Stranger caught on camera pointing shotgun at driver


  • That’s why I Have my CCP You just never know when you need it😏

  • Incredibly weak says the guy that didn't wanna show his face lol jk 🤣🤣🤣 but on some real shit street justice will get too him and then we'll see how tough he is with his shot gun 6ft under

  • Says the one who shit his pants 👖😂😂

  • thats when i step on the gas and run him over especially if i have a dash cam that proves he was pointing a gun at me

  • When seconds count apd is minutes away.

  • carry your own at all times

  • I would have ducked and ran his àśs over 😆 scared to get out like a man but has to use a gun sad

  • The victim just called out the perp. #beastmode!

  • He wasn't trying to test this yuppies strength, he was looking for someone and the yuppie is lucky it wasn't him. Talk about self absorbed..

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