Summer Shoes: Sandals, Wedges, and Crocs – The Deal Guy

Hi. I’m the YouTube Deal Matt Granite. And
I’m floor director Jeannie. Back by viewer demand. I hunt down deals down right here,
none of these are paid products, all located under this video window. And I floor direct
for the morning shows and sometimes help this guy out. And you have a huge following. Many
people wondering where you went. So we’re going to make sure you’re involved
with today’s huge… no fully… croc deals, savings and the insanity that’s inspiring
a lot of these savings. And we will of course, for those of you who have frugal foot fetishes,
get Jeannie to way in on something I am not in any way equipped to discuss and that is
both men and women’s feet and shoes. And sandals. First if you’d like to get any of my big deals
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be signed up for all of my big deals and here is your huge deal for today which
… is actually inspired by photos of prince George wearing crocs. Demand for crocs has
sky-rocketed. An increase of 1500 percent to be precise.
Selling out as we speak… I found men’s crocs at prices starting at around 12 dollars
with free shipping. Before the sales disappear. The hugely popular
wedges 20 down from 42 with free shipping. Making crocs your best purchase today followed
by road trip gear which I’ll cover later this week and air conditioners.
Now floor director Jeannie, I bought something that is a man Croc but of the ones you saw
that are woman crock, what stood out for you. What would you actually buy considering they’re
like $20? I would actually buy the Croc Wedges because for me, I want shoes to be durable
and comfortable but also cute at the same time. Me too. I’m wearing flat shoes and our
feet look great together. So that’s good. I think these deals are going to sell out
just based on the traffic we’re seeing toward crocs, I just don’t think there’s going to
be promotions like this later down the line. And of course, if you hate crocs or shoes
or sandals, I’ve got huge tech deals lined up over the next few days. I really appreciate
you being here. Do you have anything you want to tell these great people? Oh, you’re ready.
You’re ready. So, if you like this video, click the thumbs up button and subscribe to
this channel with the Deal Guy. That was good and way more convincing than the last time
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