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– Welcome back. Hey this is William
Phoenix, celebrity stylist. We’re going to be talking about
shoes in your closet today. From your basic lace-ups,
loafers, sneaker, casual shoes, and we’re going to kind
of walk you through, no pun intended, shoes and how to wear
shoes for what you have on. (lively music) Today, we’re going to
be talking about shoes. The first shoe I’m going to talk about is going to be the lace-up. The lace-up can be a smooth
toe, it can be a cap toe. It can be a wing tip. But I would say start off with black. That way you can wear them
with navy suits, gray suits, black suits, and it’s going
to be just your classic every day statement status look. The next shoe I’m going to talk about is going to be the loafer. The loafer’s going to vary a
little bit because you have shoes that are in a category
of loafers like a driver. (lighthearted music) That shoe now has become a
fashion statement for every brand out there. The driver is a great bridge
in your wardrobe to go from casual, from jeans, to travel. They kind of give you that loafer look without having a constructed loafer on. When I say constructed,
that’s going to be your shoe that’s going to have a
leather bottom, a heel, more structure that can
be dressed up to a suit. Then you’re going to have
just your basic loafer that can be worn several different ways. Then you have your dress
loafer, and the fabrication sometime will dictate how
casual the shoe can be, whether it be suede, leather. You can actually dress it up with a suit when you’re not wearing a tie. (relaxing music) The next shoe I want to talk about is the upscale sport sneaker. You want to get like a
classic sneaker, a sport shoe, just kind of a clean lace-up sneaker that can be worn with suits. Not your high top basketball
Jordan type sneaker. Your next sneaker would be
more on a track style sneaker. Like a Nike, Adidas type running
shoe, that kind of sporty casual look that you can put
on a suit with a T-shirt. (dramatic music) I think you should have a boot. A Chelsea type boot, which
is a pull on boot or like a short lace-up boot, like a
ankle Chukka boot kind of thing. It can be worn with suits as well it can be worn with jeans and a blazer. That type of look is always important. (dramatic music) In addition to the shoes, you also want to have
a complementing belt. But I know we’re talking about
shoes, but some guys miss it when they don’t have on the
right belt with the shoe. You got dress belts, you got casual belts, you got jean belts. Your jean belts are going
to be a little bit wider. You can wear it with your boots. The thinner belts are
going to be for you to wear with your dress shoes. This is the short question. What type of shoe do you
wear with shorts other than flip flops or sandals? That is going to be a driver or a classic sneaker with no socks. You don’t want to put on
socks with your sneakers. But you want to make sure
the sole of your sneaker is not too thick. You don’t want to have a heavy,
thick sole with shorts on. It’s too heavy for the look. You’re softening your look
by being casual, so you want to make sure your shoe
kind of looks the same feel as well to provide comfort for you. (slow jazzy music) I’m a big proponent of not
wearing socks with all different looks because it just gives
you that elegant, very sexy sleek kind of look, but you
must have on hidden socks to achieve that look. These socks, you put them
on, you can’t see them with your loafers or your sneakers. Wearing no socks is a great
way to look updated, casual, sporty, kind of take the
heaviness out the bottom of your look when you
got on pants and shoes and a short sleeve shirt. No socks kind of gives it that
balanced look that I’m cool from head to toe. The sole on these shoes
can be leather or rubber. Rubber’s going to dictate
more of a comfort level as well as a sportier look. A leather bottom shoe can’t go wrong. It’s always going to
look classic, elegant. It’s going to always gives
you that upscale look, and that right there is
going to be what I would say all shoes should have
on the different levels of your dress. So… – Be sure to check out
Styling with Will right here on my YouTube channel. It’ll be worth it. You should hang out with him. I do. Look what he got on.
Where you find that at? (laughs)


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