Super-hero fights bad hair

Welcome to News at Size 10 The News and Hair Weather First, the International Olympic
Committee has admitted it’s considering new, unusual female competitive events after a video was leaked filmed
by an athlete training for the ‘Women with a Blow-dry to
Protect in the Rain’ 100m sprint Other events may include ‘Leaping Over a Puddle in New
Shoes’ a female long jump event and the ‘Reverse Shot Put’ throwing your handbag onto the
back seat of the car Crime news now, and to reduce
overcrowding in prisons national governments have
announced alternative punishments,
including issuing new footwear and sending convicted criminals
on a long walk The agony of breaking in new
shoes, boots or sandals is considered a tough sentence And the Frizz Forecast is high because humidity is returning To mark the changing season pieces of street art have been
unveiled This features a Super Hero whose special power is battling
frizz Take that, big hair! You can practise her frizz-
fighting poses too! Even if filling the typical
costume which is standard issue
for female super heroes is beyond you Onto other street art unveiled to mark the onset of
bad hair days This work is called
‘Windy Day Without Hair Spray’ And this is titled Even Hair Accessories And Too
Much Product Can’t Do a Bloody Thing And a more surreal work takes as
its subject the rising number of humidity-
related muggings It shows a victim found after an
assailant tried to steal a hat (the wearing of which, we all
know, can help keep hair smooth and
silky) The attack was foiled by this
brave dog sleeping after fighting off the
mugger Police learned later that it had fur that’s also
prone to frizz

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