“System/BOOT.pearl_final” Song But Pearl Malfunctioned (Beats 2 and 4 were swapped) (Use Subtitles)

Doooo Do you? How?…… Univer- UM GREG, my Earths bringing you Ford, thank me and twirl. No u. you’re a match
I eat terminal sternness oh you’re to welcome new Pearl! Both Steven and Greg: Whats Going On??!! Pearl: Allow me to illuminate! (Me: Ok, explain your broken speech) Pearl: A, (Pauses in thought) Guard! Ruby, but one, single, just this… they teams of common ten to three…. (Steven Gasp) Pearl: …More… Orn! A, (non-sensical high pitched noises) Precious! She’s the, new, She’s the cats who ease moo- be-ittherooo, be-ther for! Ruby: My Sapphire! As my sworn duty and sole purpose I
will protect you with my life! Sapphire: I know you will that’s why I predict you won’t last
more than a day. Ruby’s: Huh? Sapphire: Come now, (Amethyst gem noises) Steven: Amethyst! hey amethyst? Amethyst: (Copies Steven)
Steven: What?! No! You’re Amethyst! Amethyst: (Copies Steven again) Pearl: Right! Must be! You. Amma is in. This is, Amma-Theft and, EXIST IS WRONG……. and big 😀 Laa!!!! One is, this mob dance
accessible clearly is something-ly wrong… I do say, something is clearly wrong…. hmmm, (Me: Yeah! Your gem!!!) Steven: Get back!!! (Spinel giggles) Spinel: Im so excited to meet you!!! Steven: You’re not mad? Spinel: Mad? Why would I be mad at my best friend!! (More Spinel giggles) This (chokes)… FUN!! Will be! Aren’t one ucky you the-ll her, And She’s perfect! But is pink…. ;( (Pearl’s silent disapproval) WELL, (shrugs it off) as, to best end, bring you, end-mentee, tain-mitter, torn you Ben trends, “Bestel”!


  • 👌👌👌👌💕

  • Amazing 👌

  • why does the link in the description lead to “mamma mia”-

  • I think they have a dyslexic voice
    (No offence)

  • Ok, I've finally made captions for it. This actually turned out a little funnier than I expected it to be especially with the "No u" and "Pearl's disappointment in Spinel being pink"😂
    But yeah, this was a short viewer suggestion, so it's made for people who were curious to see this if they wanted to.👍

  • My favourite straight off is EXIST IS WRONG…. and big : D
    Welcome back

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