Switch to Chromebook – Boots As Fast As 6 Seconds

Slow laptop? (WHISPERS) How about
one that boots up fast? It’s Switching Time. How’s that for fast? Switch to booting up
as fast as six seconds Switch to Chromebook


  • But you still can't do anything with it , except watch YouTube videos.

  • Did the desk just steal her laptop

  • Hey, that Chromebook looks a lot like my QHD resolution Acer Spin 13 CP713-1WN-53NF 2-in-1 Convertible with the Intel Core i5-8250U. Has 4.4/5 on Amazon.com.

  • Historically Chromebooks have very poor Bluetooth connectivity irrespective of Brand

  • How fast does Photoshop boot up?

  • Not hard to boot up that fast when all it does is run a web browser and nothing else

  • How come when she was in class no body was on the computer besides her 😂😂

  • I was thinking about getting a Google Chromebook until I heard about the End Of Life. The end of life is 5 years after the laptop was made. So no software updates. I was thinking that if I get a Samsung Chromebook Plus, it will be vulnerable to new viruses. Any suggestions?

  • WOW!

  • The old laptop😂😂
    This ain’t the 2000s
    Nice one google

  • Meh school has chrome book :3

  • I just turned on my Samsung Notebook 9 Pro on (you guessed it) Windows in 7 seconds. Difference is… it loaded up more than just Google Chrome.

  • Slow laptop? Switch to Linux!

  • My hp spectre x360 boots in 4 seconds lol

  • Slow laptop? Switch to an SSD which is 10x cheaper than buying a chromebook.

  • the old

  • Switch to Microsoft yeah

  • my gaming laptop takes 6.5 seconds to boot, guess chrome is the clear winner here folks.

  • Forget a chrome book, I want that rotating desk!

  • I thought the computer flipped onto the ground and smashed into a million pieces

  • slow laptop?
    Me: Nah screw off inner voice

  • “As fast as 6 seconds”

    So it could take up to a minute?

  • My computer boots up in 2 beat that

  • Also when did everything that chrome says the competitors laptops when did that become running on AOL

  • Is this virus free? Because I always have to restArt my pc

  • i want this ad to end as fast as the chromebook can boot up

  • The face when she looks at camera

  • 0:03

  • It's quicker to finish than me? I doubt it. I finish in 5 seconds!

    Oh wait. Boot up times. Nevermind.

  • My gaming laptop works fine, thanks

  • 0:06 stop doing this

  • Wait where did the other laptop just go
    Oh wait I found it in the forth dimension

  • Slow laptop? then downgrade to an inferior Chromebook.

  • My Huawei mate book x pro boots up in 2 seconds

  • Oh how about a Windows 10 with an SSD and more than just a browser? Feel fast now?

  • 0:06 MAGIC!

  • Windows pc boots up just as fast your just comparing yourself to 2000 pcs

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