says, hey, my guy. You always say the water’s fine. I was thinking it was a perfect
time to go for a swim. [SOUND] Hmm, I don’t know. It’s winter, what kind of swim
were you thinking about, girl? [SOUND]
>>My Mom’s asking hard questions. [SOUND]
>>@caradaniell21 says, I’m highkey trying to be Mrs.
Tabasko Sweet. [SOUND] Here’s my response. Hey @caradanielle21. If you’re trying to be my
daughter-in-law you better come correct. You better have some high confidence,
some skills, clout, and you better make your own money girl.
>>You heard the moms. Only strong independent women. [SOUND] All right, what do you got?
>>@flannelbong says, please eat my ass daddy. [SOUND] What, my God, Nate. Do I really wanna know what this is about?
>>I’m just gonna go ahead and plead the fifth, but it is 2018. [SOUND]
>>This is Nate’s mom. I don’t think I was supposed
to see this comment. Shame on you! Let’s see what else we have. @indica_rae says, you up at 10:09 PM. Hey, this is Nate’s mom. He’s up, but
he’s doing his chores right now.>>Mom.>>Also, isn’t this kind of early for a booty call? [SOUND] Girl,
you better be on Eastern time or else you better get some self respect. [SOUND] @trevorlauck says, sup family, I know you probably wouldn’t
[BLEEP] with the Midwest, but if you’re ever in Indiana, my girlfriend
and I would love to have dinner with you. Aww, now that’s what I’m talking about,
some quality folks to hang out with. Hi, this is Nate’s mom. You sound like lovely folks. If you’re ever in LA, come by and
have some Cuban cooking.>>[SOUND] That’s right. Mom’s got arroz con pollo on deck,
unrivaled.>>@KatieYosick95 says, 10/10 chance I would [BLEEP] you if
given the chance, you’re fuego my guy. Holy moly. Wait, there’s a hidden media in here. Is that normal?
>>Okay, that’s where we draw the line. What a great way to end Mom Reads My DMs. Let’s move on, Mom? All right, so 2018 is here, and there’s
already some freaky new trends happening. So me and my moms are gonna help
you guys decide what’s in and what’s out, what’s here to stay. So unless you’re living under a rock,
you’ve already probably seen all these kids on the Internet eating or
smoking laundry pods. I mean, there’s kids putting
laundry pods on their pizza. Putting laundry pods in their dab rigs. It’s wild. What do you think about that Mom?
>>Well, that sounds pretty dangerous. Whatever happened to smoking
some regular old cannabis?>>I agree. They’ve gone way too far. So Mom, what would you do if one day you
came home and you saw me eating a laundry pod just for the clout?
>>I would tell you stop wasting that laundry pod and get to your laundry instead.
>>You heard the woman, sounds like laundry pods are out.
>>That’s right, hard pass for me.
>>So, my boy Kanye says that big sunglasses are out and only tiny
little sunglasses are in this year. I don’t know, could this really
be the end of the clought goggle? What do you think Mom? You were around in the 90s to
see the grunge glasses, and some weird Matrix [BLEEP].
>>I could see tiny little glasses, but where the real stuff is
at is transition glasses. That’s some 90s stuff that
we need to bring back.>>Tiny little glasses, in. [SOUND] Now it’s my professional
forecast that the real trend of 2018 is staying comfy. That’s right, we them Comfy Boys.
>>Can you elaborate on this? How is being comfortable a trend?
>>Well, 2017 Instagram, is looking like this. [SOUND] 2018 Instagram,
is looking a little something like this. That’s right, whether you find me
at the airport or at the function, your boy is looking hella comfy. I can sleep standing up family. [MUSIC] But on the real, these joints pair very
well with a sweatsuit, and don’t forget to cap it off with some iconic fucci swags,
or some very clean house slippies. So Mom,
what are your comfort staples of 2018?>>I’d have to go for a track suit, yoga wear, and I’m thinking about
bringing back the cargo pants.>>Damn, cargo pants? That’s some utility gear. You can hide your cushion there, anything
you want, on some Tommy Wiseau [BLEEP]. In 2018, comfort is definitely the wave. Now 2018 is not only the year of comfort,
it’s the year of consent. That’s right family. Stop supporting [BLEEP] SoundCloud
rappers that are known predators. Now, in my opinion, if you’re out there
disrespecting women, you have no clout.>>Respect for women is timeless, it’s not a trend.
>>That’s right, respect shorties 18 family. Put that in your lyrics. Now I know 2018’s looking a little bleak. It’s feeling like another cold
war out here on the Internet, but there are some positives,
we’re out here respecting women, and kush is legal in California now. So my next trend, preparedness but
also rippability. [MUSIC] Now your boy is ready for
a whole new kind of doomsday, family. [MUSIC] Gang-gang. So mom, do you really think it’s
gonna be the end of the world soon?
>>Honey, they’ve been saying the end of
the world is coming since I was five. It’s why I have insomnia.
>>Hear that family? No sleep 2018. Maybe you need to hit the everyday
preparedness bong, Mom. It might help. [SOUND] Well thanks for coming in my room,
Mom, and being on the show.>>You’re welcome, honey. I would do anything for you. You know I believe in you.
>>Any last words for the Cheap Thrills fam?
>>Keep watching your boy Nate. He’s got great advice and a great mom. [MUSIC]>>Mom gang [SOUND]. Come back next Tuesday for some more heat, unless you’re some kind of dirt freak
that likes to eat laundry pods. [SOUND] In that case get out of my room,
and I wanna see all of you smash that like. Make your boy proud in those comments. Click here for some more serious fueg. Gang-gang.


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