Street 65 – Episode 01 : Be Hype and Lucky this coming CNY 2020

Hi everybody, I believe by this time, you guys are already in the shopping mood for the upcoming CNY therefore for this episode, I will be sharing with you guys, on what to wear and what not to wear during this coming 2020 CNY to optimize your luck. Ancient Chinese believe that the universe is made up of 5 elements. The 12 zodiacs is part of the solar calendar system which allow us to derive the elements they each belong to. Hence, from the elements we are able to tell the favorable color range. It’s very simple. The 5 elements we mentioned are – metal, wood, water, fire and earth. We will categorise the 12 zodiac under these 5 elements. For metal element, we have zodiacs monkey and rooster. For water element, we have zodiacs pig and rat. As for wood element, we have zodiacs tiger and rabbit. Then, for the fire element, we have zodiacs snake and horse. Finally for the earth element, it’s a little special as there will be four zodiacs. We have zodiacs dragon, goat, dog and ox. They all belong to earth element. Actually it is not required. As long as the percentage of coverage is more than 70%, it is acceptable. Take for example this pair of shoes. At first glance, there is red and grey but as for the overall look, it is mostly red. So as we mentioned earlier, this can be considered as a pair of lucky shoes for the fire element zodiacs. Actually in feng shui studies, we have nothing against the display of toys or mascots. It’s just that when looking through the choices, we have a few things to take into consideration. Firstly, the color of the mascots or toys. Generally, we strongly suggest brighter colours like red, gold, silver because if you choose darker colours like black, it will bring down the atmosphere as it is very dull. That was the first point. Secondly, we have to take into consideration the design of the toys or mascots. We will usually advise on a happier or friendlier look. Those that are fiercer and evil-looking, or related to death will not be advisable. Thirdly, it will be the relationships between the 12 zodiacs. For example, if your zodiac is Tiger, it is not encouraged to have any toys or mascots that has representation of a monkey. This is due to clashes between zodiacs tiger and monkey which might cause unexpected consequences at times. An interesting fact for you, in Feng Shui, there’s a specific way in wearing a cap. The main point here is not about the design, color, or the shape of the cap. The most crucial part here is about how you wear it. From the point of view of Chinese Face Reading, your forehead is associated to your life and career prospects. By wearing a cap, you would block your forehead hence it will bring down your overall life and career prospects. The next time you wear a cap, do take note not to cover your forehead. So, push your cap upwards. Thank you guys for watching and I hope that all the informations shared today will help your overall performance in the year 2020. I wish you all a good and prosperous year ahead, Gong Xi Fa Cai.

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