Superpower Speed Shoes! Kids Fun TV vs SuperHero Kids Comics

(band music) – Alright Kids Fun TV it’s time for the most epic challenge ever! – This is going to be so much fun! (children cheering) – I love challenges! – Me too! – What’s the challenge? – Ultimate box fort building challenge. (children cheering) (techno music) – Hold on. Can we do that again without
knocking the boxes down? – [Children] Again? – This is the seventh
time we’ve done this. – It never takes us this
long to film on our channel. – Hey, respect the process. (children yelling) – Ah ha! This is perfect, I will
destroy the superhero kids and their friends using my new invention. (sinister laughter) (computing noises) – Uh oh! Where is my apple juice? I cannot destroy the superhero
kids without my apple juice. Here, let me go find it here. (computing noises) (several footsteps running) Alright, now I can get back
to destroying the super… Ooh, the shoes! Where did they go? Oh no! They have them. – What are those? – It looks like magical shoes. – [Children] Ooohhh! – Let’s try them on! – No, I don’t have my (mumbles) (jet engine) (rock music) – Alright guys, I’m gonna
go watch some YouTube. Don’t mess up my box fort. (rock music) (computing noises) (rock music) – Maybe we should poke them again? (rock music) nothing happened. – I’m gonna put ’em on. (tense music) (horn music) Nothing happened. Huh, ahh well. (jet engine) (thud) I have super speed! – What? (jet engine) – [Children] That was so cool! (children yelling) – Dude it’s my turn I get a go. (children yelling) – Guys come in, this is not helping. – Yes! (jet engine) (yelling) (thud) (gasp) (piano music) – Oohh! – Uh oh! – I’m gonna tell Eden! I got it on camera! – Wait, no! (children yelling) – Guys be careful! – Watch out! (thud) (children yelling) – Oh no, we have to find them. – Eden, where are the vehicles? – Jack, stop running! – I can’t! These super speed shoes are broken. – Then untie them. – I untied them. (fast music) This place is weird. – Yeah. Let’s get out of here. – Rrrnnn! Rrrnnn! They’re not working. They’re wet. – That must mean the battery’s out. (growling noise) What’s that sound? – Is that growling coming from you? – Nope. (growling noise) (growling noise) (children yelling) (fast techno music) – Hope! Jack! Hope! Jack! Where are you? – Hope? Jack? You over here? – Hope! Jack! Hope! Jack! – Oh no. Maybe this way. No, where is it? I don’t (mumbles). This is so difficult. (computing noises) – Hey White Hat, what cha looking at? (techno music) – Nothing. – Wait a second. Is that a tracker? Give it to me, I gotta find Hope and Jack. (tense music) (computing noises) – Uhhgg, my head. (tense music) – We can use this to find them. Come on guys. Let’s go. (tense music) – Hope! – Hope! Jack! (computing noises) (beeping noises) – Is that them? (beeping noises) – It is! What happened? – Are you okay? – Where are the super shoes? – Oh hey guys. We made a friend. – I’m so glad you are okay. – Yeah, we were really worried. – (sighing) Every one’s safe. Now we can go play in my box fort. (children gasp) – [Children] Ooohhh. – What did you guys do to my box fort? – Super speed, go! (slow horn music) – Jack! (slow horn music) – Hey! (slow horn music) – Guys, what am I supposed
to do with this dog? – Make sure to click right here to get your very own Power Rings. – So you can be a super hero kid too. – And make sure you watch
the videos on Kids Fun TV. Click the link right here to watch. – We make awesome videos. – Make sure to subscribe. – See you next week. – [Children] Yeah! (rock music)

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